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How to Get to Versailles from Paris

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Paris to Versailles Day Trip

Versailles French Gardens

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To fully immerse yourself in rich French history whilst in Paris, you are probably wondering how to get from Paris to Versailles Palace.

Situated 15 km south-west of Paris, Versailles is a true wonder of the world. With its opulent Baroque Palace and surrounding beautiful French-style Gardens, Versailles Estate is an awe-inspiring site very easy to visit on a day trip from Paris.

Actually, due to its proximity to the capital, Versailles Palace is the most popular Paris day trip! It takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours to travel from Paris to Versailles and you can access this World Heritage site by train, bus or car.

What is the best way to get to Versailles from Paris? In this article, we tell you how to go from Paris to Versailles by public and private transportation. We also tell you our best tips for getting around Versailles once you are on-site so you can get the most out of your visit to Versailles.

TIP: there’s so much to see and do in the Palace and Gardens that we recommend spending a full day in Versailles

Versailles Palace and Gardens – Quick Facts and F.A.Q

Versailles Palace

> The Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIII in 1623 as a hunting lodge and was enlarged into a royal palace by Louis XIV in the 1660s and 1670s.

> All the materials used in building and decorating Versailles were made in France.

> There were around 350 living areas in Versailles Palace and they varied in size. King’s bedroom was the most important room in the Palace, the closer people were to his bedroom the more powerful they were in the system.

> The Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles contains a total of 357 mirrors.

> In a huge Palace like Versailles, with so many rooms, the kitchens were located quite a distance from the King’s dining room. As a result, his meals were often served cold.

> The Gardens of Versailles are some of the largest in the world and include 372 statues, 55 water features, 600 fountains, and over 20 miles of canals.

> The Garden’s Fountains were advanced for their time (read about the famous invention to bring water from the River Seine to Versailles) and quite a spectacle for guests. However, due to issues with water supply, they were only turned on during the King’s stroll around the Gardens.

> Queen Marie Antoinette built her own village within Versailles to escape the formal court life in the Palace. The Queen’s Hamlet had a farm, Normand-style houses, and even a windmill.

How to Visit Versailles by Private Transportation

Versailles Palace

There is no better way to go to Versailles than on a comfortable coach or minivan, with a drop off near the Palace of Versailles and without the hassle of having to find where to park. This is even more rewarding after walking kilometers and kilometers exploring the wonders of Versailles Gardens.

How far is Versailles from Paris? The distance from Paris to Versailles is around 25 km, a 1 hour – 1.5-hour ride depending on the traffic.

Some of the Paris – Versailles tours and packages proposed online also come with private transportation. During the summer, there’s an optional upgrade to watch the Musical Garden or Fountain show.

Alternatively, if you prefer to visit Versailles on your own, you can book the Paris – Versailles transportation only.

TIP: tour or package duration usually includes the trip back and forth from Paris

Versailles Tours

There are some Versailles Tours which include the Versailles transportation from Paris on an air-conditioned coach or on a minivan. Usually, these half-day or full-day tours come with a knowledgeable guide and with skip the line tickets.

These tours are definitely a good investment both in terms of transportation Paris – Versailles and access to the Palace. Having an English speaking guide who tells you the secrets of Versailles Palace and the court and who answers all your questions is also a plus.

Private Versailles guided tours (up to 8 people) usually propose hotel pick-up /drop off and transportation on a luxury minivan. This is the most expensive option but well worth it if you have the budget.

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Public Versailles guided tours with transportation by coach usually have a single or multi departure points in Paris. Groups are usually big but the pick-up /drop off goes fast because the number of stops is limited to 1-3 stops in central Paris. For your convenience, the tour proposed below has only one single departure point in central Paris (close to the Louvre Museum).

TIP: this full-day guided tour with a single departure point in central Paris has always great reviews

Public Versailles guided tours with hotel pick up /drop off usually are slightly more expensive but they might be the slowest option if the group is big and they have to go through all the hotels.

If you are interested in this kind of tour, we recommend looking for small group guided tours (up to 8 people).

TIP: this full-day tour & transfer from Paris has excellent ratings!

Versailles Packages

To avoid disappointments it is important to understand the difference between Versailles Tours and Versailles Packages:

> Usually, both tours and packages come with skip-the-line tickets (but read the description well just in case..) and both options are a good investment.

> Versailles Tours usually come with a knowledgeable guide who shows you around while Versailles Packages usually come with an audio- guide and eventually a hostess to chaperone you through the swarms of people.

Some Versailles packages also provide the transportation, with the options single /multi departure points or a hotel pick up drop off. During the summer, there’s an optional upgrade to watch the Musical Garden or Fountain show.

