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The Best Way to See the Louvre in 2 hours

2021 France Travel Update

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What to See at the Louvre in 2 Hours

Best Way to Visit the Louvre

The Louvre Museum in Paris is one of the world’s best museums, and it is on virtually everybody’s Paris bucket list. It is grand, opulent, busy, and home to many iconic artworks like the Mona Lisa, the Venus of Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the Regent Diamond, to name but a few.

The Louvre Museum is also part of France’s history, and it was home to many French Kings, who turned the Louvre Palace into a building as interesting as its artworks.

The Louvre is one of the biggest museums in the world, featuring a grand total of 35,000 works of art from different periods and cultures. If you wanted to spend one minute in front of every Louvre artwork, it could very well take up to 65 days to see everything!

If you don’t have 65 days to visit the Louvre but rather a couple of hours or so, carry on reading for our best tips on how and what to see at the Louvre in 2 hours.

Things NOT to Do When Visiting the Louvre

Best Way to See the Louvre in 2 hours


A common mistake people make is to stay at a museum too long to try to see as much as possible, but this will only result in sensory overload. When you visit the Louvre, it is good to set a time limit for your visit (between 90 minutes and two hours at most) to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


It is important to have a focus to avoid wandering aimlessly, the Louvre is a large museum and it is possible to miss main attractions unless you know specifically where they are.  Instead of briefly glancing at 100 objects and forgetting about what you saw afterward, you’ll have a better experience if you pick a maximum of 20 Louvre artworks and spend five minutes on each.  Don’t forget you need to allocate time to walk between artworks.


Choose and locate what you want to see at the Louvre before your visit and find the best Louvre itinerary AND route for you. With a permanent collection spread over 3 wings, 5 floors, and 60,000 m2, you may end up walking kilometers and kilometers if you don’t know where to go to see your favorite artworks.

Best of the Louvre in 2 Hours: Introducing the SMART LOUVRE KIT

Smart Louvre Kit

Don’t know where to start when it comes to planning your visit to the Louvre?  If you don’t know how to begin to tackle the Louvre Museum during your limited time in Paris, the SMART LOUVRE KIT will give you a helping hand!

» The SMART LOUVRE KIT is a tried and tested tool to help you get the most out of the Louvre in 2 hours or less.

» The SMART LOUVRE KIT brings you the best of the Louvre artwork and the Louvre Palace and helps you to build a custom-made Louvre itinerary to see your favorite things.

» The SMART LOUVRE KIT also comes with the best Louvre tips and tricks to plan your Louvre visit, skip the line and avoid the biggest crowds!



Best of the Louvre

The SMART LOUVRE KIT contains a list of top things to see at the Louvre in 2 hours or less. The list is presented in a beautiful table that you can download on your cellphone or print out before your visit.

For each of these top Louvre attractions, you’ll receive details of the Louvre Department, artist, period, and a link to an in-depth description that you can check when you’re online*. It also gives you its location (Louvre Wing, floor, and room number) so you know exactly where to go to find that specific artwork.

We believe that the Louvre Palace is as beautiful as its content. The SMART LOUVRE KIT also includes the best of the Louvre Palace, so you can admire the palace’s most beautiful rooms and halls and learn about their history while visiting the artworks.

*NB: Wi-Fi is not available throughout the entire Louvre Museum, but you’ll find Wi-Fi hotspots for free Internet access throughout your visit.


Create your Louvre Guide

In the SMART LOUVRE KIT, the list with the top things to see at the Louvre in 2 hours is also provided as a Microsoft Excel file so that you can filter this list according to your interests. Create a Louvre itinerary ‘à la carte,’ with only the items that interest you most.

  • Do you want to focus your Louvre visit on Italian Paintings? Take the list and filter by ‘Department’.
  • Do you want to visit Louvre’s Sully Wing only? Take the list and filter by ‘Louvre Wing’.
  • Are you only interested in paintings? Take the list and filter by ‘Subject’
  • With the SMART LOUVRE KIT, you decide and create the best Louvre Tour for you!

With the SMART LOUVRE KIT, you decide and create the best Louvre itinerary for you!


Avoid the Crowds Louvre

The SMART LOUVRE KIT includes information and tips on the best way to see the Louvre. It includes information such as:

  • How to Visit the Louvre after Lockdown New visit rules!
  • Best Day and Best Time to Visit the Louvre to minimize crowds
  • Map of the Louvre Entrances and Best Entrance for You
  • Schedule of Room Closures / List of Closed Rooms
  • Our Best Louvre skip-the-line tips
  • and much more…

OUR PROMISE: The SMART LOUVRE KIT is updated with the latest information. If something changes during the year of your purchase, you will receive the updated version of the kit at no extra cost.


Recap Time! Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Purchase the SMART LOUVRE KIT

Smart Louvre Kit

With the SMART LOUVRE KIT, you will learn about the Louvre Museum and the Louvre Palace, letting you easily choose your favorite artworks to see and to create your own bespoke Louvre itinerary.

The SMART LOUVRE KIT will help you plan your visit like a pro to get the most out of the Louvre in 2 hours or less.

SMART LOUVRE KIT – what you will get:

» Full Color Printable Louvre Museum Guide (pdf) with our best Louvre tips.

» Best of the Louvre Palace Guide (pdf) in color and printable. Learn the most interesting facts about the Louvre and admire the best parts of the Louvre Palace.

» Best Time for Visiting the Louvre Guide (pdf) for both low season and high season. Choose the best day and time slot to visit the Louvre to avoid the biggest crowds. Our color-coded table makes it easy to see at a glance when to visit!

» Weekly Schedule of Room Closures table / List of Closed Rooms (pdf) so you know what days to visit your favorite galleries.

» List of Top things to see at the Louvre (pdf). For each artwork, we give you the artist, period, link to an in-depth description, Louvre wing, floor, and room number, so you know exactly where to go to find them.

» List of Top things to see at the Louvre (excel file). Use the different filters (kind of artwork, department, wing, or floor) as you wish and create your custom-made Louvre tour for your 2 hours in the Louvre.

» Louvre Checklist (pdf) to prepare your visit.


Is the SMART LOUVRE KIT Right for You?

Best way to see the Louvre

The SMART LOUVRE KIT is more suitable for some people than others. The SMART LOUVRE KIT is right for you if:

» Your time in Paris is very limited. Still, you want to see the best of the Louvre without blocking a whole day for it.

» You want to optimize your Louvre visit without joining a tour.

» You are looking for a custom-made Louvre experience visiting the things YOU like instead of following a general audio guide or guided tour.

Learn what to see in the Louvre in 2 hours and organize your own itinerary with the SMART LOUVRE KIT! Get the most out of the Louvre in a limited time and spend the rest of the day enjoying the city.

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