Summer Olympics 2024 – Host Cities in France (Other than Paris)

In the summer of 2024, Paris will host the Olympic Games. From Friday July 26 to Sunday August 11, many cities nationwide will see athletes compete to win in their sport. These Summer Olympics 2024 cities are some of France’s most beautiful and popular destinations to visit year-round.

From Marseille to Teahupo’o, on the island of Tahiti, the 2024 Olympics is a great opportunity to revisit some of these places. Or, if you have never traveled there, discover these cities for the first time.

Keep reading to know all the 2024 Summer Olympics locations the cities that will host the games and why you should visit them.

TIP: Here’s the full list of the Olympic Venues in Paris.

Summer Olympics 2024 Locations

1. Marseille (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) 

Visit Marseille

The capital of Provence, Marseille is located in southern France. This vibrant (and sometimes chaotic) city is primarily known for its unique cuisine, which originates from the wonderful blend of African and French cultures.

The focal point of Marseille’s history, the Vieux Port is now Marseille’s beating heart and is always full of life. The city also has a distinct Baroque character that mixes with cutting-edge cultural spaces for a surprising effect and lovely neighborhoods like the Le Panier.

Marseille is one of the main gateways to Provence. From here, it’s super easy to reach top places like Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Nice, and the best lavender fields in Provence.

For the Summer Olympics 2024, Marseille will host some football competitions and sailing competitions. It will also be the first Fench city to host the Olympic Flame, on May 8, at the charming Vieux Port.

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2. Nice (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)

Nice - France

Nice is the capital of the French Riviera in southeastern France. Nice is considered a glamorous place, perfect for a luxury vacation.

The city takes part of its luxurious vibe from the many Belle Epoque buildings you can admire in its boulevards.

Nice is also a great beach destination. Boasting both public and private beaches, there is nothing better than lounging in style as a Hollywood star would!

Besides being a hotspot for a “rich and famous” style vacation, Nice is also an excellent base to explore other places on the French Riviera on day trips. Towns and cities like Menton, Éze, Cannes, and even Monaco are easy to reach from Nice by train.

During the Olympic Games 2024, Nice will host some football competitions.

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3. Lyon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

France Bucket List - Lyon

Lyon is the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in southeastern France. It is France’s third most populated city, and it combines all the charm of an ancient capital with a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

The city was founded in Roman times (Lugdunum), and on the ancient site remain two fascinating amphitheaters that are still used for live performances.

Lyon also has a lovely Old Town with cobblestones streets packed with cute cafés, shops, and traditional restaurants. The city is also where modern cinema was born, as the Lumière brothers had their revolutionary fabric here.

Last but not least, Lyon is known worldwide for its excellent cuisine, so much so that it is considered the gastronomic capital of France. Bouchons (traditional local restaurants) are the perfect spots to try the to-die-for Lyonnaise cuisine.

During the Summer Olympics 2024, Lyon will host some football competitions.

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4. Saint-Etienne (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

Saint-Étienne is city in the in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, in eastern-central France. One of the lesser-known French cities hosting the Olympic competitions, Saint-Étienne is a dreamland of design and art. Listed as a UNESCO Creative City, Saint-Étienne has unique museums and art installations scattered around the town.

The city boasts an Old Town with charming streets and a couple of beautiful churches. However, Saint-Étienne’s highlights are its museums. The Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporaine displays around 20,000 art pieces from the 20th century, while the Musée de la Mine reconstructs a mine site so that visitors can be in the shoes of these workers. 

Saint-Étienne is an easy 45-min train ride from Lyon, and it is another of the Olympic host cities that will see football competitions.

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5. Bordeaux (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

Bordeaux -France

Bordeaux is the capital city of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in southwestern France. The undisputed reason why Bordeaux is so popular is its wine production. Bordeaux wines are often among the most expensive in the world, but you can find them at affordable prices in town.

Bordeaux boasts breathtaking architecture from the 18th century. The town also has several Gothic-inspired buildings, which contribute to making Bordeaux the largest urban UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world! There is nothing better than strolling around the cobbled lanes lined by historic homes and leading to stunning churches, entrance gates, and museums.

Bordeaux is one of the 2024 Olympic cities that will host football competitions.

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6. Nantes (Pays de la Loire)

Nantes - France

Nantes is a city in the Pays-de-la-Loire region, in Western France. The former capital of the historical region of Brittany, Nantes is a city of art, history, and stunning architecture. The Château of the Dukes of Nantes, breathtaking churches, museums, and the unique art installations of Machines de l’Ile make Nantes full of things to discover.

One of the city’s highlights is the Ile de Nantes, the island neighborhood surrounded by the Loire River, which is the locals’ favorite spot. When night falls, head to one of the many bars and clubs to experience life like a local! The city is also famous for its great Muscadet wine production.

Nantes will host some football competitions during the Summer Olympic Games 2024.

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7. Lille (Hauts-de-France)

Lille - France

The capital of the Hauts-de-France region, Lille is a lovely city in northern France. Still nicknamed “The Capital of Flanders,” Lille’s main characteristic is its Flemish heritage, visible in every corner of the city and its culture.

The Old Town is particularly beautiful with its lively streets and many buildings listed as Historical Monuments. This town also has mesmerizing art collections and features the second most popular museum in France, the Palais des Beaux-Arts.

You will love visiting Lille not only if you are into art and architecture but also history, as the city was the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle and the starting point of many WW1 tours. While in Lille, make sure to try its delicious cuisine, with distinctive Flemish influences.

Lille will be the Summer Olympics 2024 location that will host handball and basketball competitions.

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8. Châteauroux (Centre-Val de Loire)

Châteauroux is a small city in the Centre-Val de Loire, in central France, and one of the lesser-known Olympic cities 2024. Châteauroux is usually overlooked by tourists who prefer to visit other towns in the Loire Valley. However, Châteauroux is gorgeous.

The town was founded in the 10th century and boasts many beautiful buildings tracing back to different periods. Strolling around the older part of the town, you can see 16th-century houses that began to be built when Châteauroux became an important textile production center. The town’s fascinating architecture is also evident in the central abbey and the two beautiful castles that make Châteauroux among the best off-the-beaten-path destinations in the Loire Valley.

For the Summer Olympic Games 2024, Châteauroux will host shooting competitions.

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9. Teahupo’o – Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Teahupoo - Tahiti

Teahupo’o is the biggest surprise among the Summer Olympics 2024 locations. Teahupo’o is a gorgeous village on the southwestern side of Tahiti, French Polynesia. Part of France’s overseas departments, Tahiti has a cosmopolitan blend of Polynesian heritage and French culture.

Tahiti is the main getaway to the French Polynesia. Its rich culture, with many traditions to discover and foods to try, makes it much more than a tropical paradise.

Tahiti is particularly popular for the water activities you can take part in. Teahupo’o is the best spot for surfing in Tahiti, as its waves are truly legendary, and only expert surfers can dare to catch them! However, the island has many spots for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Teahupo’o will host the surfing competitions of the Summer Olympics 2024.

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And there you have it, the 2024 Olympic host cities full list. Do you have any of these cities on your France Bucket list?

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