Upcoming Transportation Strikes in France 2024: Info & Best Tips

1. French Transit Strikes & Paris Transit Strikes

Transport in France and Paris is usually quite good, but unfortunately, sometimes it is affected by strikes.

However, we locals have learned to deal with French strikes over time. How? With the right information, a little bit of flexibility in our everyday life, and lots of patience.

Are you planning a trip to Paris soon? Keep reading this article on Transportation Strikes in France 2024, with the upcoming transportation strikes in Paris and France and our best tips for dealing with them.

Post updated on 20 May 2024

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2. Content of this Article

This article on transportation strikes is extensive and covers many topics. Learn what you can find in this article and what you won’t find:

  • France Strike Schedule 2024
  • SNCF – France Train Strike Schedule 2024
  • French Air Traffic Control Strike Dates 2024 /French Airlines – French Airports Strike Dates 2024
  • RATP- Paris Metro Strike Dates 2024
  • Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) in Paris Strikes

This article does not cover the strikes by foreign companies traveling to France (e.g., Deutsche Bahn, British Airways).

The strikes shown in this article are officially confirmed — no rumors, no guessing, only planned strikes. Unfortunately, some strikes in France are confirmed at the very last moment (only 24 hours in advance) when negotiations with the French State fail. This is why it is important to check this article from time to time if you plan to visit France soon.

If you are traveling to France, we recommend checking this post (especially chapter #3) a few days before your trip and the day before your departure for any updates.

If you are only interested in SNCF – train strikes or in Air France – French airport strikes, our other blog France Bucket List has two articles covering these specific transportation strikes:

3. France Strike Schedule 2024

Are there any strikes in France today? /Are there any Paris strikes today?

>> There are transportation strikes in France in May 2024. There is also one strike notice filed for the next months. Check out the dates in the France strike schedule below.

Calendar of Strikes in Paris 2024 & Strikes in France 2024

This calendar lists the Paris Strikes 2024. It also lists the main France Strikes in 2024. Transportation strikes in France are not planned months in advance; it is usually a short-notice thing, that’s why this calendar only covers three months.

France Strike Schedule 2024. Strikes in France May 2024, Strikes in France June 2024 and Strikes in France July 2024
NB: days marked in grey are weekends and holidays in France

1. SNCF Strike 2024:

» SNCF strike in Paris and Ile-de-France region on 21 May 2024. Go to Chapter #4 for more details.

» In Paris and the Ile-de-France region, some SNCF trains with connections with RATP trains could be impacted by the RATP strike from 5 February 2024 to 9 September 2024.

2. RATP – Metro Paris Strike 2024: strike notice by RATP from 5 February 2024 to 9 September 2024. Go to Chapter #6 for more details.

» RER trains to the Paris Airports could be affected by the SNCF transportation strike on 21 May 2024. Go to Chapter #6 for more details.

» strike notice by RATP from 5 February 2024 to 9 September 2024. Go to Chapter #6 for more details.

3. French Airports – French Air Controllers Strike 2024: nothing to report. Go to Chapter #5 for the latest updates.

4. French Airlines – Air France Strike 2024:

» Transportation strike by air hostesses and stewards in Vueling France from 8 to 12 May 2024. Go to Chapter #5 for more details.

» Transportation strike by Air Austral (Réunion Island) from 10 to 15 May 2024. Go to Chapter #5 for more details.

5. Other Strikes in France Dates 2024: nothing to report for the moment.

* Opération Escargot (snail operation in English) is a French expression to define an action consisting of provoking a significant slowdown in traffic, or even a blockade, for protest purposes.

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4. SNCF – France Train Strike Schedule 2024

train station in Paris


» Strike by SNCF in Paris and Ile-de-France region on 21 May 2024 which will affect all the RER trains, Transilien trains (regional trains), and tramway #4. The reason for this strike is to obtain better compensation for the period of the 2024 Olympic Games. The railway workers are asking for a bonus of more than 100 euros, similar to that granted to RATP employees.

This strike will cause significant disruptions in public transport in Paris and Île-de-France. Generally, SNCF informs about the trains or train lines impacted 1-2 days before the strike date. Passengers on TGV or Intercités trains impacted by the strike are usually contacted by SMS or email (if they have provided their contact details). Passengers of regional trains (TER) can check traffic forecasts on the regional sites dedicated to TER trains.

CLARIFICATION: When we write, for example, “2 trains out of 3 on average,” it means that 2/3 of the usual trains for that day will be working.

