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Top Paris Day Trips

Paris is an incredible destination with many things to see and do. But if you have any more than three days in Paris, take the opportunity to get out of the city and see more of France as there are some great day trips from Paris.

The list of wonderful day trips from Paris is very long. However, if you visit Paris for the first time, we suggest sticking to the top day trips from Paris: there must be a reason to be that popular!

We won’t deny that popularity means more crowds, but it also means better connections with public transportation for DIY travelers. Also, the best day trips from Paris are proposed by all the tour operators, which means more competitive prices if you decide to book a day tour.

Here’s the definitive list of best day trips from Paris, featuring historic cities, seaside towns, world heritage wonders, and adventures in the great French countryside.

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Day Trips from Paris – Best Way to Visit

train station in Paris

Day Trips from Paris By Train

Most of the best day trips from Paris are easy to plan by train. The French rail network links all the major towns and cities while also linking up many small towns in rural France. If you know a few simple tips about using trains in France, then it’s an absolute breeze.

Generally, trains are on time, comfortable, relatively cheap, and definitely more eco-friendly than traveling by car.

TIP: Do you have more time available? Check out the best weekend getaways from Paris by train

By Guided Tour

A day guided tour is not the cheapest option. Still, it is definitely the most effective and comfortable way to enjoy day trips from Paris, especially if the distances are long or there are no direct train connections.

The day tours from Paris proposed below are small group tours that include skip-the-line tickets and a very knowledgeable English-speaking guide, making the place or attraction even more interesting.

Forget about planning, entrance tickets, or train schedules; hop on a coach or minivan and get the most out of your day out of Paris!


9 hrs
History, Architecture, Gardens
Private Minivan
4 hrs
Arts, Monet
Private Minivan
14 hrs
Mont Saint-Michel
History, Architecture, Religion
Private Minivan
1 day
Euro Disney
Fun, magic, family
Shuttle Bus
12 hrs
Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise
History, Architecture, French gardens
Private Minivan
12 hrs
History, Landscape
Private Minivan
9 hrs
Epernay, champagne houses
History, Champagne
Private Minivan

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Map of Best Day Trips from Paris

Day trips from Paris Map
Map of Best Day Trips from Parys made with Google My Maps

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Best Day Trips from Paris

Below, the list of the best day trips from Paris, in no particular order, and all the information and best tips to plan a self-guided visit.

We also list the best-guided tours covering these destinations and have added links to our favorite trusty providers for your convenience.

Finally, the links on the titles will take you to more extensive articles on the day trips.

1. Day Trip from Paris to Versailles

Versailles Palace

Versailles is the most popular day trip from Paris, and for a reason!

The Palace of Versailles is one of the world’s biggest and most beautiful palaces, with spectacular rooms and halls. Not only was it home to King Louis XIV and his court, but it was also the witness of important events like the signing of the Treaty of Versailles (June 28, 1919), which marked the end of the First World War.

The Gardens of Versailles are as amazing as the palace itself. They are beautifully decorated with fountains, water games, and grooves. The impressive 5.57 km wide Grand Canal is also a beautiful place for a stroll or a picnic lunch by the water.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Versailles

If you want to visit Versailles on your own, good planning is important. Things to consider when planning your trip to Versailles from Paris are the best day to go, how to travel, or what to see in your limited time. Check out this ultimate guide to Versailles, which covers all these topics and comes with our best tips.

Also, buying Versailles skip-the-line tickets online in advance is paramount to avoid the longest lines at Versailles Palace or the Trianons.

PARIS TO VERSAILLES BY TRAIN: Versailles is located 17 kilometers south-west of Paris. Different trains leaving from Paris Left Bank and Paris Right Bank connect Paris to Versailles (26 min). Click here for all the transportation options.

Best Day Tours from Paris to Versailles

2. Day Trip from Paris to Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

Giverny, France

Giverny, in the region of Normandy, is another of the most popular day trips from Paris. Giverny is where Impressionist painter Claude Monet lived and worked from 1883 until he died in 1926. Every year, thousands of visitors travel to Giverny to visit his house-studio and admire the water lily pond that inspired Monet’s paintings.