If you are interested in this kind of package, we recommend looking for groups with 1 to 3 departure points maximum so you don’t lose much time during the pick-off /drop-off process.

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Versailles Gardens Fountain Show

We recommend booking Versailles Packages with transportation especially if you want to see the Versailles night show. On night events people want to stay until the end of the show to watch the fireworks and they all leave Versailles at the same time to the train station or the parking lots. Having a coach or car waiting for you to take you from Versailles to Paris is really handy!

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Paris – Versailles – Paris with Private Transportation Only

Car Driver France

We like Welcome transfer services, with good cars and the best English speaking drivers in Paris. Welcome proposes a professional service all round with drivers who are always punctual and polite. This is a much-appreciated service, especially with children and suitcases in a city you don’t know.

How to book your welcome pickup for Versailles?

  • Fill the form and to fields with your hotel name and Versailles Palace. Choose a pick-up time and the number of passengers.
  • On the second page, chose the date and fill the rest of the fields with your personal data. If you want to book also the way Versailles Paris, click on “Add extra Transfer”. Go on filling the fields with your personal data.
  • It is possible to pay by card (secure payment) and by Paypal. It is also possible to cancel up to 24hrs before and get a refund.

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How to Get from Paris to Versailles by Train

train station in Paris

Getting to Versailles from Paris by train is very easy. It is possible to travel from Paris to Versailles by Train (SNCF) or by RER C for less than 10€ one way.

Versailles has three train stations: Versailles Chantiers, Versailles Château Rive Gauche, and Versailles Rive Droite.

> Versailles Château Rive Gauche is the closest train station to the Palace, from this station it’s only 10 minutes walk. The train Paris-Versailles is accessible from the center of Paris (Champs de Mars, Invalides, Musée d’Orsay, etc.), it is part of Line C of the RER regional train system.

> If you are staying in the arrondissements of Paris on the right bank you may prefer to take the train to Versailles from Gare Saint Lazare, in Paris 8. The ride from Gare Saint Lazare to Versailles Rive Droite train station takes around 30 minutes and from there it’s a 20 min walk.

Versailles train stations get very busy, so we suggest that you buy a return ticket so you won’t have to waste time queuing to get your ticket Versailles Paris.

Once you get to Versailles, you can visit the Palace and the Gardens just the way you prefer and on your own path (see our Versailles Itinerary suggestion).

Cool Ways of Getting Around Versailles

Explore Versailles Gardens differently, get the most out of the 2,000-acre grounds of the Palace of Versailles whilst having fun! Here’s the list of some cool ideas for your Versailles visit.

Versailles by Bike

Paris by Bike

Norbert fixing our bikes for the train ride

This is our favorite way of exploring Versailles. The distances within Versailles Estate are big so the bike is an easy and cool way of getting around Versailles. Beware that it is not possible to ride through the French-style Gardens so you can use your bike only in the Park.

We have our own bikes so we use to ride from home to Paris Saint Lazare in Paris 8 and there we look for the train wagons for bikes. From Versailles Rive Droite to the Queen’s Gate at the end of Boulevard de la Reine is just a 5-minute ride. The Queen’s Gate is the best gate to enter the Park.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one at the Queen’s Gate, on Boulevard de la Reine (half-day 18€, full-day 20€). However, this service is available on weekends and holidays only.

If you are visiting Versailles during the week, we recommend joining a Versailles Guided Bike Tour. This tour starts in Paris but you will get your bike at Versailles so you avoid the hassle of driving through Paris.

Follow your guide through the Gardens and Park by bike at a very cool pace and visit the Palace and Trianons at perfect timings to avoid the crowds (Versailles tickets skip-the-line included). This Versailles guided tour starts with a visit to the local market in Versailles, where you can buy yummy things for your picnic later by the Grand Canal.

Click here to book your Versailles by Bike tour

Explore the Gardens by Segway Tour

This easy, fun, and eco-friendly mode of transport is certainly a good way to see the entire grounds, something that would take you hours on foot! Follow your knowledgeable guides on your own Segway and have fun exploring the Gardens. This 2-hour guided Segway tour is one of the best ways to get the most out of the Gardens.

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Rowboat Ride along the Grand Canal

Row Boats - Versailles Grand Canal

Versailles and its surrounding gardens are the perfect frames for a romantic date. But if you want to do something really special, a rowboat ride along the Grand Canal (13€, min half an hour) will be something difficult to forget.

Explore Versailles Gardens from another point of view, from the water! We are sure that a rowboat ride at Château de Versailles will blow you away.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to book rowboat rides in advance. The hire point is located on the banks of the Grand Canal near Little Venice.

Have you visited Versailles? What is the best way to get to Versailles from Paris?

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