  • National TGV and INOUI trains: nothing to report. Passengers on canceled trains are usually warned by email or SMS.
    • Axe Nord TGV:
    • Axe Est TGV:
    • Axe Atlantique TGV:
    • Axe Sud Est TGV:
    • TGV InOUI:
    • Province to province:
    • Classic Ouigo trains:
  • International Trains: nothing to report. SNCF strikes could impact international lines.
    • Eurostar:
    • Thalys:
    • Lyria trains:
    • Connections with Germany:
    • Connections with Italy:
    • France – Spain:
  • TER trains: nothing to report. For more details, please check directly on the regional site (“info traffic,” then “grève”):
  • Intercities: nothing to report. Passengers on canceled trains are usually warned by email or SMS
  • Transilien: line R will see one train out of 5 and only during peak hours (from 6.30 am to 9.30 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm). The Transilien lines H, J, L, N, and U will have 2 trains out of 3. The Transilien line V will only have one train per hour and only during the peak hours. For more details, please check Transilien’s website
  • RER Trains (part of the line managed by SNCF): One train out of five on RER D, and only during peak hours (from 6.30 am to 9.30 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm). Two trains out of five on RER E, with no service from 10 am to 5 pm. Two trains out of five on RER C but only from 6 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm, depending on the branches. Two trains out of 5 on RER B in the north (managed by SNCF) and two trains out of 3 in the south (managed by RATP). The connection SNCF /RATP at Gare du Nord won’t be interrupted.
  • Night Trains: nothing to report
  • Tramway lines: waiting for information.

4a.Traveling to France with Other Train Lines FAQ

» Will my Eurostar /Thalys /TGV Lyria /Deutsche Bahn train be affected by the Transportation Strike in France? 

Even if these trains are not on strike, French strike actions could impact their ability to deliver the usual timetable. As a result, they may need to adapt their timetable during the strike days in France.

4b. What to Do During a Train Strike in France

Are you traveling to/ from Paris by train during an SNCF strike? Here are our recommendations:


Paris is always a good idea, but it is even better if there are no train strikes. If there’s a transportation strike, France can wait.

» Be flexible with your travel dates. If you were considering a trip to Paris (or France) but have not booked yet, avoid traveling to Paris during French train strike dates.

Actually, the SNCF website usually does not allow any more bookings during French train strike dates.

» Consider Other Options, like traveling to /from Paris or France by plane or with your own car if you are traveling from the neighboring countries.

Click here to find cheap flights to Paris 

» France by Car. If you were planning a trip around France by train, you could replace the trains with a rental car. Touring France by car is a fantastic option because it is easier to go off the tourist path. Check out our best tips for renting a car in France.

Click here to rent a car with Discover Cars


If you have booked your train during French train strike dates, please don’t panic! First of all, check on the SNCF website the France train strike schedule, if your train is canceled or not. To do this, click on “Train Number,” enter your train number (you can find this information on your train ticket), and then add your travel date. The system will tell you immediately the status of your train.

» If your train is not canceled, don’t worry! There may be some disruptions or delays, but you should be ok.

» If your train is canceled, SNCF usually proposes different solutions:

  • a free exchange on all TGVs where there is space.
  • OR a 100% refund of the ticket price if you cancel your trip scheduled between the strike dates

If, for any reason, your ticket is stated as “non-refundable” or the website does not propose a total refund (please verify this before the last click), contact them directly with your ticket reference number.

If you booked your train with Ouigo trains, contact them directly for an exchange or refund.

» If your TGV, Intercité, or OuiGO train is delayed because of a train strike, you are entitled to compensation ranging from 25% to 75% of the ticket price, depending on the length of the delay (the minimum delay to request compensation is 30 minutes).

The requests for compensation for delayed TGV and Intercité trains are treated on this site: https://garantie30minutes.sncf.com/s/?language=en_US

5. French Air Traffic Control Strike Dates 2024 /French Airlines – French Airports Strike Dates 2024

Air France Strikes


Nothing to report for the moment.

A strike by air traffic controllers is the worst kind of transportation strike in France. A kind reminder that the last strikes by air traffic controllers in France on 25 April 2024 meant the cancellation of 75% of flights to/from Orly Airport, 55% of flights to/from Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, and 45% of flights from/to other French airports.

Please note that Air Controllers’ strikes in France also affect flights crossing French airspace even if they are not flying from /to France. Due to the reduced number of planes that could be handled by the limited number of French air traffic controllers, any flight crossing French airspace might be delayed or re-routed.


» Transportation strike by air hostesses and stewards in Vueling France from 8 to 12 May 2024.

