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How to get from Orly Airport to Paris

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Paris Orly to Paris Transportation Guide

If you are traveling to Paris from Southern Europe, North Africa or other cities in France, you have lots of chances to arrive at Airport Paris Orly (ORY) which is the Paris airport covering these destinations.

How to get from Orly Airport to Paris center? There are many Orly airport transportation options, public and private, so when you are planning your trip to Paris it’s a good idea spending some time to check the best way for getting from Orly to Paris for you. Knowing already what to do when your flight lands in Orly is especially important if you don’t speak the language, if you have heavy bags or if you are traveling with children or babies.

How to go from Paris airports to city

In this Paris Orly transportation guide, you will find all the Orly Airport to Paris transportation options so you can compare and choose the best for you.

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Airport Transfer Paris Orly FAQ

Is Orly Airport far from Paris?

Orly Airport is only about 20 km (12 miles) from central Paris.

How do I get from central Paris to Orly?

There are many ways to get from central Paris to Orly Airport. From private or shared car transfers to shuttle buses or other train + bus combinations, we list them all in this post.

How do I get from Paris Orly to Gare du Nord?

You can take the Orly Val + the RER B train from Antony train station to Gare du Nord train station. However, the shared transfers proposed by Get Your Guide only cost a couple of euros more and avoid the stress of negotiating the public transport system with heavy bags.

Does the Paris metro go to Orly Airport?

Unfortunately not. But you can take the metro line 7, to its terminus Villejuif – Louis Aragon and from there you take the tram line 7 to Paris Orly Terminal 4. We give more details about this option below in this post.


Orly Terminals & New Orly Airport Map

Transportation from Paris Airports

Paris Orly has changed! From 19th March 2019, the two former Orly Airport Terminals, Aéroport Orly Terminal W (Paris Orly Ouest) and Aéroport Orly Terminal S (Paris Orly Sud), are replaced by 4 Airport terminals.

This is the new configuration of Paris Orly, you can see the new Orly terminals in the new Orly map:

» Paris Orly 1, also known as Terminal Orly 1, corresponds to former Orly Ouest, halls 1 & 2

» Paris Orly 2, also known as Terminal Orly 2, corresponds to former Orly Ouest, hall 3

» Paris Orly 3, also known as Terminal Orly 3 is a new connecting building

» Paris Orly 4, also known as Terminal Orly 4, corresponds to former Orly Sud

Click Here to View the New Paris Orly Airport Map


» Arrivals at Paris Orly 1 are located at Level 0 while departures are located at Level 1

» Arrivals at Paris Orly 2 are located at Level 0 while departures are located at Level 1

» Arrivals at new Paris Orly 3 are located at Level 0 while departures are located at Level 1

» Arrivals at new Paris Orly 4 are located at Level 0. Check-in area is located at Level 0 while boarding areas are located at Level 1


How to travel through the different Orly Terminals?

» The Orly Airport shuttle, named Orly Val, travels between Paris Orly 1, 2, 3 and Paris Orly 4 every 5-7 minutes from 6 m to 11.35 pm. The Orly Val is free to use between Orly Airport Terminals.

» Terminal 3 can be reached by foot from all the other terminals.


How to Get from Orly Airport to Paris by Private Transportation

Transportation Paris Airport to City

There are many reasons to choose private transportation from Orly Airport to Paris:

» It is a comfortable door to door service, from Orly Airport to your hotel.

» There’s no need for GPS, map or asking for the address to find your hotel, the driver knows the city like the back of his hand!

» Save time and money on an expensive taxi Orly – Paris.

» Save the stress of negotiating the public transport system with heavy bags. This is especially important if you are traveling with children or babies.

» If there is a transportation strike in Paris, your service is not affected.

» An Orly Airport transfer is also the best way to go for disabled people or people with reduced mobility as many train stations and metro stations are not adapted for these people yet.

» Private airport transfers are the best option for late arrivals or very early departures as some people can feel unsafe at the train or bus station

» With private airport transfers the driver is waiting for you, even if your flight is late, and he won’t leave until you get in the car.

» Private airport transfers Orly – Paris does not necessarily mean high prices: there are some shared options not more expensive than a train + metro ride.


Private Airport Transfers

Welcome proposes good transfer services from Paris Orly Airport to city center with good cars and the best English speaking drivers in Paris. Their flight monitoring means their drivers are always on time and they are waiting for you even if you are late.

With Welcome, you can pre-book some essentials for your stay in Paris like sim cards or hot spots. These essentials are delivered by your Welcomer at the airport so you are all set since you land to Paris!

