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Who is World in Paris?

World in Paris is a team of independent travelers with a passion for our own city. Quirky explorers with a preference for the local side of the city and its less known sights, we are continuously looking for new ideas to enjoy the best of Paris. More info about us and this blog here

How was World in Paris born?

Well, that`s a long story! We are travelers like you, basically independent travelers who want to stay far from the crowds and enjoy the local side of the place that we are visiting. Almost everywhere the only possible way to enter into the local culture and genuinely interact with people was by the hand of a local who showed us around. Our fondest travel memories are always linked to a local friend (or friend’s friend) who for some hours made us see his home town or home city through his eyes. So why don’t propose the same thing here in Paris?


Why choose World in Paris’ local guides?

Always thinking about our travel experiences, we cannot imagine meeting a friend in his own city who comes to the meeting with a catalog of tours with an estimated duration and level of difficulty to choose. Instead, he would probably come with some suggestions but in the end we would decide together what to do and where to go. If you don’t have a friend or acquaintance in Paris, we want to give you the way to facilitate such experience whilst ensuring it remains natural.

Through email, you and your guide will discuss and work together to create the experience which suits you better.

Who are World In Paris guides?

They are passionate and enthusiast Parisians who want to share their love for Paris and make you experience Paris in a more local way. They join World in Paris as Silver Guides and after some visits and nice feedback from travelers they can become Golden Guides. You will find the description and details on the dedicated pages.

Why should I pay for a Professional Guide if I can have a Silver Guide for free?

Although our Silver Guides can show you around with the best will in the world, their visits have some limits (time, group size . . .) and will never have the accuracy and the quality of the visits proposed by Professional Guides in general. Professional Guides know everything about everything, everywhere. Answer to all your questions and curiosities about Paris is their job and they have studied and trained a lot for it. So in the end choosing a volunteer or a professional guide depends not only on your budget but also on the kind of experience that you want to enjoy in Paris.

Why don’t you offer other types of reservation?

Because we are not a travel agency! There are tons of websites offering tours, Seine cruises and Louvre entrance tickets. We cannot do the same than the others if we want to stay far from the crowds.

What does the booking process look like?

There are no fixed rules but we recommend to do your research few weeks before your arrival to get a wider choice of available guides. The process is very simple and can be resumed in a few steps:

  • Surf our website to find the guide which suits you best. A person who speaks your same language, with the same age or interests can be a good match. You can see the guides’ information, potential availability and other details clicking on their names, on their Guide-Cards.
  • Join our Travelers Community (paid membership) to view the guides’ contact details and get other benefits;
  • Email these guides to discuss directly with them about their availability, subject of the visit and other details;
  • Define a precise date and time for the meeting with the chosen guide;
  • Enjoy Paris by the hand of a local and tell us about your experience!

What pay-out methods do you offer?

The Travelers Community subscription fee payment is managed by Paypal which offers a total security. For non customers, paypal alwo allows to pay with Visa and Mastercard cards.

All purchases on our site are processed in Euros (€). If your country does not use Euros, your bank will automatically convert this price to your country’s currency when you are charged. The payment fees are already included in the 2€

Golden Guides are paid directly in cash the day of the visit. To avoid any inconveniences, we suggest travelers to prepare the exact amount of money (5€) to give to the guide. World In Paris does not allow guides to request any payment in advance.

What is the Travelers Community subscription fee and what does World in Paris do for it?

World In Paris offers a platform to connect travelers with local guides and this fee helps to maintain the system. This platform also delivers several services like:

  • An easy to use platform to find the kind of guide which suits you best;
  • A payment system in a safe a secure way;
  • Access to Guides’ contact details;
  • A personalized agenda of proposals and events in Paris for your period of stay;
  • Rating and commenting the Guides’ performance after the visit.

After I have booked a visit with a guide, can I invite others to join me?

This is something you need to discuss directly with the guide before the meeting. Silver & Golden Guides’ visits are limited to four people. Remember that Golden Guides are paid per hour and per person so if the group size changes the price of the visit will also change. Email him or her again and agree on the new conditions.

How do I know if a guide can be trusted?

World In Paris is an open marketplace, which means that the arrangement is made between you and the local guide. To ensure safe and trustworthy experiences, we follow 3 important steps:

  • Quality check by World In Paris
    Once a guide signs up on the website, we check their basic information, such as name, address, social profiles, phone number and ID
  • Verification
    Our staff can (and will) meet our new guides to know them personally
  • Review system
    Every traveler using our services gets the opportunity to review his/her experience with our guides. The more reviews, the more people experienced this guide and the more you can trust the guide and the experience he or she offers.

What if it rains?

We are happy to let you know that, sun or rain, the visit goes on. Your time in Paris is limited and we understand that. If you’re ready to explore Paris, so are we!

What happens if I have feedback to give about my guide?

After your stay in Paris, you will have the opportunity to rate your guide and write a comment about his or her visit. If there is anything you are unhappy with during your visit, don’t hesitate to tell us. You can contact us directly or write about it on your comments. Positive feedback is welcome as well! Remember that positive feedback help guides to get more travelers and Silver Guides are promoted to Golden after 5 five-star ratings. If you were happy with your guide help him with your positive feedback.


Who can become a World In Paris‘ guide?

Anyone can become one of World In Paris guides! Parisian + Paris lover and want to show the best spots of your neighborhood? Welcome to World In Paris!

How does World In Paris work for Guides?

As a guide it’s free to sign up and fill out your personal Guide-Card. As a Guide you are responsible for:

  • By filling out your personal Guide-Card you can set your skills and the areas you want to propose Travelers to visit;
  • Determining your availability and updating it if necessary;
  • Because we don’t want to propose any catalog of pre-defined tours, World In Paris asks their guides to be flexible and ready to work together with the traveler to create a visit tailored to his specific wishes and requirements.

I already have a full-time job, can I still be a guide?

When you determine your availability you can decide to propose yourself during the week end or only during specific periods. If you can do visits only from time to time choose the availability option “ask” on your personal Guide-Card.

What kind of information should I include on my Guide-Card?

Your Guide-Card is a kind of self-presentation to our Travelers Community. It will show them who you are and what you propose. Try to write an appealing description about yourself. If you have any diploma related to Tourism, Arts or History the Guide-Card is also the right place to talk about it. If you can do the guide in different languages it can be a good idea to use them on your Guide-Card.


How do I receive bookings?

After you sign up on, you will be able to create your own Guide-Card and fill it out with your own information and availability. Your contact details are only available to travelers for a limited period of time only after registering in our Travelers Community and paying the membership fee. This system ensures they are not robots and protects your privacy. Once the payment is done, communication goes through your private emails. Travelers can write you to discuss about your availability and the kind of visit they are looking for. We recommend our guides to give their mobile numbers only when the agreement is made. World In Paris does not follow the discussion or arrangement process.

Can I reject bookings?

Yes, of course. If you are already booked or you are busy during a certain period, you can reject bookings when you are contacted. Just write back a polite email saying that you are not available on those dates.

What happens if I am leaving 2-3 weeks on holidays or I am not available during a certain period of time?

No problem! You will be able to manage and modify your availability through your Guide-Card whenever you want. If you are available only punctually, the best option to choose on your availability is “ask”. We suggest you to keep your Guide-Card always up to date to avoid requests which don’t correspond with your current availability.

How does the review system work?

Reviews are very important to both travelers and guides. The more positive the experience is, the more positive the review will be. And the more reviews travelers write about their guides after a visit, the more likely these guides are to be requested. So make sure your guest knows about the importance of reviews and encourage him to write a nice review about you if he enjoyed the visit.