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Best Electric Kick Scooters for Adults: Explore Paris (or any other city) differently!

It is official: electric scooters for adults are a trend in Paris! Today, many Parisians are opting for foldable electric scooters to get to work or simply have fun in the park and streets so why not using your own portable electric scooter to explore Paris differently?

Paris is a very walkable city but if you need to cover big distances during a day, a good adult kick scooter can help you get around without taking the Parisian Metro or having to pedal a large bike. Plus they are a fun! In addition, the latest models are light, foldable and extremely compact so you can travel with your own portable electric scooter everywhere. There is a large variety of electric kick scooters in the market, with different prices and specifications, so choosing the best electric kick scooter for adults can be a bit confusing. What should you know before getting an electric kick scooter for you? Keep on reading for our best tips and proposals.


Compare and Find the Best Electric Kick Scooter for Adults


Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

E-Scooter Glion Dolly 15mph; 24km/h 28pds /12.5kg 15mls /24km full speed


Swagtron Swagger Speed Adult Electric Scooter

E-Bike Swagtron 15mph; 24km/h 17.3pds /7.85kg 5-15mls /8-24km full speed


Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

E-bike Razor 10mph; 16km/h 22pds;10.5kg up to 80 minutes


E-Scooter KKA 15.5mph; 25km/h 22pds;10kg NOT SPECIFIED

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

E-Scooter Xiaomi 15mph;24km/h 27pds;12kg max 20mls;32km


Why use an Electric Kick Scooter to Explore Paris

  • It saves you money (no gas, no Parisian Metro tickets, no taxis . .)
  • It is an eco-friendly solution to explore a new city
  • It gives you total freedom
  • It saves you time during your everyday wanderings
  • It is trendy!


Things to consider before buying the Best Electric Scooter for Adults

  • The Use
  • Speed and Power
  • Battery duration
  • Quality and Maintenance
  • Capacity and Comfort
  • Price


The Use

Where are you going to use it? Around home? To go to the office? For your travels?

If you want to use an electric kick scooter for your local wanderings, robust wheels (big wheels go everywhere!) and weight are important factors to consider.

If you want to carry your electric kick scooter overseas and explore other destinations on it, check for a foldable electric scooter which is compact and light. If you want to transport your e-scooter by plane, forget that foldable electric scooter for adults heavier than 15kg / 33lbs.


Power and Speed

An electric kick scooter for adults usually has a speed ranging from 16 to 24 Km/h. You not only want the fastest electric scooter, you want a motor which delivers adequate power and torque to go over inclines or hills without any problem.


Electric Scooter Battery Duration and Recharge

For how long are you going to use your e scooter daily? The built-in electric scooter battery should take you a long distance before needing a recharge. At the same time, big batteries mean heavier scooters (you can see it on the comparative table above).

We recommend doing an estimation of your daily use and buy an adult kick scooter with the best battery for your use. Check also how long it takes to fully recharge the battery (usually from 1.5 to 5 hours).


Quality and Maintenance

Maintenance is important in this rather young technology. People who go for the cheapest models, usually end up regretting it. Read about the product warranty and also the customers’ reviews and questions. Finally, some brands provide with a free battery change service in 12 months, which is a nice addition to your purchase.


Capacity and Comfort

Electric adult kick scooters have a maximum weight rating, and to avoid damages it’s important not to exceed it. Also, you have to feel comfortable on it so ergonomy, stability, and facility to maneuver, with a good balance are other important factors to consider.


Electric Scooter Price

Price does not necessarily mean cheapest. Compare the electric scooter prices but also the scooters‘ specifications and buy the model which gives the best value for money.


We hope our guide was useful to find the best electric scooter for adults. Don’t hesitate to bring your portable electric scooter to visit Paris, exploring Paris is even more fun on your own, eco-friendly two wheels!


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