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Immersive Art @ Atelier des Lumières Paris

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France Bucket List #5 Immersive Art Experience @Atelier des Lumières

L’ Atelier des Lumières is the first center of Digital Art in Paris, proposing unique immersive art exhibitions for all. This cultural space, located in the 11th District of Paris, opened in April 2018 with an exhibition dedicated to Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser and in February they will come back with the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. Despite its recent inauguration, l’Atelier des Lumières and its digital art installations are already a trend in Paris! Let us tell you why you should add Atelier des Lumières and immersive art to your Paris Bucket List.



First of all, what is Immersive Art? It is that kind of art that happens when the viewer becomes a whole with the exhibit. In Immersive Art exhibitions, the spectator becomes part of the artwork, walking literally inside an artwork or interacting with it. Usually, Immersive Art experiences are mind-blowing experiences which involve different media, like sound, images or scents.

Immersive Art Concept

Immersive Art Installations



Did we tell you that we have a crush on recycled industrial places?

L’Atelier des Lumières was originally a foundry named Le Chemin-Vert, founded in 1835 by the Plichon brothers. Jacques François Alexandre and Hilaire Pierre, who were founders during the Industrial Revolution, wanted to meet the high demand for good quality cast iron parts by the navy and railway companies. The new foundry was located in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris, a working-class neighborhood with a dense fabric of artisanal businesses. It covered a space of 3.000m2 and employed 60 workers.

Le Chemin-Vert was successfully managed by the Plichon family for four generations. Unfortunately, the international crisis of 1929 struck hard also in France and after 100 years of service, the foundry had to close in 1935. The site and buildings were sold to the Martin family, the current owner, and the foundry became a tool manufacturing company. The new company operated until 2000.

The place was re-discovered in 2013 by the President of Culturespaces. This association had already a similar space, Carrières de Lumières Art Centre in Provence, and they were looking for a place to create a similar 3d art museum in Paris. The Martin family loved the proposal and agreed to rent out the great hall and its annexes in 2014. After 4 years of major renovation works, L’Atelier des Lumières opened its doors on April 18 as a digital art center with the triple exhibition Klimt – Hundertwasser – Poetic Al.

Atelier des Lumières Paris



Atelier des Lumières’ immersive exhibitions are based in AMIEX Technology®. This technology consists of thousands of images of works of art which are digitized, projected in very high resolution, and animated to the rhythm of the music to create a poetic environment. Of course, the image – space – music combination is as important as the artworks themselves. AMIEX® exhibits are tailor-made and they are perfectly adapted to the spaces where they work. The result, if well done, is a unique and mind-blowing experience, another way to experience art in Paris.

Atelier des Lumières in Paris



After the great success of the exhibition on Klimt and Hundertwasser, l’Atelier des Lumières is preparing the next event: Van Gogh, Starry Night exhibition will be accompanied by Dreamed Japan, an Immersive Journey into Japanese Art, and Verse by Thomas Vanz. This new exhibition will open the doors on February 22, with tickets already for sale. Don’t miss Vincent Van Gogh at Atelier des Lumières Paris, one of our favorite painters by the way! While waiting for Van Gogh’s Starry Night, you can get a taste of Immersive Art with the past exhibition described here below.



For the opening of this 3d art museum, Atelier des Lumières chose an immersive art exhibition based in Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser‘s work. Their colorful, iconic paintings are projected on the totality of the former factory, floor included. The visitor is plunged into the dark, surrounded by enchanting music when suddenly he finds himself immersed in the heart of Klimt’s artwork or inside Gustav Klimt landscapes as if he was part of them. We enjoyed their most iconic paintings, like the portraits or “his” women.

Klimt Pregnant Woman

Klimt Woman in gold

Also, we loved the feeling of being laid on the floor surrounded by the Klimt landscape and playing with his leaves and flowers. But we especially liked Gustav Klimt Tree of Life: watching how this tree was growing and developing its branches at the sound of the music was just magical.

Klimt Landscapes

Klimt Tree of Life

I must confess I did not know the work of Hundertwasser, an Austrian born artist bearer of the heritage of the Viennese Secession. I liked the character of his subjects and the bright colors and organic forms used, rejecting straight lines.

Hundertwasser Rain



» L’Atelier des Lumières is located in Paris 11, at 38 Rue Saint-Maur (Metro Père Lachaise, lines 2 and 3). It opens every day from 10 am to 6 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm.

» The entrance is limited to 200+ visitors per time slot. We suggest booking your tickets online and in advance to avoid long queues or a “sold out” panel when you get there. Tickets for the weekend are available online only.

» Choose the less crowded time slots (while you are booking you can see how many tickets are still available per time slot). Time slots during lunchtime (12 pm to 2 pm) are the best.

» Bring water and a couple of snacks with you. The 3 exhibitions last less than one hour in total but you will want to watch them again for sure!

» Don’t forget your camera! You can take as many pictures and videos as you want as long as you don’t use the flash. Because it is very dark inside, we suggest the use of a small tripod like the ones here below for better pictures.

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» Watch the exhibition from different places and angles. Sit, lay on the floor, see it from the mezzanine, be part of the artworks. Stay silent and embrace the moment.

» Remember to read the panels with information about the artists and their context or artistic movement to get the full picture. The panels are located on the mezzanine, behind the wall.

Have you been to Atelier des Lumières in Paris? Did you like this alternative way to enjoy art? 


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