Click here to book your Orly Airport Transfer (one way or return) with Welcome


Shared Paris Airport Transfers

Shared Paris airport transfers, with a maximum of 8 people per transfer, are a very convenient option for getting from Orly to Paris, especially if you are traveling alone. Perhaps you will have to wait a bit for other travelers to arrive but cars are arranged to transport passengers with similar arrival times.

We use and we recommend the shared transfer from Orly to Paris proposed by Get Your Guide. This is a comfortable door to door service for not much more than a train + metro ticket.

Click here to book your Orly Shared Transfer with Get Your Gide


Hotels with Private Orly Airport Shuttle

Some hotels provide an optional airport pick-up or drop-off service, usually at an additional charge. This is a very interesting and comfortable option.

Our advice is to ask your hotel if they propose a shuttle from Orly to Paris, the cost of this extra service, and compare it with the private airport transfer services proposed above.


Taxi Orly – Paris

A taxi from Orly to Paris is another comfortable means of transportation from Orly to Paris. In Paris, official taxis are waiting outside the Orly Airport Terminals and have light-up signs, a license plate outside the vehicle and a taximeter inside the vehicle. If somebody comes to you inside the airport proposing a taxi, just ignore him.

A taxi Orly Paris center (Paris Rive Droite) costs around 35€ while a taxi from Orly to Paris center (Paris Rive Gauche) costs around 30€. There is no price negotiation with the taxi driver before your departure. You will only pay the fare shown on the taxi meter.

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Taxi Stations are located outside the terminal, on the arrivals level.

» In Paris Orly 1, taxis are located at Level 0, Gate 14A

» In Paris Orly 2, taxis are located at Level 0, Gate 14A

» In Paris Orly 3, taxis are located at Level 0, Gate 32A

» In Paris Orly 4, taxis are located at Level 0, Gate 48A


How to Get from Orly to Paris by Public Transportation

Orly - Paris Transportation

Orly – Paris Transportation

If you are wondering how to go from Orly Airport to Paris by public transportation you will find the best options here below. With only one Paris Metro ticket T+ (yes, you read well!) it is possible to travel from Orly to Paris and vice-versa if you have lots of time.

How to get to Orly airport from Paris by public transportation? We list all the Paris public transportation options here below:


Orly Val + RER B Paris – The Fastest

The combination Orly Val + Train (RER B) is the fastest way to go from Paris Orly to Paris by public transportation. The combined ticket costs 12.10 €  for a journey from Paris airport to city center of 6min (by Orly Val) + 33 min (by train).  If you buy the tickets separately you will pay 9.30 € + 10.30€ =19.60 €.

» In Orly 1-2-3, the Orly Val station is located on Level 1, near Gate 12D.

» In Orly 4, the Orly Val station is located on Level 0, near Gate 48A.

Orly Val takes travelers to RER B, Antony train station. The ride from Antony to Chatelet-Les Halles train station takes 25 minutes. Then you can continue your journey with the Parisian Metro with the same ticket to reach your final destination.

TIP:  Click Here to Learn How to Use the Parisian Metro


Orly Bus – the Airport’s Shuttle Bus

Orly Bus is a shuttle from Orly to Paris provided by RATP, the same company which manages the Parisian Metro and the RER trains. This Orly Airport bus from Orly to Paris costs 8.70€. Because this is a RATP service, Navigo Pass holders can use the Orly Bus at no additional cost.

This is our favorite way to travel from Paris Orly airport to Paris because we have the Navigo Pass so we don’t need to pay anything else to use it. However, during the rush hour in Paris, it can take a while to cross the city. We don’t recommend it during transportation strikes in Paris either.

Orly Bus station is located at Level 0 in all Orly Airport Terminals:

» In Paris Orly 1, Paris Orly 2, and Paris Orly 3, the Orly Bus only drops off passengers traveling from Paris to Orly Airport.

» In Paris Orly 4, Orly Bus’ station from Orly Airport to Paris and vice-versa  is located at Level 0, Gate 47D

Orly Bus’ last stop in Paris is located at Place Denfert-Rochereau, just in front RER B /metro train station of the same name. From there you can buy a T+ ticket and take the RER B or the Paris Metro lines 4 and 6.



Paris City Bus #183 – The Cheapest

Bus #183 is a city bus that also goes to Orly Airport. This is the cheapest way to go to Orly Airport because travelers only need one Paris Metro ticket T+ (it costs 2€ if bought onboard) to use it.

This bus from Orly Airport to Paris is also the longest way to go to Orly, and the less comfortable because city buses are usually crowded and with many stops on their way.

Bus #183 runs from Orly Terminal 4 (former Orly Terminal S) to Paris Porte de Choisy (Metro Line 7). From there you can use the same T+ ticket to take the metro to Paris city center.

