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Best Hostels in Paris

Paris was always a problem area to find decent value and good quality hostels. Fortunately things are changing with very cool proposals. What defines luxury today is not a comfortable bed, lots of accessories or a private bathroom, it is more a combination of stylistic design, cool vibe and good facilities.

What is your main criteria to choose a hostel? The area? The hostel’s atmosphere? Its facilities? Look no further, in Best Hostels in Paris we have all the information that you need plus a comparative table (at the end of the post) with all the proposals and a brief description of the Parisian districts where they are located.

We have listed below the Best hostels in Paris, the perfect places to start and finish your days in a good atmosphere, good company . . . and everything on a budget.

prices my change depending on the season, week /week end stay or hostel’s internal promotions