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How to get from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris – CDG Airport Transportation Guide

Visiting Paris for the first time? Let us help you with our best Paris tips and tricks to getting from Charles de Gaulle to Paris.

If you don’t live in Europe you will probably arrive in Paris by plane. Currently, there are 153 air companies flying to Paris so you can fly to the City of Light from anywhere in the world! There are three airports near Paris: Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris CDG)Orly Airport (ORY Airport) and Paris Beauvais Airport, located more or less far from the city center. CDG Airport (north of Paris) and ORY Airport (south of Paris) are more or less at the same distance from Paris.

If you are traveling overseas you have lots of chances to arrive at Paris CDG Airport (the most international airport in Paris) and when you land you want to know how to get from CDG to Paris, especially if you are as loaded as the guy on the picture below.

How to get from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris? On this post, we are going to give you all the possible Paris CDG Airport Transportation options so you can compare and choose the one which fits you best.

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Before starting listing all the Paris CDG Airport Transportation options, we suggest having a look at Charles de Gaulle Airport Map to find your bearings. CDG Airport has three terminals, T1, T2, and T3 so it is important to know where are you landing /taking off in Paris. You can check this on your flight ticket and boarding pass.

Click here to view CDG Airport Map

» Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are relatively close so you can go from one terminal to the other by foot.

» Terminal 2 is located apart from T1 and T3 and if you want to change terminals you will need to take a (free) shuttle.

» Terminal 2 is divided into T 2A, T 2B, T 2C, T 2D, T 2E, T 2F, and T 2G. Watch out because they are all located in the same building except T 2G, which is totally isolated. You can reach T 2G with the free shuttle N2 from T 2F (door #2, departures level) or from T 2E (door #16, departures level). The shuttle passes every 5-7 minutes, from 5 am to 11 pm, so if your flight takes off from T 2G allow extra time: I almost lost one flight because of the shuttle transportation time!



private cdg airport transportation

Getting from CDG to Paris is very easy with private transportation. All the options below provide a “door to door” transportation service from Charles de Gaulle to Paris (Paris transfers from airport to hotel).


Private /Shared Paris Airport Transfers

Welcome proposes good transfer services with good cars and the best English speaking drivers in Paris. Their flight monitoring means their drivers are always on time. With Welcome, you can pre-book some essentials for your stay in Paris like sim cards or hot spots. These essentials are delivered by your Welcomer so you are all set since you land to Paris!

BOOK NOW:  Paris Airport Transfer (one way or return) with Welcome also proposes private transfers from CDG Airport to Paris, with similar prices. If you have no preferences, check and compare prices and services with both companies.


Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Paris

Taxis are another comfortable option to go from CDG Paris Airport to city. Official Taxis are waiting outside the Airport Terminals and have light-up signs, a license plate outside the vehicle and a taximeter inside the vehicle. If somebody comes to you inside the airport proposing a taxi, just ignore him.

A ride from Paris Airport to city center (right bank) costs around 50€ while a ride from Paris CDG to city center (left bank) costs around 55€. You will only pay the fare shown on the taxi meter.

Taxi Stations are located outside the terminal, on the arrivals level.

» On Terminal 1 taxis are at exit #24

» On Terminal 2A: exit #6; Terminal 2C: exit #14; Terminal 2D: exit #7;  Terminal 2E: gate #10; Terminal 2F: gate #11; Terminal 2G: blue gate

» On Terminal 3 taxis are at the exit of the arrivals hall (T3 is very small so you will see them easily).


Hotels’ Private Airport Shuttle

Some hotels provide an airport pick-up or an airport drop-off service, usually at an additional charge. This is a very comfortable option that we suggest to consider. Our advice is to ask for the price and compare it with other Paris Airport Transfer Services.



public cdg airport transportation

Budget travelers have many options for transportation from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris. Starting from 5€, you can get your airport transfer Paris if you have lots of time.


RER B Paris – The Fastest

If you are traveling on a budget, the train from Charles de Gaulle to Paris (RER B Paris) is a good option. The train from Paris CDG to Gare du Nord costs 10.30€  for a journey of 40 min. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport has two RER B stations in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. RER B main train stations in Paris are Gare du Nord, Chatelet-Les Halles, and Saint Michel-Notre Dame. When you take the train from CDG to Paris, then you can take the Paris Metro with the same ticket to reach your final destination. Check out our Paris by Metro post and learn how to use the Parisian Metro like a pro.