This strike action coincides with the long Ascension weekend and is renewable for the months of May and June. The National Union of Commercial Flight Attendants (SNPNC-FO) is leading this action to challenge the working conditions and bargaining practices of the management. The reasons for the strike include accusations of unfair negotiations for a new company agreement, a work rhythm deemed inhumane, and the use of staff under contracts that are not French.

As a result, expect many disruptions on Vueling flights departing from or arriving in France, particularly at Orly Airport and Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. You can check the status of your flight on vueling.com

» Transportation strike by Air Austral, based in Réunion Island, from 10 to 15 May 2024. The strike comes in response to the failure of negotiations on a future collective performance agreement between Air Austral management and the unions.

Travelers who plan to use the airline’s services during this period will need to consider alternative travel plans. For specific disruptions, passengers are encouraged to regularly check Air Austral’s official website.

GOOD TO KNOW: Usually, all airlines flying to /from France or flying over French airspace are impacted by the Air Controllers’ strikes. Additional disruptions can be expected depending on the mobilization of pilots, stewards, and hostesses, within the various airlines.

5a. What to Do during Air France Strikes

GOOD TO KNOW: Many Air France flights operate on share code with other air companies (KLM, Delta…). Air France flights operated by an aircraft and a crew other than that of Air France might not be affected by this Air France strike.

On the other hand, if one of these other companies (KLM, Delta…) is operating on a share code with Air France and using Air France crew or Air France aircraft, these flights could be impacted.

Check your e-ticket to understand what air company is operating your flight. Is it Air France? Perhaps another air company on shared code with Air France? Check their website, and if your flight is affected, see what re-booking  /cancellation options they offer.


» Be flexible with your travel dates. If you were thinking about flying to Paris with Air France but have not booked your flights yet, avoid traveling to Paris during Air France strike dates.

» Consider other air companies to avoid eventual delays or cancellations.


First, take your e-ticket and check your flight status here to see if your flight is affected by the Air France strike or not. To do this, introduce your flight number and your travel date. The system will tell you immediately if your flight is delayed or canceled.

During Air France strikes, you can anticipate, postpone, and cancel your trip easily online. With Air France, you can even change your origin or destination, and if you decide to do this, you will get a voucher valid for 1 year that can be used on AIR FRANCE, KLM, or HOP! flights.

5b. What to Do during Other Air Strikes in France

Transportation Paris Airport to City

This chapter is dedicated to French air companies (other than Air France) flying from /to France.

Each flight company manages airstrikes differently, but the process to follow in case of strikes is always the same: visit its website, check if your flight is affected, and if so, follow its instructions for a change or refund.

5c. What to Do during French Air Traffic Control Strikes

GOOD TO KNOW: France has had the highest number of air traffic controller strikes in the last five years, with 95 days of strikes between 2010 and 2015.

These are the worst transportation in France strikes, with hundreds of flights from /to France delayed or canceled. Also, air traffic controller strikes in France affect flights crossing French airspace even if they are not flying from /to France. Flights crossing the French airspace might be delayed or re-routed due to the reduced number of planes that could be handled by the limited French air traffic controllers.

In other words: French Air Traffic Control Strikes mean chaos!

What to do during a French Air Traffic Control Strike in France? We recommend following the France strike news, monitoring your flight on the air company’s website, and considering their proposed options to change /refund your tickets.

5d. Are you Entitled to Compensation if your Flight is Canceled or Delayed by French Strikes?

European Regulation EC261 covers delays (3h+ delay at the final destination), cancellations, and denied boarding. It applies to:

  • Flights departing in Europe regardless of the airline (French overseas territories included).
  • Flights flying into Europe on a European carrier.

Non-EU citizens or business travelers can also apply for flight compensation if they meet one of the two cases above.

Airlines are not always obligated to offer compensation following a strike because strikes are usually considered ‘extraordinary circumstances.’ These are situations beyond the airline’s control and can include adverse weather conditions and certain strike actions.

But when a flight is delayed or canceled due to strike action taking place by the airline’s own employees (e.g., pilots, airline staff), the airline must pay compensation to passengers.

TIP: If your flight to /from Paris or France was delayed 3+ hours due to a strike in France, we recommend checking your case with Air Help. Air Help is the world’s #1 flight compensation company. Since its foundation in 2017, Air Help has helped 16M+ air passengers Click here to check if you are eligible for compensation 

In addition to flight delays, here’s the list of all the airplane passengers’ rights to compensation, according to the European Union. Source: https://www.europe-consommateurs.eu/en/travelling-motor-vehicles/air-travel/air-passenger-rights.html

6. RATP- Paris Metro Strike Dates 2024

Metro in Paris

GOOD TO KNOW: The company RATP is responsible for most of the public transport in Paris and the Parisian region. RATP includes the Paris Mero, tram, and bus services and is part of the Réseau Express Régional (RER) network.


