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This website (“Website”), including its texts, images and services presented is provided by World In Paris 23 rue de Valmy 94220 Charenton le Pont, France. You can contact us by email at

The use of World In Paris implies the acceptance without reservation of the following conditions of use and sales:

0. Introduction

World In Paris has been developed to bring together travelers looking for a different experience while visiting Paris and locals offering to show them around for free or for an agreed price. World In Paris also publishes on a regular basis useful information and articles related to Paris.

World In Paris is a website dedicated to link individuals, with non-commercial purposes. Any company or association derogating from this statement and using World In Paris (in paying mode or not) will have their account deleted immediately without any refund or compensation. If World In Paris believes being a victim of a commercial damage (World In Paris’ users prospection, abusive advertising), prosecutions will be engaged for damages compensation.


Website: refers to the website

User: refers to the Website’s visitors and users. User has access to the public articles and posts contained in the Website. He or she has also access to the general information contained on the Guides’ Guide-Cards, without any contact details.

Guide: refers to those users who, through the website, propose their availability to show Travelers around (in Paris) for free or for an agreed price. To become a World In Paris’ Guide it is necessary to create an account in the Website (free service) and fill out a Guide-Card with personal information and availability. Guides don’t have any contractual relationship with World In Paris.

Traveler: refers to those users who want to get in contact with the Guides announced on the Website. To become a Traveler, users need to join the Travelers Community (paid membership). Travelers Community membership allows travelers to view the totality of articles and posts contained in the Website as well as the Guides’ contact details.

Guide-Card: refers to the Guide’s personal card with his/her personal information, picture (optional), titles or diplomas, availability, contact details and, if applies, the  proposed price per hour and per person for the visit.

2.Terms of Use

World In Paris is not responsible for the information contained on the Guide-Cards (incomplete or incorrect information, description not in accordance with the reality in terms of qualifications, experience, accreditation, diplomas …).

The insertion of new Guides and their Guide-Cards in the Website’s database is subject to the World In Paris’ approval. World In Paris reserves the right to refuse the insertion of a new Guide without any justification if it considers that what he or she proposes can be contrary to the Website’s Ethics.

Website’s Users (Travelers and Guides) are the sole responsible for the use made of this matchmaking service.

Guides commit to fill out their Guide-Cards with information according to the reality and update this information or remove it as soon as it becomes obsolete.

World In Paris also reminds users and disclaims any responsibility for the following:

Professional Guides are the sole responsible for determining the applicable tax laws related to the payment you receive.

Truthfulness of the Guide-Cards, its updating and deletion remains the sole responsibility of their owners. Users who view the Guide-Cards posted, and / or who subscribe to the Website to view the contact details, release World In Paris from any complaint or dispute concerning the consultation of the latter.

3.Proposed Paid Services

Guides subscription and Guide-Card filling is a free service. The Guides’ contact details will be available only to the Travelers Community and only after the Guides’ consent.

Join our Travelers Community

World In Paris offers users a paid membership (Travelers Community) with the following benefits:

  • View the Guides’ contact details;
  • Access to our “Must In Paris” articles;
  • Personalized agenda with main events, tips and other proposals for their stay in Paris;
  • Rating and Commenting the Guides’ performance after the visit.

Several subscription packages are available with different durations. The rates are clearly indicated during all the subscription process. They are freely editable by World In Paris at any time and without notice, simply by displaying the new rates. The subscription is available immediately after the payment acceptance. After payment, no partial or total reimbursement of the subscription will be granted.

Subscriptions are individual. Account information (username and password) are individual, and should not be disclosed to third parties. World In Paris reserves the right to: suspend any user account without refund or compensation if it considers excessive the use made of this account or it suspects fraud (control the number of access and their origin), and to engage prosecution.

4.Payment Types

The subscribed services are payable based on the proposed periods and subscription amounts by Visa Card and Master Card.

5.Continuity of Service

Access to the Website is possible 7 days 7 hours 24 and 24, subject to any breakdowns and maintenance necessary for the proper functioning of the service and equipment and except in case of force majeure or an event beyond the control provider. The transfer rates and the response times of information circulating from the server over the Internet are not guaranteed by World In Paris.

6.No warranty

While World In Paris tries to ensure that the information in or through the Website is accurate, it does not provide any warranties, express or implied, in relation to its correctness, completeness, reliability, suitability for any purpose or otherwise (including for any information provided by third parties). World In Paris may change, add or remove information on the Website and its structure and functions at any time at its sole discretion, without specifically informing of any such change, and without removing outdated information or characterizing it as such. World In Paris may also block Users from accessing the Website or parts of it, or require certain conditions to be fulfilled for such access. World In Paris does not provide any warranties, express or implied, in relation to the availability of the Website or its functions, that the Website is free from defects, or that the Website and the infrastructure on which it runs is free from viruses and other harmful software. Moreover, World In Paris does not guarantee that information available on the Website has not been altered through technical defects or by unauthorized third parties.

7.Third party content, links to other websites

World In Paris does not assume any responsibility for third party content that may be available through the Website, and for content linked to the Website or which are linked to from it or referred to. Where we link to third party websites, you use such websites at your own risk. We recommend reading the policies of these websites and review how these websites may process personally identifiable data relating to you. If you think we have illicit content on the Website, please send an email to

8.Intellectual property rights

The Website is and remains protected by copyright and/or any other intellectual property rights (including protection granted through unfair competition law). You may access and view the Website, but not incorporate it into other websites, and not copy, present, license, publish, download, upload, send or make it perceptible in any other way without our prior written consent.

9.Amendments to the Terms of Use

World In Paris may amend these Terms of Use at any time and with immediate effect. If World In Paris makes amendments, they apply as of the date of their publication on the Website. World In Paris expects you to regularly refer to this section to make sure you are familiar with the applicable Terms of Use. Any further use of the Website following such amendments means you consent to the amendment.

10.Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present terms and conditions adhere to French law. In the case of a dispute related to the interpretation, application, termination, or nullity of the present terms and conditions, only courts of competent jurisdiction pertaining to the locality of company headquarters will be considered for purposes of litigation, including in the instance of a procedure out of court, regardless of the plurality of defenders.

If you have witnessed an abuse on the World In Paris website or would like to flag information diffused on the World In Paris website please contact us at

Thank you for your trust and hope that our services will bring you total satisfaction.

World In Paris team