How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost [2024] (+ Paris Budget Calculator)

How Much is a Trip to Paris?

Are you planning a trip to Paris for a week or two but don’t know exactly how much a trip to Paris costs?

Of course, your daily Paris budget depends on the way you travel and the limit you set. To help you plan your trip to Paris, we have covered some average prices and set different types of budgets with different Paris trip expenses so you can get an idea of a trip to Paris’s cost.

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How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Paris? [2024]

On average, the cost of life in Paris is 24% higher than in the rest of France.

In Paris, trip expenses depend on the people and the way they travel. We often hear that Paris is an expensive city, but this is not necessarily true.

It is possible to cut down costs if you sleep in the lesser central districts of Paris and avoid tourist areas to have your meals. Also, there are many free things to do in Paris, so you can spend wonderful days in the French capital and pay nothing to keep you busy.

On the other side, people visiting Paris want to enjoy the main attractions, get spoiled and have fun: after all, they are on holiday! And Paris knows how to treat people well, so if you opt for sleeping in a hotel Palace, having a delicious dinner in a Michelin restaurant, and shopping in the Golden Triangle, you can easily triple or quadruple your daily budget in Paris.

Below, we have collected some average daily prices to help you plan your own budget for Paris. You will also find a Paris trip budget calculator to use in € or USD at the end of the post.

Travel Insurance for Paris Cost

Woman Crying

Most people don’t think that getting travel insurance is important, but it is highly recommended to mitigate travel risks. An insurance combination of medical and travel-related coverage is not expensive, and you will be happy to have it if you are in trouble.

SafetyWing, for example, has flexible plans from 5 days to 364 days. It also has great customer service and competitive prices, and we really think it is the best option. Below, are the prices of travel insurance with Safety Wing for one week in Paris:

  • 10-39 years old: $9.24
  • 40-49 years old: $14.98
  • 50-59 years old: $23.52
  • 60-69 years old: $31.92

Accommodation in Paris Cost

Hotels in Paris

On average, the cost of hotels in Paris is 34% higher than in the rest of France.

From a bunk bed in a shared dorm to a suite in a hotel-palace in Paris, the price range is so large that it is difficult to set an average price for accommodation in Paris.

Also, it depends on the district of Paris where you decide to set your base camp – head here for the best districts to stay in Paris for different types of vacations.

To get an idea, we have grouped hotels into 4 categories. As you can see, the limit is the sky!

  • Bunk bed in a hostel for one person: 18-30€ ($20-33)
  • Double room in a budget hotel: €90 ($99)
  • Double room in a mid-range hotel: €90–190 ($99-210)
  • Double room in a top-end hotel: €190–1500 ($210-388 )

Meals in Paris Cost

Paris Bistro


Some hotel rooms come with breakfast included, while other hotels have breakfast as an option.  A breakfast in a hotel in Paris costs between 9€ to 20€ ($10-22), depending on the hotel’s category.

If you decide to eat something-something in a café, count 4.5€ to 8€ ($4.5-9), depending on what you take.

Lunch /Dinner

Serious sightseers usually opt for light, on the go meals, so they don’t spend too much eating for lunch. A sandwich in a bakery usually costs from 4€ to 6€ ($45-7), depending on the sandwich, and you can get a quick meal for less than 15€  ($17).

A proper meal in a restaurant depends on its category and the district where it is located.

Generally, mains in an average restaurant cost around 15€ ($17), while mains in an expensive, chic restaurant cost from 35€ to 55€ ($38-61).

Activities in Paris Cost

two days in Paris - Pigalle

For sure, you will want to add a couple of activities or sights to your Paris travel budget. You will pay on average from 12€ to 18€ ($13.5-20) per person to visit a museum or attraction in Paris. The costs increase if you buy skip-the-line tickets or you add audio guides.

If this is your first time in Paris and you want to tick the main attractions off your bucket list, you may want to consider the Paris Museum Pass. This pass is for 2, 4, or 6 days and it cuts down the costs considerably. Head here to read our Paris Museum Pass review.

Transportation in Paris Cost

Paris Metro Tickets and Paris Metro Passes

The transportation in Paris cost depends on how often you plan to use public transportation. Paris is such a walkable city that some people use the Parisian metro only for longer distances.

A single metro ticket costs 1.90€, but there are interesting daily /weekly and tourist passes that help cut down the costs. Read about the Paris Metro tickets and passes.

How Expensive is a Trip to Paris? Recap Paris Travel Costs [2024]

Below, a recap o the main Paris travel costs so you can calculate your daily budget for Paris:

  • Health Travel Insurance for up to 39 years old (1 week): 8.5€ ($9.24)
  • Accommodation (hotel or hostel for one person): 18-30€ ($20-33)
  • Double room in a budget hotel: 90€ ($99)
  • Double room in a mid-range hotel: 90–190€ ($99-210)
  • Double room in a top-end hotel: 190–1500€ ($210-388 )
  • Food (meals for one day, without drinks): 63€ (70$)
  • Water (bottled water for one day): 1.99€ ($2.1). But tap water is free
  • Local Transportation: 7.9€ ($8.7)
  • Transfer Airport /City: 13.70€ to 67€ ($15-74)
  • Entertainment (entrance tickets, shows, etc): 15€ to 150€ ($17-165)
  • Tips and Handouts (for guides and service providers) 10€ ($11)
  • Wine: 17€ ($19)

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Paris for 1 Week?

Paris without crowds

Keeping in mind the prices above, we have calculated a 1 week in Paris budget for different travel styles: budget, mid-range, and high.

Cost of Trip to Paris for Two

BUDGET (cheap): 1,500€ ($1,650) for 2 people

If you visit Paris on a budget, you will opt for a hostel in Paris or a budget double room. You will walk or use public transportation exclusively and avoid exclusive restaurants, perhaps with a cheap eat at lunch.

Visiting paid attractions may be quite limited except for perhaps one bucket list spot, and you will try to combine paid attractions with city walks or free museums and activities.

MID-RANGE: 2,400€ ($2,750) for 2 people

At this price point, you’ll be able to visit most attractions you would like to see, though perhaps not every single one, splurge on a guided tour, and eat at restaurants more comfortably.

Depending on whether you’re traveling in low or high season, you may struggle to find comfortable lodging on a mid-range budget in Paris, and you may need to sacrifice a bit on location. Booking in advance, especially during the high season, will be essential!

When traveling on a mid-range budget, prioritization will be essential to balance the Paris trip expenses. If you have your heart set on a particular bucket list experience in Paris, you’ll likely need to cut expenses elsewhere to make it work.

HIGH (luxury): – – –

How much does it cost to go to Paris for luxury travelers? When it comes to luxury travel, the sky is the limit in a city like Paris.

If you have that kind of budget for Paris, use private transportation from the airport to the hotel, choose your favorite hotel with Eiffel Tower view, eat in the city’s best restaurants and book private guides for your bucket list of museums in Paris.

And if you book all these through this humble blog, you will contribute to our stock of French wine, so cheers!

We hope that you found this article useful to estimate your Paris budget. If you want to calculate your Paris trip budget for more or fewer days than a week, you can use our Paris trip budget calculator for free.

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