Visit Paris Montmartre

What is Montmartre? 1 POINT

Montmartre is neither a district, not a current neighborhood. Montmartre is an old commune, attached to Paris in 1860.

What is the highest point in Paris? 1 POINT

The Eiffel tower is the highest point. 324m. The highest hills are Montmartre (131m) and Belleville (128m).

Name 2 typical Parisian desserts (born and perfected in Paris). Hint: we hope you don’t answer macarons!! 1 POINT

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What is the name of the Phantom of the Opéra? 2 POINTS


Who wrote Les Misérables, set in Paris? 1 POINT

Victor Hugo (1862)

Which Royal Palace is closer to Paris: Château de Fontainebleau, Château de Vincennes, or Château de Versailles? 1 POINT

Château de Vincennes is the castle near Paris (7.5 Km)

What is the Roman name of Paris? 1 POINT

Lutetia (or Lutèce)

What is the oldest building in Paris? 1 POINT

Obelisk of Place de la Concorde (1290 BC)

What is the oldest building built in Paris? 1 POINT

Arènes de Lutèce (1st century AD)

How many Chinatown(s) can we find in Paris? 2 POINTS

There are 3 Chinatowns (with 3 different ant totally independent Chinese communities) in Paris 3, Belleville, and Paris 13


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