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The best gifts for business travelers are practical items that will help make their next business trip easier and more comfortable. When it comes to the best travel accessories for business travelers consider what will help keep their items organized as well as things that will help them get between the airport, to the hotel to business meetings without fuss.

If you’re in need of some inspiration in terms of travel gift ideas for the special business traveler in your life, then this travel gift guide is going to be super helpful.  In this guide, we cover all the best gifts for travelers that will make their business trips so much easier as well as some of the best travel gadgets that will make them the envy of their colleagues.

Traveling for Business

Best Carry-on Luggage for Business Travelers

One of the best gift ideas for business travelers is a carry-on suitcase. Frequent business travelers need a really good carry on. Something that is durable, reliable and that can fit everything you need.

There are plenty of small suitcases or under-seat tote bags with excellent organizational features, as well as a sleek and professional exterior. Which sounds better for the special business traveler in your life?

Our top picks [soft-side suitcase, hard-side suitcase, under-seat tote]


We use and we recommend the Helium Aero Carry-on. Helium Aero is one of the best-selling collections by Delsey Paris. Their suitcases are premium but with affordable price tags compared to other premium brands.

One of the things that makes this one of the best carry-on for business travel is the large front compartment. That’s something you rarely get on hard side luggage. The compartment is large enough to fit your laptop and its accessories, and any files you would want to keep safe. It does take away from the capacity of the packing compartments, but since the capacity of the packing compartments is expandable it still fits enough clothes for a short business trip.

The exterior of the Helium Aero carry on is made from polycarbonate, which is an incredibly durable and lightweight material. This elegant suitcase also features four double spinner wheels and a telescopic wheel handle for easy maneuvering around the airport.

And there is the TSA lock in the main compartment, which will keep most of the belongings safe.


Best Travel Accessories for Business Travelers

Laptop Case /Laptop Tote-bag

When you’re traveling for work you need somewhere to store your laptop as well as keep all your business documents in order.  In terms of laptop bags, there are some great options available for both men and women that are not only practical but look stylish too.

For women, this EDODAY tote bag is a great one to consider.  It’s a great size, not too big, but still has plenty of room for your laptop and other documents.

This laptop tote bag for women is also a great one to consider, it’s a little larger than the EDODAY tote so it is a great option for the best carry on luggage for business travel as you can carry a bit more gear with you.  Both tote bags come in a range of great colors too.


For the gentlemen travelers, a messenger style bag is always a great option for storing your laptop and documents. VMATE have a good range of messenger bags, like the solid full-grain cowhide leather 17-inch messenger bag or the leather 16-inch messenger bag.  Both bags are similarly priced and come in black or brown.  They look great and have plenty of room for your laptop, documents as well as a change of clothes.  The larger of the bags come with two large compartments so great for keeping your things separate and organized and one to consider if you’re after the best carry on for business travel.

Another one to consider for the men is the Polare 17-inch leather messenger bag.  This one is a bit more traditional in style, looking more like a briefcase than the VMATE bags, so probably better suited to the older male travelers.


Garment Bag for Business Traveling

For business travelers needing to meet clients or attend special events, a good quality garment bag is essential for keeping their suits and formal wear wrinkle-free.  There are quite a few different options available and I’d recommend investing in one with plenty of storage as well as water-resistant to offer that additional protection.

This Saint Maniero garment bag is a great quality bag which is perfect for carrying multiple suits and long dresses.  It has multiple pockets and is both wind and water-resistant which protects the clothing.

Another option is this D LOFT garment bag which is also water-resistant.  The D LOFT garment bag is a little smaller than the Saint Maniero one, but still a good option.


Inflatable Neck Pillow + Mask

For the business traveler that travels long haul or even the red-eye flights a good quality neck pillow and eye mask are invaluable.  These two items provide the traveler with the best possible chance of getting some sleep in the plane allowing them to arrive at their destination as relaxed as possible.

This Samsonite Deluxe inflatable pillow is a good option to consider as it has a great ergonomic design to provide proper neck support.  It is also easy to pack away and inflates in seconds.

To improve the chances of sleep on a long flight, an eye mask like this one from Alaska Bear is essential.  This eye mask is made from 100% silk and completely blocks out any light.  It feels lovely and soft on the face and comes with a completely adjustable strap.



Best Travel Gadgets for Business Travelers

Airport Relax

Noise-canceling Headphones

If you’re after unique travel gifts; the frequent business traveler will no doubt appreciate a good quality pair of headphones, but noise-canceling headphones are an even better option.  Noise-canceling headphones cut out all the background noise, so you can get on with your work without being distracted.  Plus they allow you to listen to music or stream movies without having to turn up the sound to an unsafe level.

