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Sexy Paris Getaway: Sexy Things to Do in Paris City of Lights

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Best Romantic Things to do in Paris, Best Sexy Things to do in Paris, Paris at night, Paris for Lovers, Lovers in Paris, Paris City of Love, Paris Travel Inspiration, Paris Bucket List #moveablefeast #sexyparis #romanticparis #paris


Everybody knows about Paris the City of Love and Romance. From all the world, millions of couples will make a trip to the City of Love at some point to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Paris, a special anniversary, and engagement in Paris or just a romantic Paris getaway.

The truth is that “Paris the City of Love” is also “Passionate Paris”, “Paris City of Lights”. So why not add a touch of Paris sexy to your getaway in Paris?

If you are planning a Sexy Paris Getaway and you want to avoid the clichéd tourist traps, we have chosen some unusual things to do in Paris for you, we tell you how to be Sexy in Paris.

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Tango by the Seine

We cannot propose a better combination than a sensual and sexy tango danced at the River Seine’s banks. In the afternoon, tango enthusiasts gather around a small amphitheater located in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris to dance tango at the sound of some classic songs. If you don’t dance the tango, you can always join sitting on the steps with a bottle of wine to watch this improvised show. A mesmerizing and very atmospheric “people watching moment” with a very sexy twist.

WHERE TO GO: Square Tino Rossi, Quai St. Bernard (Paris 5). M. Jussieu or Gare Austerlitz, Line 5, 7, 10.

Sexy Paris - Tango by the Seine


A Special Visit to Père Lachaise Cemetery

Parisian cemeteries are not spooky at all but rather irresistibly romantic places in Paris. However, we are looking for sexy things to do in Paris in this post and in Père Lachaise there are some curious tombs that deserve our attention.

100 years after his death, Oscar Wilde’s tomb is still visited by thousands of fans who express their devotion with a lipstick kiss mark. Today a “kiss-proof” glass wall protects the stone of the monument while still allowing (somehow) the tradition.

Victor Noir’s tomb, instead, is reputed to have fertile powers. The young journalist’s gisant surprises for its disconcerting realism and . . . the size of his attributes. Since the last 50 years or so, women approach Victor Noir’s tomb to rub his parts asking to find a good lover within a year. So yes, Verona has Giulietta’s tits and we have Victor Noir’s parts!

Victor Noir's Tomb - Sexy Things to do in Parisvia Flickr CC @isolethetv


A Naughty Sandwich

Feeling hungry? This cheeky boulangerie located at Le Marais Paris proposes yummy quick eats with a sexy touch. So forget the Parisian baguette for today and try their phallic-shape “baguettes magiques” (=magic wands) instead, we are sure it will help with the mood.  LeGay Choc Boulangerie‘s successful products include galettes des Rois, sandwiches, croque-monsieurs and many cakes.

Sexy Paris - Baguette Magique

WHERE TO GO:  LeGay Choc, 45 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, Paris 4.  The baguette magique costs from 2.20€ to 4.5€ depending on the size (yes, size matters!)


A Platter of Aphrodisiac Oysters & Wine 

One of our favorite combinations to start a sexy night in Paris is a plate of oysters + white wine or champagne. Main oysters growing regions are Aquitaine (Arcachon), Normandy, Brittany and the Central West Coat, but there are many more. Oysters are in season during the months containing an “R” (from October to March). You can eat good oysters everywhere in Paris, the important thing is that they must be fresh! Au Rocher de Cancale (78 Rue Montorgueil, Paris 2) is an oysters institution in Paris but there are many great oysters addresses in Paris.

Oysters & Wine - Sexy Things to do in Paris

WHERE TO GO: Huitrerie Régis (3 rue Montfaucon, Paris 6), L’Ecailler du Bistrot (22 rue Paul Bert, Paris 11), La Cabane à Huitres (4 Rue Antoine Bourdelle, Paris 15) and Le Baron Rouge (1 Rue Théophile Roussel, Paris 12).


Cabaret Night in Paris

Cabaret Shows are a popular (and very sexy) tourist attraction in Paris at night. Because, YES! bars and nightclubs exist everywhere in the world but where else than in Paris can you find such a choice of quality cabarets? Today the most famous shows in Paris correspond to “music halls” or burlesque shows offering lavish musical and theatrical productions, with elaborate costumes, singing, and dancing. There is a stage for the show and the audience sitting at tables (often dining or drinking) watching the performance being introduced by a master of ceremonies. It is an evening of entertainment and fun.  A Cabaret in Paris is traditionally served with champagne and cabaret dinner into an all-evening extravaganza but of course, you can also go only for the show. French cabarets are a great way to enjoy Paris at night in style and a very popular option for special dates.

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BOOK: Crazy Horse Show Tickets, Le Lido Show Tickets, Moulin Rouge Show Tickets,  Paradis Latin Show Tickets

Le Paradis Latin Cabaret

Photo Courtesy: Paradis Latin Cabaret ©



If you are planning a Sexy Paris getaway, you cannot end your days in any hotel. Check our selection of sexy hotels Paris with themed hotel rooms for couples to sleep (or not).  Remember that the right Paris hotel can be just as memorable as your list of unusual things to do in Paris so take your time and book a nice hotel.

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Paris Sexiest Hotels - Vice Versa Hotel Paris


It is difficult not to be sexy in Paris with this themed hotel. Vice Versa Hotel is dedicated to the seven deadly sins, where sin is suddenly transformed into a source of joy and fulfillment. Each floor hosts one of the seven deadly sins, and every room is unique with velvets, mirrored ceilings and more. What is your favorite deadly sin?

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Located in Paris 9, in a building used as a pleasure house during the Belle Époque, Hotel Souquet recreates an 18th-century pleasure house with all the comfort for the modern guest. Probably Paris sexiest hotel, a temple of hedonism, proposes cozy common spaces and spacious rooms. A closed world where life revolves around the ritual of tea-time, play, dinner rendez-vous and after dinner chat.

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Located in the historic Latin Quarter, Five Boutique Hotel Paris proposes their guests cozy rooms and common spaces decorated with vivid colors and with a sexy touch. Their en-suite “cocoon rooms” appeal to each of a person’s five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Finally, the deluxe rooms feature special things like a suspended bed or a private Jacuzzi.

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Did you like our list of  Sexy things to do in Paris? Do you have other ideas for a Sexy Paris Getaway?

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