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Meet Our Local Guides in Paris – Explore Paris Like a Local

first time in paris

We propose YOU unconventional visits of Paris by the hand of a local. We don’t have any catalog of tours, we have people happy to show you their city. You can discuss with them about where you want to go, subject and duration of the visit.

We have two kind of guides. Click on the icons below to see which kind suits you best.

Silver Guides

Golden Guides

there are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet

(William Butler Yeats, Irish poet) 


Why some of your guides would be happy to show me around for free?

Maybe they speak your language but they don’t have many opportunities to practice it . . .

Maybe they want to know more about your country and culture . . .

Maybe they plan to go to your country soon and they want to be in contact with some locals before the trip . . .

Maybe they have plenty of free time and like the idea of meeting people and eventually having friends from all around the world . . .

There are endless reasons to join the Silver Guides Group and we hope you will enjoy their company.

 Get the most out of Paris