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Le Bus Direct – Comfort on a budget

Le Bus Direct is a Paris airport shuttle bus from Charles de Gaulle to Paris. Le Bus Direct proposes different lines from CDG Paris Airport to city:

» Line #2 goes from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Eiffel Tower (60 to 70 minutes);

» Line #4 goes from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare de Lyon and Gare de Montparnasse (1h 10 to 1h20);

Le Bus Direct ticket costs from 12€ to 21€, depending on the line, with a nice discount if you buy the round trip ticket. Tickets are available online, at CDG ticket offices (Terminals 2E and 2F) and at vending machines at the bus stop. For schedules, itineraries and prices, check out their site here.


Roissy Bus – Also with Navigo Pass

Roissy Bus is another Paris airport bus which goes from Opera de Garnier to Paris CDG Airport. This Paris airport shuttle works like Le Bus Direct here above. In addition, this bus can be used with the Navigo Pass (zones 1-5), an advantage for locals in Paris. The Roissy Bus ticket costs 12€ 50 for a ride Paris CDG to city of 60 minutes. Check out their site here.


Paris CDG Bus – The Cheapest

» Bus #350 (CDG Airport to Gare de l’Est). The ride from Paris airport to city center takes 60-80 minutes, every 15-30 min. Click here to find all the bus stops and its schedule (“horaires de passage”).

» Bus #351 (CDG Airport to Place de la Nation). The ride from CDG Airport to Paris takes 70-90 minutes, 15-30 min. Click here to find all the bus stops and its schedule (“horaires de passage”).

You can pay this bus with 3 single tickets T+. Every single T+ ticket costs 1,90 €. If you buy a pack of 10 tickets (“carnet de 10”, total cost 14,90€) you will be paying 1,49€ per single ticket so the bus ride will cost you 4.47 €. If you decide to buy this ride directly on the bus the cost will be 6€.

PRO TIP:  if you want to use the bus #350 from Paris to Charles de Gaulle Airport, it is better to take it at Porte de la Chapelle instead of Gare de l’Est, the starting point. Porte de la Chapelle is located at the exit of Paris so you will avoid all the traffic jam (and stress) inside the city and you will save A LOT of time. You can reach Porte de la Chapelle by metro with one single ticket and then you use that same ticket + 2 more tickets to take the bus to the airport. The bus stop to Paris Airport is located at the exit of the metro station.



Early Paris Airport Transportation

If your flight is leaving Paris very early in the morning, have a look at the hotels in Charles de Gaulle Airport, at least for your last night in Paris. Sleeping in hotels near Charles de Gaulle Airport eliminates the stress of having to wake up early in the morning and getting a taxi to CDG Airport during the rush hour.

Another advantage of hotels close to CDG Airport is that these hotels have competitive pricing because most tourists opt for an ‘in the city’ located hotel. In addition, some hotels also provide a free pick and drop from the airport if you book in advance. Check below our proposals for hotels near Charles de Gaulle Airport:


If you are looking for CDG Airport Hotels in terminal, Sheraton CDG if for you. The Sheraton Charles de Gaulle is the “Paris Airport Hotel”, the only hotel inside the Terminal 2 of Charles de Gaulle Airport which means you are within walking distance of the boarding gates. Rooms are comfortable and very quiet in spite of the airport proximity. The Sheraton CDG is one of the Charles de Gaulle Airport Hotels with shuttle service for free, very convenient if you decide to explore the City of Light.

Click here for the latest prices


From all the hotels close to CDG Airport, Oceania Paris Roissy Cdg Airport is one of our favorites. The hotel, with a 24-hour service desk and FREE Wi-fi, is really beautiful and it features a fantastic spa, perfect for a moment of relaxation after long layover flights. This is one of the hotels near Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle, located at 1.5km from the terminals and one of the few Charles de Gaulle Airport Hotels with shuttle service for free. With a hotel like Oceania Paris Roissy CDG you will wish that your long layover in Paris was even longer!

Click here for the latest prices

Didn’t you find the kind of Paris Airport hotel you were looking for? Click here to view and compare all the hotels near Charles de Gaulle Airport, with a Paris Airport shuttle service.


We hope that you found this post useful and you know already how to get from Paris Airport to city. Now we recommend starting to learn about the different Paris Arrondissements and what they have to offer.

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