Apart from Monet’s house, Giverny has a main street with some cute shops, cafes, and an Impressionist Museum.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Giverny

A day trip from Paris to Giverny is straightforward to plan. You only need to learn the train and bus schedules connecting Paris to Giverny.

PARIS TO GIVERNY BY TRAIN + BUS: There are no direct trains from Paris to Giverny. First, you need to take a train from Gare Saint Lazare to Vernon-Giverny train station (1 hr, hourly), where you can take a shuttle bus that drops you in front of Monet’s House.

Click here to book your train tickets to Giverny-Vernon

Best Day Tours from Paris to Giverny 

3. Day Trip from Paris to Mont St. Michel

Mont Saint-Michel - France

With spectacular Gothic architecture, rich history, and incredible setting, the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is one of the best day trips from Paris.

Mont Sain-Michel is located on a rocky island about one kilometer off the coast of Normandy. The area is known for its high tides, which make the Abbey inaccessible for some hours.

The abbey dedicated to Saint-Michel became a renowned center of pilgrimage and learning, attracting some of Europe’s greatest minds and manuscript illuminators. Today, this awesome site listed Unesco World Heritage is one of the most visited places in France.

Self-Guided Trip to Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the longest day trips from Paris. To get the most out of your Mont Saint Michel day trip, we recommend planning your trip carefully. You can find all the information and our best tips on this quick guide to Mont St Michel from Paris.

If you decide to visit Mont St Michel independently, be sure to buy your Mont St Michel skip-the-line tickets online in advance.

PARIS TO MONT SAINT-MICHEL BY TRAIN + BUS: Take a TGV train from Paris to Rennes or Dol de Bretagne. From there, take the shuttle bus to Mont St Michel (5hrs 55 min, one way).

Click here to book your train tickets to Mont St Michel

Best Day Tours from Paris to Mont St. Michel

4. Day Trip from Paris to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is one of the top family day trips from Paris. Escape the hassle of the city and join Mickey Mouse & Co. for a wonderful day in the magical world of Disney.

In Disneyland Paris, there are two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Both parks have many child-friendly rides on offer, but adults without kids will also have lots of fun thanks to Disney’s full-on thrill rides for the adults.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Disneyland Paris

For a day trip from Paris, we recommend visiting only one park because the waiting lines for the most popular rides are usually very long. You can also decide to stay one night on-site and visit the two parks (check out our selection of best hotels around Disneyland Paris).

If you decide to visit Disneyland Paris on your own, this Disneyland Paris guide will help. Be sure to buy your Disneyland tickets for 1 or 2 parks online in advance. We also recommend having a look at the Disneyland Paris crowd calendar to avoid the longest lines.

PARIS TO DISNEYLAND PARIS BY TRAIN: Take the RER A train from Paris to Marne la Vallée Chessy train station (44 min). The entrance to Disneyland Parks is just out of the train station.

Best Day Tours from Paris to Disneyland Paris

There are no guided tours to Disneyland Paris from Paris. However, booking platforms like Get Your Guide or Viator offer interesting packs of tickets + transportation, which save you money and time.

5. Day Trip from Paris to Loire Valley Castles

Château de Chambord - Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is dotted with magnificent Rennaissance castles, known as Châteaux de la Loire or Loire Castles. Home of Kings and nobles, the best Loire Valley castles are great architectural achievements, usually surrounded by awesome French-style gardens.

Famous Châteaux like Chambord, Blois, or Chenonceau are very easy to combine on a day tour or day trip from Paris.

Self-Guided Day Trip to the Loire Castles

The best way to explore the Loire Castles on a day trip from Paris is by car. Getting around by car saves you a lot of time so you can visit more sites. You can also reach lesser-known castles (sometimes more beautiful than the most popular ones!) if you have a car.

Click here to rent a car for your Loire Castles trip

A few châteaux like Blois, Amboise, or Chambord, are relatively easy to reach by public transportation. Chenonceau is also possible, but the transportation options are less convenient. If you decide to visit the Loire Castles by public transportation on a day trip from Paris, you will only have time for 1 or 2 castles maximum.


