Vitry-sur-Seine: the capital of Street Art

Did you know that Paris and its surroundings is home to some of the most exciting street art in Europe – even the world?

Sometimes it’s worth getting a little out of town to visit something really special.  Vitry-sur-Seine (Val de Marne) is a popular city in the outskirts of Paris. A grey city without personality, in last 5 years has become the perfect workshop for street artists from all around the world. With around a hundred international artists and more than 400 graffiti works Vitry is nowadays one of the best cities to discover Street Art.

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Street Art in Vitry

Street Art starts in Vitry in 2009 when Christian Guémy, a worldwide known graffiti artist better known as C215, decided to make Vitry his new playground. He first started painting portraits of his daughter so she would know her dad was thinking of her while she was away at school! After some time, many city walls were decorated with C215’s colorful graffiti and some of his friends decided to join the project, becoming Vitry a showcase for this kind of urban art.

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Through the word of mouth, people learnt about these beautiful graffiti and soon Vitry saw its first curious visitors, equipped with their cameras. Today the phenomena is so important for the city that the city hall proposes different guided walks to discover this interesting heritage.

Graffiti Hunting

Actually there is no need of a guided visit, all Vitry-sur-Seine is full of graffiti as cool as these ones shown. So don’t worry and wander without any direction, just keep your eyes open! You may spot his huge murals on the side of buildings, or vibrant portraits mixed amidst the work of other local artists.

street art

If you are more organised and you don’t want to miss anything you can still discover these graffiti by yourself with the help of this map

street art

street art

The most popular street artists in the area are C215, Jef Aérosol, Seth, Mosko & associated, Artistes ouvrier, Mr A and Jerome mesnager. Click on the links and have a look at their facebook pages, they are really cool.

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If you want to know more about graffiti in Vitry we recommend to read this article  by Le Figaro (in French)

If you go to Vitry sur Seine let us know what you found. You can send your Vitry’s favourite shot to our facebook page, we will be happy to share it on its main space!

Vitry-sur-Seine is in Val de Marne Department. You can reach Vitry with RER E, station Vitry-sur-Seine

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43 thoughts on “Vitry-sur-Seine: the capital of Street Art”

  1. Very cool. Looks like some of the same artists – or the same artist. Thanks for sharing this secret! Love street art.

  2. What phenomenal talent! I’m so glad that these artists are recognized for their skill instead of being looked down along like shoddy tag artists. And what a way to bring some colour and vibrancy to a fairly grey city. I do love some good street art – beautiful post!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yeah cool that people appreciate street art, it brings some color to our life!

  3. OK. I guess it is time for me to go back to Paris. I did not see anything like this when I was there. This street art is amazing.

  4. I’ve really started to appreciate street art now that I’ve lived in a few different cities. I had no idea Paris had such a rich street art scene. These pieces are simply fantastic!

    1. Agree! And this is only a small part of what the city offers so you will have to come to Paris to see the rest 😉

  5. I’m a big fan of urban art so Vitry-sur-Seine is definitely going on my Paris to see list for when I return in the future. Not all art are in stuffy museums. Some of the most visually stimulating can be discovered right on the streets.

  6. We absolutely love graffiti and street art, we did see some amazing stuff in Paris itself when I visited years back, but we need to revisit and get out of the city a little clearly!

    1. Nic, the thing about Street Art is that it is ephemeral so YES, you need to come back to check the latest news

  7. Have not been to Paris in a while, but it looks it!s time to go again and discover it from a new point of view… 🙂 Thanks for the hint about Vitry!

    1. You are welcome, Julia. Vitry really deserves the mini excursion out of Paris 🙂

  8. I am appreciating street art more and more these days as I getting more educated about the artists behind them. These are really impressive and will keep an eye for them if I am every in Vitry Sur Seine.

    1. Christina, if it happens to be around the corner, you definitely should go and see for yourself 😉

  9. I love art in many forms including street art. In fact, there is one city in our country that has lots of them and I always look at those art like I was looking at them for the first time. I just think it makes a city more beautiful, as in the case of Vitry Sur Seine. I would definitely go there someday, they got some interesting street art there I must say.

  10. Vitry is really the happening place for street art. The art looks so vibrant and lifelike. Would love to take a look at these amazing art some day.

    1. A little bit far for you, I know, but Paris is always a good idea so why not in the future? 😉

  11. Those lovely graffiti… its amazing how they’d able to turn out an ordinary street to be these cool with those beautiful arts… Walking along this street will not only entertain us but will make us think about the message behind those arts… a must visit in Paris…

  12. The places surrounding Paris look like open-air art galleries. I have noted every detail of Paris you have been sharing on your blog and this one too is amazing. I would definitely check these locations during my visit to Paris.

  13. I paint , I love art. This post was an absolute delight to go through. I wish all streets across the world were painted in vibrant colors like these

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