Travelers going from Paris to Orly Terminals 1 or 2 can take the Orly Val for free from Orly Terminal 4 to reach their terminal.


Tramway Line #7 – The Cheapest

The Paris Tramway line #7 links the Paris Metro station Villejuif – Louis Aragon (line 7) to Paris Orly Terminal 4. The Parisian tramway also works with a Paris Metro ticket T+ or with the Navigo Pass which means a journey Orly Airport – Paris for less than 2€.

Travelers going from Paris to Orly Terminals 1 or 2 can take the tramway line 7 to Orly Terminal 4 and then take the Orly Val for free to Terminals 1 or 2.



RER C + Go C Paris – Another RER Train Option

Finally, it is possible to reach Paris by a combination of RER C + shuttle bus. This is a rail link between Paris (Invalides, St Michel-Notre-Dame, Gare d’Austerlitz) and Pont de Rungis-Aéroport d’Orly station. Just outside Pont de Rungis-Aéroport d’Orly station, there is a shuttle bus service (“GO C Paris”) to the airport terminals. The total journey lasts 35 minutes, for a price of 6.35€

» In Paris Orly 4: the shuttle bus stops at exit 47D, stop #5
» In Paris-Orly 1-2: the shuttle bus stops at the arrival level, exit 15D, stop #7


Orly to CDG Transfer

Airports of Paris

Some people land to Paris on the way to somewhere else in France or Europe. What about if the second flight does not take off from Paris CDG Airport but from Orly Airport?

There are many ways to go from CDG to Orly and vice-versa. Below, we list all the options:

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Charles de Gaulle to Orly by Private Transportation

Welcome has an interesting proposal between the two main Paris airports. Welcome’s transfer service between airports is a great and comfortable way to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Orly. The maximum number of people by car is four people, with 4 pieces of luggage.

Click Here to Book your Private Transfer Between Paris Airports with Welcome


Le Bus Direct – Paris CDG to Orly Shuttle

Le Bus Direct proposes a Paris CDG to Orly shuttle for 12 €. Le Bus Direct’s line #3 links the two airports in 70 – 80 minutes. This CDG to Orly Airport bus works between 6.00 am to 9.50 pm with a frequency of 20 to 40 minutes.

Line #3 has 6 bus stops in the two airports, these are the places where you can catch Le Bus Direct:

  • Carles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 1: arrivals level, exit #32
  • Charles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 2A-2C: exit C10
  • Charles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 2E-2F: exit E8 or F9
  • There is not a  bus stop at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Terminal 3
  • Terminals Orly 1, 2, 3: level 0 (arrivals), gate 18A
  • Terminal Orly 4: level 0 (arrivals), gate 48A

You can check the line #3 itinerary, its schedule and state of the network here


Do you Need an Early Orly Airport Transfer? Consider a Hotel near Orly for your Last Night in Paris

Early Paris - Airport Transfer

If your flight is leaving Paris Orly very early in the morning, have a look at the hotels near Orly Airport, at least for your last night in Paris. RER trains to Orly Paris Airport only start at 5 am, plus an RER station is not the best place to be in Paris that early in the morning.

Sleeping in one of the hotels near Orly Airport eliminates the stress of having to wake up early in the morning and getting a taxi Paris Orly during the rush hour.

Needless to say, Orly Airport hotels are also the best option during a strike day.

Another advantage of Orly Airport hotels is their competitive prices because most tourists opt for a hotel located ‘in the city’. In addition, some of these hotels also provide a free shuttle service hotel – airport terminal.

Check below our proposals for Orly Airport hotels, all budgets. All these hotels propose a shuttle hotel – Orly airport:


This 4-star hotel is a great value for money and a good option for your last night in Paris, before taking your flight at Orly Airport, or the full stay.

Novotel Paris Orly Rungis has great facilities including a fitness room, an outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful terrace where guests can relax with their favorite drink after a day exploring Paris. The rooms are spacious and modern and they come with a bathroom with a shower or bathtub.

The hotel proposes its guests a free shuttle from Orly Airport to the hotel but it can also be reached by foot from Orly Terminal 4.

Click here for the Latest Prices



This 4-star hotel is conveniently located at only 5 minutes shuttle ride from Orly Airport. The hotel, with a 24-hour service desk and FREE Wi-fi, is comfortable, with spacious rooms, different shared areas to hang around and business facilities.

The hotel proposes an airport shuttle at no extra charge.

Click here for the Latest Prices


Apart from the two hotels mentioned above, there are other good hotels near Orly Airport. Here’s the full list of Orly Airport Hotels proposing a free shuttle to Orly Airport:


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