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The Best Way to See Paris: Itineraries Review & Paris Travel Tips 2017-2018

On World in Paris, we do our best to give our readers lots of Paris Travel Inspiration and Paris Travel Tips, all for free. But sometimes people have specific questions about their Paris itineraries or need some personal advice. This is the main goal of our  “Best Way to See Paris” page:

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Since we are online, these are the top 10 Paris Travel questions that we received:

  1. Paris Itinerary 4 days (review & advice)
  2. Paris Itinerary 7 days (review & advice)
  3. Where Itinerary 3 days (review & advice)
  4. Where to Stay in Paris first time (Paris arrondissement advice and hotels suggestions)
  5. Paris Itinerary 5 days (review & advice)
  6. Unusual Things to do in Paris
  7. Best Paris Guide Book
  8. How to beat the crowds in Paris (Paris Tips & Tricks)
  9. How to explore Paris Like a Local
  10. Best Paris Travel Book



» We are Parisians who enjoy exploring Paris, both its main sights and more local side during the city’s 330 days a year. We know endless ways to do Paris Like a Local.

» Since we live in Paris and we speak French, we know how the city works and we are well informed about the city’s events. Our knowledge is priceless.

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» We are also great travelers (70+ countries checked!) who enjoy every minute of our holidays, from long weekends to sabbatical years around the world. Because we have traveled extensively, from budget trips to more comfortable trips, we understand the priorities and needs for all kind of travelers.



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