» The SNCF strike in Paris and Ile-de-France region on 21 May 2024 could affect the trains to the Paris Airports (Orly and Charles de Gaulle Airports) as half of the line is managed by RATP and the other half is managed by SNCF.

» The CGT RATP has filed a strike notice for all RATP staff from 5 February 2024 at 7 p.m. to 9 September 2024 at 8 a.m. The union justifies this decision by “insufficient 2024 salary measures” in the context of inflation and preparation for the Paris Olympic Games 2024.

The notice concerns “all RATP staff, in each category and in each service.” Disruptions are expected on the Ile-de-France transport network, including during the period of the Paris Olympic Games 2024.

Metro Lines: waiting for more information.

Clarification: When we write, for example, 1 train out of 3 from 6.00 am to 10 am and from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm,” it means that between 10 am and 4 pm, there’s no metro service. When we write, for example, “2 trains out of 3 on average,” it means that 2/3 of the usual trains will be working.

  • Line 1: normal traffic (it’s an automatic line)
  • Line 2: 
  • Line 3: 
  • Line 3 bis: 
  • Line 4:
  • Line 5: 
  • Line 6: 
  • Line 7: 
  • Line 7 bis: 
  • Line 8: 
  • Line 9: 
  • Line 10:
  • Line 11: this line closes at 10 pm from Tuesday to Thursday due to construction works
  • Line 12: 
  • Line 13: 
  • Line 14: this line closes at 10 pm due to construction works

RATP RER Trains: waiting for information. The interconnections with SNCF could be interrupted.

The RER B train is the train that travels to Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly –> see chapters 6 and 6a of this post to understand how strikes on this line work.

  • RER A: The interconnection RATP /SNCF at Nanterre-Préfecture is [TBD] kept
  • RER B: The interconnection RATP /SNCF at Gare du Nord (to go to the airport) is [TBD] kept (there’s no need to change trains at Gare du Nord on the surface to continue the journey ) –> Check out Chapter 6a
  • RER C, RER D, and RER E:
  • OrlyVal:

Bus: waiting for information.

Tramway: waiting for information.

  • Line T1: 
  • Line T2:
  • Line T3a:
  • Line T3b: 
  • Line T5: 
  • Line T6: 
  • Line T7: 
  • Line T8: 

6a. How to Get from the Airport to your Hotel during a Metro /Train Strike in Paris

Transportation from Airport to Paris

GOOD TO KNOW: The line from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris city center and beyond to Paris Orly Airport is operated half by SNCF (from CDG Airport to Paris Gare du Nord) and half by RATP (from Paris Gare du Nord to Orly Airport and the end of the line). This means that when SNCF or RATP are on strike, this connection is disrupted or suspended.

Train Connection CDG Airport to Paris
Train Connection Paris CDG Airport – Paris


During a transportation strike, Paris will be served by fewer trains, tramways, and buses running. Also, the train interconnection (RATP – SNCF) at Gare du Nord might be suspended.

In any case, expect the working trains or buses to be cramped to the point that you will have to let them go and wait for the next one.

Check RER B’s schedule and the specific metro line or bus line schedules during the strike before leaving your hotel and allow extra time to reach the airport.


During the last Paris transport strikes, taxis were working just fine, but the taxi request was much higher than the offer, and it was necessary to book their services well in advance.

Get ready for higher prices on services like Uber. During the transportation strike of 13 September 2021, the prices for both Kapten and Uber were reported as 2-2.5 times the normal rate when people could secure rides.

Book an airport transfer and avoid the strike hassle. The good thing about Paris airport transfers is that their price does not change because of a strike, AND their service is not affected by the Paris strikes. Whatever happens during a transportation strike in Paris, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport or your hotel.

We like Welcome‘s transfer services for private transfers; Welcome has good cars and the best English-speaking drivers in Paris. 

Other transfer options:

» Book a shared transportation service airport-Paris. This option only costs a few euros more than the Airport-Paris ticket and avoids all the strike hassle.

We recommend booking these services in advance, especially during the Christmas holidays. Christmas in Paris and the last days of the year are the peak season in Paris, with many people traveling.


