Unique things to do in Paris on a short layover

Paris has so much to offer visitors. From world-class museums to beautiful gardens and famous sites seen in films, there is much to see and do. Although it is the biggest city of France, Paris is compact and easy to navigate by metro or by bike. Even if you are on a short layover in CDG airport, there is plenty of unique Paris to experience. Here’s a taste . .


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Why we love Paris (and always will)

There are endless reasons why people choose to visit Paris again and again. As locals, we are lucky to enjoy the City of Light all the year round, through its different seasons, events and also different moods. We wanted to share with YOU why we love Paris so much, completing the list with the finalist shots of the November Photo Contest.

reasons love paris

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The Musée de l’Homme is back (and it rocks!)

After 6.5 years of renovation works the Musée de l’Homme (the Mankind Museum) is back! Unfortunately there are few opportunities to visit this museum for free so I had to wait for the last Journées du Patrimoine week end (end of September) to take my chance.

Musée de l'Homme

Inaugurated in 1938 the Musée de l’Homme focuses on the evolution of humans. It is not only about the anthropological point of view, there is also the social and cultural approach. This description may sound a little bit serious (or boring) but actually this is a great museum to visit with kids, who will enjoy the variety of media combining sounds, images and tactile items.

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