These Sony noise-canceling headphones are high quality and come highly rated.  They provide basically a soundproof experience, so there are no distractions whatsoever for the business traveler.  If the Sony headphones are out of your price range, these Bose noise canceling headphones are a great alternative.

A Portable Charging Device

When it comes to tech gifts for travelers all travelers need an excellent quality portable charging device but business travelers even more so.  These days we carry so many devices on us when we travel and so it’s essential, we can easily keep these devices charged while on the go.

When it comes to great quality portable chargers Anker is a super popular choice and comes highly recommended. There is a range of Anker chargers available like this small lightweight 20100mAh Anker portable charger or something a bit bigger like the 26800mAh Anker portable charger which has three USB ports and can quickly charge three devices simultaneously.

A portable charging device is certainly one of the top travel gadgets all travelers need.


Wireless Travel Router

Between the hotel room and the office or the airport, there is a high chance that you will not have an internet connection.    


We use and we recommend Skyroam. This WiFi smart spot is the best way to stay connected on the go. It has global coverage, no roaming charges, no sim card changes and it is possible to connect up to 10 devices. Thanks to its encrypted network, Skyroam provides a safe & secure connection which is key for any business traveler.

skyroam banner


Portable SSD

Having portable storage is essential for business travelers and a small, lightweight and reliable SSD is definitely one of the most appreciated tech gifts for travelers.

We like Crucial 1TB X8 Portable SSD, with a huge capacity (1TB) and an incredible performance with reading speed up to 1050 MB/s. This Portable SSD works with Windows, Mac, iPad Pro, Chromebook, Android, Linux, PS4, and Xbox.

Crucial 1TB X8 is the best portable SSD is one of the bests in the market, with a cool drop-proof design and it is resistant to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration.

This portable SSD can be used wirelessly via WiFi to the phone or tablet. Also, it is possible to use it to back up photos directly from the camera’s SD card or plug it into the USB port of the computer just like a traditional hard drive.


Universal Travel Adapter

If you’re traveling out of the country, then you will most definitely need a universal travel adapter.  A universal travel adapter is so much better than buying an adapter for each country you’re going too.  With a universal travel adapter, you’re set no matter where you go.

There are plenty of different options for a Universal Travel Adapter, but I recommend one like either this one from SLMASK or the Glamfields /ZROBOY travel adapter.  Both these adapters cover over 150 different countries and include multiple USD ports so you can easily charge your electronic devices.  They both also come with warranties, so you know your covered if anything goes wrong.


Accessories Case for Cable and Other Electronics

One of the problems traveling with so many devices is all the cables, chargers, adapters that you need to carry with you.  A great way to keep everything well organized is an accessories case – these also make the perfect gift for the business traveler.

This UGREEN electronics organizer is a great option as its nice and compact, has mesh pockets, double zippers and plenty of room for all your electronics and cables.  What I really like about the UGREEN organizer is its double-layer giving you even more space for all your gadgets.

Another option to consider is this one from BAGSMART. This is the same size as the UGREEN organizer, but it doesn’t have the double layers.  The BAGSMART organizer also comes in various color options too.


Other Gift Ideas for Business Travelers

Bamboo Coffee Mug

A great gift for all types of travelers is an environmentally friendly coffee mug.  This is a great way for all travelers to reduce the number of single-use coffee cups they consume and of course their impact on the environment.

These bamboo coffee mugs by EBOS make wonderful gifts.  They come in a great range of brightly colored designs and most importantly being made from bamboo are completely environmentally friendly.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Continuing the theme of environmentally friendly gifts for the business traveler – a stainless steel water bottle is another great gift idea.  With travelers on the go all the time, the number of plastic water bottles they consume really does add up and has a huge negative impact on their environment.  A stainless-steel water bottle is the perfect solution to overcome this problem.

If you’re looking for a great stainless steel water bottle as a gift, these ones by HoneyHolly are a great one to consider.  These water bottles are made from double-wall stainless steel as well as featuring a vacuum system for maintaining an optimum temperate.  The water bottles come with a super bright and color rubber non-slip covering so they not only look fantastic but are great for non-slip handling too.


Compression Socks

Of course one of the downsides of flying is the increased potential to develop blood clots and swollen feet.  Which is where compression socks are handy.  Compression socks are basically long socks that help increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling, blood clots forming or the deadly deep vein thrombosis.

Compression socks don’t have to look unsightly – just check out these compression socks.  These socks come in a range of colors and designs and come in a pack of several units offering great value for money.  Plus they are comfortable to wear having no stitches where they will rub.


I hope you liked this Gifts for Business Travelers Guide and it was helpful to find unique travel gifts for the business travelers of your life.


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