Amboise: There’s no direct train Paris-Amboise so you will have to change trains somewhere. Take a train from Paris Montparnasse to Amboise via Saint Pierre-des-Corps train station (Tours). Alternatively, take a train from Paris Gare d’Austerlitz to Amboise via Orleans (2 hrs ride).

Blois: Take a train from Paris Gare d’Austerlitz to Blois (1hr 30min). Depending on the train you take, there’s a change in Orléans (2 hrs).

Chambord: Take a train to Blois train station. There, there is a shuttle bus that takes you to Chambord in 25 minutes.

Chenonceau: Take a train to Saint Pierre-des-Corps train station (Tours). From Tours, take a second train to Chenonceau (2hrs 10 min).

If you want to visit the Loire Valley on a day trip from Paris, don’t waste your time waiting in line to buy the castle tickets. Below we list the Loire Castles you will need advance tickets for and have added links to our favorite trusty providers for your convenience.

Best Day Tours from Paris to the Loire Castles

6. Day Trip from Paris to Normandy’s D-DAY Landing Beaches

Landing Beaches Normandy - Omaha Beach

In the region of Normandy, the D-day landing beaches is one of the most memorable day trips from Paris. Indeed, this was the definitive battle that led to the victory of the Allies in WW2.

Visit Caen’s Memorial Museum to know more about D-Day and the Second World War in general before heading to the main beaches where the Americans, Canadians, and British landed. These places are dotted with military cemeteries, memorials, and smaller museums, all well worth a stop.

Self-Guided Day Trip to the Normandy Landing Beaches

PARIS TO D-DAY LANDING BEACHES BY CAR: This is a long trip with many interesting stops. Plan the trip by reading about the D-Day and the different sites and make your D-Day Bucket List. We recommend renting a car to optimize your transportation times and to stop wherever you want.

Click here to rent a car for your D-Day Landing Beaches trip

If you want to visit the D-Day Landing on a day trip from Paris, don’t waste your time waiting in line to buy tickets to the main attractions. Below we list the main attractions you will need advance tickets for and have added links to our favorite trusty providers for your convenience.

Best Day Tours from Paris to the D-Day Landing Beaches

7. Day Trip from Paris to Wine Tasting in Champagne

Hautvilliers France

If you are looking for wine day trips from Paris combined with a little bit of French countryside, the Champagne region is a lovely area to explore.

Visit Épernay, the capital of the champagne wine and the cute small town of Hautvilliers. It was in Hautvilliers Abbey where the monk Dom Perignon developed the method of champagnisation of wine. Add Reims to the program for some city sightseeing.

TIP: If you plan to bring a few bottles home, make sure you pack your wine properly, so it arrives safely home!

Self-Guided Day Trip to Champagne

PARIS TO CHAMPAGNE BY CAR: The easiest way to visit the Champagne Region is with your own car. The rolling hills and vineyards are so beautiful with the fall colors that you will want to stop everywhere for taking pictures! Paris to Epernay by car is a 140 km drive which lasts about 1 hour 15 min.

Click here to rent a car for your Champagne wine region trip

PARIS TO CHAMPAGNE BY TRAIN: If you want to make a Champagne day trip from Paris, you can take the train to Epernay and do the Moët-Chandon or the Mercier champagne tour with tastings. You can then take a taxi to Hautvilliers to visit the village and taste /buy more champagne, or you can take another train to Reims to visit the city in the afternoon.

Trains to Epernay leave from Paris Gare de l’Est (1h 15 min, every 2 hours). Direct trains to Reims leave from Paris Gare de l’Est (46 min ride). The train connection Epernay – Reims is only a 22 min ride.

Click here to book your train ticket to Reims or Epernay


Best Day Tours from Paris to Champagne Wine Region

8. Day Trip from Paris to Fontainebleau

HorseShoe-Shaped Staircase at Château de Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau is best known for the Château de Fontainebleau, the ‘true home of French Kings‘ and one of the most beautiful castles in France.

