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Paris Planning Challenge DAY 6 – HOW TO EXPLORE PARIS LIKE A LOCAL

Congratulations for making it to the last day!

Today is the easiest. You are simply going to add a “local touch” to your Paris Bucket List.

Traveling like a tourist and living like a local need not be mutually exclusive. It is possible to pack your holiday full with once-in-a-lifetime, authentic, local experiences, while still ensuring you see those sights you’ve traveled so far to see. Here’s how:

Break the Chain

» Forget large, brand-name hotels in favor of your own furnished apartment in Paris or smaller, independent, boutique hotels that are unique and reflect the local culture and style.

Think Small

» Traveling with a big group tour may have its advantages, but individualized, authentic experiences aren’t one of them. However, gaining access to people and places on your own isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t speak the language. Travel independently and book specific private tours for immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Just Say No

» It is ok to have a plan full of interesting things to see & do but should you rush through it just for the sake of moving on to the next thing on your list? So much better to allow yourself to go with the flow and see where it takes you. Most of our greatest travel memories have come from us saying “yes” to not doing what we’d planned.

Be Aimless

» There’s so more to a town or city than its standard landmarks and main streets, and letting yourself get lost where locals live and hang is the surest way to feel like a local. So choose a District of Paris to visit, put away your map and just wander.

Ditch the Lonely Planet (or Rick Steves, or your favorite guidebook)

» Please put it down because you will end up where everyone else is. Instead, ask the locals! They will tell you about their favorite restaurants, parks, and clubs without filters. We are still laughing at Rick Steves “famous” quote “Bordeaux must mean boredom in French” while actually, Bordeaux is spectacularly beautiful, rich in history, phenomenal food and of course wine!

Look for alternative activities or sights

» What about walking on railroad tracks following the ancient Little Belt of Paris? Or a stroll through the quintessential roofs of Paris? Do you know that it is possible to navigate the canals of Paris driving your own electric boat? A quirky  Treasure Hunt in the heart of Paris, why not? Think out of the box, all these activities are as interesting as the main sights but with a more local flavor (plus they come without the crowds!)

Try the Food

» We all like sushi and pizza but you are traveling to Paris, France, the cradle of one of the best cuisines in the world. Ask locals for their favorite restaurants, market stalls, and local dishes and then be sure to check them out. Join a cooking course and learn how to prepare your favorite French dish. Enjoy French traditional food in the quintessential Parisian bistros. Stop for a coffee and some people watching in a cute Parisian cafe. And be sure don’t miss the city’s best cakes!


Today’s task

» Review your Paris Bucket List and add a local touch to it. It can be anything like joining a food tour, a picnic in the park or visiting a lesser known arrondissement in Paris. If you need some help, check our Paris Like a Local category. Also, you will find lots of Paris Travel Inspiration here, and Food inspiration here.

Our Suggestions


That’s all!

We hope that you found this Paris Planning Challenge useful and entertaining. If you have completed all the tasks, Paris is by now closer than you might believe 😉

Bon Voyage, we wish you a great time in the City of Lights! 

À bientôt,

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