two days in Paris - Pigalle

1. Jacques Chirac was the last French President to die, on 26th September 2019. In what famous Parisian cemetery is he buried? 2 POINTS

Montparnasse Cemetery

2 In which famous street the Hemingways rented their first apartment in Paris? 1 POINT

Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, in Paris 5. Read more about Hemingway in Paris.

3. Paris is bisected by two rivers: the Seine and a second one. What’s the name of this second river in Paris? 2 POINTS

Bièvre River

4. In which district can we find the historical aristocratic neighborhood of Faubourg Saint-Germain? 1 POINT

Paris 7

5. What is the meaning of Le Marais? 1 POINT

Marais means “marsh”. Many, many years ago, Le Marais was just that, a marshland.

6. Paris is only twinned with one single city in the world. Which one? 1 POINT

Rome! Parisians can visit for free all the museums managed by the City of Rome by showing proof of residence. Romans can do the same in Paris but the museums managed by the City of Paris are free for everybody!

7. Bois de Boulogne, Forêt de Fontainebleau, Bois de Vincennes . . . in English we translate bois and forêt as « forest » but for us Parisians un bois is quite different from une forêt. What are the main differences, apart from the genre?2 POINTS

Bois are smaller and a bit “done up” while forêts are much bigger and wilder.

8. Where could we find the Knight Templars in the Middle Age in Paris? 1 POINT

In current Paris 3. More precisely in the historic neighborhood of Temple

9. What is the oldest (and busiest) train station in Paris? 1 POINT

Gare du Nord (1866)

10. In which metro station can we see some remains of the Bastille? 1 POINT

Bastille metro station, line 1

11. How many lines the Parisian Metro has? 1 POINT

16 lines. Remember that there are two “bis” lines: 7 bis and 3bis plus lines from 1 to 14

12. The Parisians were the first to have the idea of underground transportation within the city but in the end it was the city of London that inaugurated the first metro ever. Why Paris was beaten by London? 2 POINTS

As always, the French spent too much time discussing and arguing in meetings so the English could easily overtake them!

SCORE ROUND 1: __ out of 11 POINTS

SCORE ROUND 2: __ out of 12 POINTS

SCORE ROUND 3: __ out of 13 POINTS

SCORE ROUND 4: __ out of 16 POINTS



How Did it Go?

A- Score of less than 10 points.

You can definitely do better! Go on reading our Paris Travel Blog and try again in a couple of weeks.

B- Score between 11 – 25 points.

Ça va. . . But as you may know, Paris is always a good idea, so I recommend visiting Paris again soon to improve your knowledge about Paris.

C- Score between 26 – 40 points.

La classe! You know a lot of Paris so why don’t you come again to perfect your Parisian side?

D- Score of more than 40 points.

When do you move to Paris?!

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