However, Fontainebleau is much more than the château. There’s also a beautiful forest great for hiking or climbing and some pretty small towns around far from Paris’s hustle and bustle.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Fontainebleau

PARIS TO FONTAINEBLEAU BY TRAIN: A self-guided day trip to Fontainebleau is very easy to organize. Buy your tickets to Château de Fontainebleau in advance and then take the train from Paris to Fontainebleau-Avon.

Click here to buy your tickets to Château de Fontainebleau

Trains to Fontainebleau Avon leave from Paris Gare de Lyon (39 min, hourly). There’s no need to book train tickets in advance for Fontainebleau.

Walkers will find some hiking trails not far from the train station, while sightseers will take the shuttle bus to reach the Château. The bus stop is just outside the train station.

In Fontainebleau, you can also fly over the château and the forest on a hot air balloon. This is a wonderful experience that we always recommend to everyone. The hot air balloon tours depart from the entrance of the château, and you can read about our experience here.

Best Day Tours from Paris to Fontainebleau

The most popular tours to Fontainebleau combine the Château de Fontainebleau and the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte on a full-day trip. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is another beautiful castle near Paris worth visiting.

9. Day Drip from Paris to Provins

Medieval Provins, France

Provins is a picturesque medieval own located 90 km south-east of Paris. In Medieval times, Provins was famous for its fairs that attracted merchants from all over Europe.

A stroll through Provins is like a step back in time! Provins boasts beautiful and well-preserved medieval architecture, part of the ramparts that protected the city, and a network of underground tunnels built by the merchants to store the goods. Provins Tourisme organizes guided tours to visit these galleries, and this is something unique you won’t want to miss.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Provins

PARIS TO PROVINS BY TRAIN: Trains to Provins leave from Paris Gare de L’Est (39 min, hourly). There’s no need to book train tickets in advance for Provins.

10. Day Trip from Paris to Chantilly

Chateau de Chantilly, France

Chantilly is a pretty town 38 km north of Paris, well-known for its prestigious galop race Prix de Diane Longines and the Domaine de Chantilly. The Domaine de Chantilly includes the Château de Chantilly surrounded by magnificent gardens, and the Great Stables, with the Horse Museum inside.

The day trip from Paris to Chantilly by train is very straightforward and a good alternative to more popular and crowded destinations like Versailles or Fontainebleau.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Chantilly

A self-guided day trip to Chantilly is easy to plan. Buy your tickets to Domaine de Chantilly (Château + Great Stables) in advance and then travel to Chantilly by train.

Click here to buy your tickets to Domaine de Chantilly

PARIS TO CHANTILLY BY TRAIN: Trains to Chantilly leave from Gare du Nord train station (20 min, hourly), from the Grandes Lignes area (platforms, 9 to 18). The distance Paris – Chantilly is only 40 km.

11. Day Trip from Paris to Auvers-sur-Oise

Vincent Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise

Auvers-sur-Oise is a small town near Paris, in the Ile-de-France region. It is mostly known for being Van Gogh’s last home. The Dutch painter spent the last two months of his life in Auvers, where he painted 70 works.

Travel to Auvers to visit the famous Church at Auvers, Van Gogh’s tomb and the room where he died. There are also two trails that connect several views that appear in some paintings by Van Gogh and the Impressionists. On each exact spot, there’s a plaque with a reproduction of the canvas so you can compare the real view to its artistic representation.

Self-Guided Day Trip to Chantilly

Planning a self-guided day trip to Auvers-sur-Oise is easy. There’s no need to buy the train tickets to Auvers online in advance, you can buy them the same day at the train station.

PARIS TO AUVERS-SUR-OISE BY TRAIN: From Paris Gare du Nord, take train Transilien H to Pontoise train station and then take another Transilien H from Pontoise to Auvers-sur-Oise (45 min in total). From April to the end of October, on weekends and holidays, there is a direct train Paris-Auvers (35 min).

So there you have it, our selection of best day trips from Paris. Which Paris day trips would you like to take during your next visit to Paris?

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