Book an airport transfer and avoid the strike hassle. After a long flight, the last thing you want to do is fight to get a bus or a train to Disneyland Paris, especially if you are traveling with kids, seniors, or a lot of luggage.

The good thing about Paris airport transfers is that the Paris strikes do not affect their service. Whatever happens during a transportation strike in Paris, your driver will be there waiting for you.

We like Welcome‘s transfer services for private transfers; Welcome has good cars and the best English-speaking drivers in Paris. 


If your flight is leaving Paris early in the morning, have a look at the hotels near your Paris airport, at least for the last night.

Sleeping in hotels near the airport eliminates the stress of waking up early in the morning and the transportation hassle during a strike day in Paris.

Another advantage of hotels close to Paris airports is that they usually offer very competitive prices because most tourists opt for a hotel located in the city.

Finally, most of these hotels also provide a free airport pickup /drop-off if you book it in advance.

Here’s the list of our favorite hotels near the Paris Airports, all with FREE airport shuttle service.

Hotels near Charles de Gaulle Airport

Hotels near Orly Airport


If you feel adventurous and want to travel from the airport to your hotel during a transportation strike, you need to check 2 things beforehand:

» Is the interconnection SNCF – RATP suspended? You will find this information at the beginning of chapter 6. When the interconnection is suspended at Gare du Nord, there is always SNCF or RATP staff wearing yellow vests (but these are kind people!) to tell travelers where to go to proceed with their journey. Sounds complicated? Not really, but it isn’t very pleasant to go upstairs or downstairs, especially if you are carrying big suitcases or backpacks.

» Is the closest metro station to your hotel open? During transportation strikes, some metro stations may be closed, so make sure you know where to stop to reach your hotel before taking the metro.

6b. How to Get from the Train Station to your Hotel during RATP Paris Strikes

Paris’s train stations are all within the city, so in normal circumstances, you will take the metro to your hotel. However, during a RATP strike, metros will be less frequent and more crowded, and some metro stations may be closed.


If you can change your booking, we recommend looking for a hotel near your train station, a hotel that you can reach on foot. Pack light and save time and lots of stress with a hotel conveniently located near your train station. This will be especially helpful when you need to take the train back home: you don’t want to miss your train!

Hotels located less than 1 Km from Gare du Nord:

Hotels located less than 1 Km from Gare de l’Est:

Hotels located less than 1 Km from Gare de Lyon:

6c. How to Get around Paris during RATP /Metro Transport Strikes

Strikes Paris
Monday, 9 December 2019. People waiting to go down to the platforms on line 7


Fewer trains will run during a Paris Metro strike, so the waiting time between trains will be longer, and the metro platforms will be more crowded.

If you are traveling around Paris during Paris Metro strikes, be flexible AND patient. Avoid transportation peak hours (from 8.30 am to 9.30 am and from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm) and open your mind to other transportation options or change your sightseeing plans.


Walking Distances in Paris from Châtelet
Walking Distances in Paris from Châtelet

If the weather in Paris is good, we suggest walking as much as you can. Walking times between distant points within Paris are not long, and in many cases, walking distances between metro stations are usually less than a 10-minute walk. 

TIP: Check out this metro map above, with the walking distances between metro stations.


If you are staying in the central arrondissements of Paris and the weather is good, you can also consider other alternatives to the metro, tram, or buses. These alternatives include renting a bike (check out our quick guide to Paris by bike), walking (walking is great in Paris!), or electric kick scooters for adults.


What to do in Paris if you cannot move around? If you were considering seeing something other than Paris, a guided day tour with transportation could be a great idea during a day of transportation strike in Paris.

All the city tour companies cover the most popular day trips from Paris, so prices are usually very competitive. Also, some guided tours include pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

7. Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) in Paris Strikes

Paris stations closed


7a. How to Get around Paris during Gilets Jaunes Demonstrations

Gilets Jaunes are back, but their presence is not massive compared to previous years. Gilets Jaunes demonstrations usually take place on Saturdays, in central places like Concorde or Champs Elysées, and on Paris’s outskirts and the main road accesses to Paris.

There are no transportation strikes in France or Paris directly linked to Gilets Jaunes, but some streets of Paris or roads around Paris might be blocked to transit because of the Gilets Jaunes. What does it mean?

» It means that the Paris bus services and especially the bus services to the airport might be disrupted and the itinerary slightly modified to avoid the blocked streets or roads.

» It means that some central metro stations in Paris (e.g., Concorde, Champs Elysées) might be closed during these demonstrations in Paris.

TIP: Allow more time for your travels inside Paris but especially on the way to the airport

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