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Transportation in Paris after Lockdown

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11 May 2020: Transition to Normality in France

On 13 APRIL 2020 President Emmanuel Macron gives his fourth televised address after the Coronavirus outbreak. Amongst other things, the President gives a specific date of release from lockdown: 11 May 2020. Finally, there’s a date to start the lockdown-easing in France! What’s next?

1. Transportation in France during Phase 1 (11 May to 1 June 20)

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The plan to ease lockdown in France announced by the Prime Minister on 28 April 2020 it will be rolled out in 3-week phases, being the first phase from 11 May to 1 June. Restrictions are to be loosened progressively and varying from region to region.

Can I travel to France during the lockdown-easing phase? How and where can I go? Below, we detail the lockdown-easing measures taken for private and public transportation in Paris and France.


1a. Road Trips in France after Lockdown – Phase 1

During this first phase, people are allowed to move up to 100km from home without any certificate. Travel between France’s regions, and outside a 100km radius from home, is permitted only for professional or urgent family reasons.

Below, the map of France with a 100 km-radius from Paris. This is where people living in Paris can go without any certificate.

Paris Map with 100 Km Radius
Paris Map with 100 Km Radius

1b. Train Travel in France after Lockdown – Phase 1

train station in Paris

MAY & JUNE 2020: The Prime Minister indicated that he wanted “to reduce inter-regional or inter-departmental travel solely for compelling professional or family reasons, for obvious reasons of limiting the circulation of the virus”.

During this period, the inter-regional and inter-departmental train offer is reduced and it is compulsory to book in all trains. The idea behind this is to discourage travel between departments.

JULY & AUGUST 2020: French people can go on holiday and SNCF trains will be working 100% this summer, yay! Since 15 May, it is possible to book TGV and Intercity train tickets for July and August 2020. These train tickets are exchangeable and refundable.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL. There will be a time gap between the end of lockdown and the day when international travelers are allowed to visit France.

Currently, the borders remain closed for international travel but the free movement of cross-border workers remains preserved.

The European Union is calling on its members to reopen its internal borders to facilitate tourism. Circulation between European countries should resume from 15 June between France, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, if the health situation allows.

This restriction will be reviewed at the end of May 2020.

Train Bookings: if you need to book trains in France, is a comprehensive site very easy to use, and in English.

1c. Getting Around Paris after Lockdown – Phase 1

Metro of Paris
Metro of Paris

Parisian Metro, train, and Bus: Access to public transport in Ile-de-France is reserved during peak hours for people with a certificate from their employer or with a compelling reason. Peak hours= from 8.30 am to 9.30 am and from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

Wearing a mask on public transportation is compulsory. Failure to wear a mask in public transport may be subject to a fine of 135 euros.

Peak Hours in the Metro
Masks are compulsory

Trains run from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. Some metro stations remain closed to avoid crowds.


Additional measures are being implemented in the metro. On the picture below you can see stickers blocking some seats or stickers on the floor to keep the distance between passengers.

Metro of Paris after Lockdown
Metro of Paris after Lockdown

Paris by Bike: the City is encouraging the use of bicycles in Paris. Since 11 May, rue de Rivoli is reserved for pedestrians and bicycles. Also, 50 km of additional lanes usually reserved for cars will be devoted to cycling throughout the capital.

Velib in Paris

Check out our Paris by Bike quick guide

1d. Taxis & Private Transport in France after Lockdown – Phase 1

On taxis and private and shared shuttles, drivers must wear a mask if they don’t have a plexiglass separation inside the car between them and the clients.

Do you need a door to door airport transfer?  Welcome tries to remain the safest and most reliable transport option from /to the airport and all their drivers follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization plus they have added extra facilities in changes of cancellation.

Book your Private Airport Transfer (one way or return) with Welcome

1e. Air Travel in France after Lockdown – Phase 1

Air France Strikes

There will be a reduced offer of flights only for imperative professional or family reasons. Wearing a mask will be compulsory.

This restriction will be reviewed at the end of May 2020.

2. Transportation in France during Phase 2

For the moment, there is no official news on Phase 2 (duration or general conditions). Keep clicking for the latest updates!

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