2024 Olympic Venues in Paris

Paris 2024 Venues

The Summer Olympics 2024 are being held in Paris, and the entire country is excited and determined to show the world their best. As you probably already know, the Paris 2024 Olympic Locations list includes Paris, the surrounding towns, and other cities in France. This gives competitors, fans, and spectators a chance to see some of the best sports, landscapes, and culture that France has to offer.

Here’s our guide to the 2024 Olympic Venues in Paris. Whether you’re visiting Paris for the Olympics or traveling in quieter times, the Paris Olympic venues are well worth exploring!

Main Olympics 2024 Venues in Paris

TIP: To find our bearings in the city, check out our quick guide to the Arrondissements of Paris (Districts of Paris)

1. Seine River

Conicergerie - View from the Seine River

The River Seine is Paris’ most beautiful avenue and one of the main reasons to go to Paris. The Seine winds its way through the heart of Paris, bisecting the city from east to west. It is the origin of the city, and Paris’s development is uniquely tied to the river.

A stroll along the Seine’s banks on a sunny day is a wonder: majestic historical buildings reflected on its waters, the typical Parisian rooftops, the bridges of the Seine, each one with a unique style . . . But also the iconic bouquinistes, improvised picnics by locals dangling their feet over the water, and even a crazy beach area in the summer!

During the Summer Olympics 2024, the Seine River will be one of the Paris 2024 venues that everybody can enjoy. The waters of the Seine River will host the Marathon Swimming and the 1500 m swim race, which is part of the Triathlon.

Things to Do Near the Seine River:

2. Hotel de Ville (Paris 4)

Hotel de Ville

The Hotel de Ville is an imposing building in Renaissance style that has housed Paris’ City Hall since 1357. Today, the Parvis de l’Hotel de Ville (the square in front of the building) is a hotspot for exhibitions and other cultural attractions. During the last month of the year, it hosts one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Paris.

In the summer of 2024, the Hotel de Ville will be one of the main Paris Olympics 2024 venues, the backdrop for athletes setting out on the Marathon.

Things to Do Near the Hotel de Ville:

3. Grand Palais (Paris 8)

The Grand Palais is one of the most famous buildings in Paris. Located near the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées, this exhibition hall and museum complex was built in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition and designated as a historic monument in 2000.

The Grand Palais plays host to around 40 events a year and is a masterwork of steel, glass, and stone, all blending together into a marvelous architectural mix. When you visit, make sure you take the time to explore the artwork in the Galeries Nationales and immerse yourself in the future at the Palais de la Découverte science museum.

The Grand Palais will be one of the most unique Paris 2024 Olympics venues thanks to its spectacular architecture. During the Summer Olympics 2024, the Grand Palais is the chosen site for the Fencing and Taekwondo events.

Things to See and Do Near the Grand Palais:

  • Pont Alexandre iii
  • Seine River
  • Shopping at Champs Elysées
  • Petit Palais

4. Pont Alexandre iii (Paris 8)

Pont Alexandre iii - Paris

Pont Alexandre iii is one of the most beautiful bridges over the Seine River. It is named after the Russian Tsar Alexander III, who had concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892.

This elegant Paris landmark was inaugurated on the occasion of the 1900 World Fair to connect the Hotel des Invalides on the Left Bank to the Grand Palais and Petit Palais on the Right Bank.

The bridge has a mix of styles, Beaux-Arts and Art Nouveau. Its four extremities are flanked by monumental pylons 17 meters high, decorated at their top with gilt bronze Pegasi. They represent the Fame of Arts, Sciences, Commerce, and Industry.

During the Summer Olympics 2024, the Pont Alexandre iii will be one of the open-air Olympics 2024 venues in Paris, providing a majestic setting for the individual Cycling Time trials, Swimming Marathon, and Triathlon.

Things to See and Do Near the Pont Alexandre iii:

5. Place de la Concorde (Paris 8)

Place de la Concorde

Located between the Tuileries Garden and the Champs Elysées, Place de la Concorde is one of the Royal Squares of Paris and the second-largest square in France, only after Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux.

Place de la Concorde was built in 1748 at the site of a former swamp just outside the Tuileries Garden to celebrate King Louis XV’s recovery from an illness. At that time, the equestrian statue of the King dominated the vast square.

During the French Revolution, the new revolutionary government installed the guillotine. The first person to try the guillotine’s blade was King Louis XVI, King Louis XV’s grandson. A few months later, in 1795, the Directory decided to name the square Place de la Concorde to mark the reconciliation of the French after this bloody chapter of France’s history.

Today, Place de la Concorde is dominated by an elegant fountain and the Luxor Obelisk, which is part of the biggest sundial in Paris – look for the sundial marks on the pavement. During the Paris Summer Olympics 2024, Place de la Concorde will become one of the open-air 2024 Olympic venues at the heart of Paris to host innovative and spectacular sports such as Breaking, present for the first time at the Olympic Games, Basketball 3×3, BMX Freestyle, and Skateboarding.

Things to See and Do Near Place de la Concorde:

6. Eiffel Tower (Paris 7)

Visit the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Everyone knows the iconic Eiffel Tower. Made famous by numerous movies and stories since its inception, the Eiffel Tower is a beacon of modern construction and one of the main landmarks of the Parisian skyline.

The Eiffel Tower is much more than a tower! If you climb up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you’ll enjoy the most stunning views possible across the city. And if you visit at dusk, you’ll be treated to the nighttime light show, when the tower is lit up by 20,000 light bulbs. There are also numerous eating options on different floors, including the fabulous Champagne Bar at the top.

One of the most popular tourist sites in the French capital, the Eiffel Tower will also be one of the Paris Olympic venues. During the Summer Olympics 2024, the Eiffel Tower will be the perfect backdrop for Beach Volleyball competitions

If you want to visit the Eiffel Tower during the Summer Olympics 2024, you will need to be really fast. The Eiffel Tower tickets can be purchased up to three months in advance, and we can expect they will sell out almost immediately for the Summer Olympic dates!

If you can’t find Eiffel Tickets only for your dates, an Eiffel Tower skip-the-line tour by Tiqets or Get Your Guide can be the perfect B plan to climb up the Eiffel Tower.

Things to See and Do Near the Eiffel Tower

7. Champ-de-Mars Arena (Paris 7)

Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars

The Champ-de-Mars is a huge green space that extends from the École Militaire to the Eiffel Tower. It was first opened in 1780 and, over the years, has become a hotspot for the top events in the city. It’s also one of the best places to picnic in Paris for its views of the Eiffel Tower.

While you’re in Paris, make sure you check out events at the Champ de Mars and take a look at the Mur pour la Paix (Wall of Peace) in front of the École Militaire.

Part of this gorgeous green space is occupied today with the Grand Palais Ephemère, a temporary timber structure designed by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte to host events from the worlds of art, while the Grand Palais is closed for works.

In 2024, the work on the Grand Palais will be completed, and the Grand Palais Ephemère will become the Champ-de-Mars Arena to hold the Judo, Wrestling, and Breaking competitions. 

Things to See and Do Near Champs de Mars:

8. Hotel des Invalides (Paris 7)

Les Invalides - Paris

You wouldn’t think that a military hospital would be near the top of any list of the best things to see in Paris, but this one is special. It was built between 1671 and 1676 at the direction of King Louis XIV, who wanted a place to house the wounded and homeless veterans who fought during his campaigns.

Today, the Hôtel des Invalides still serves as a hospital and hospice for wounded veterans, but there’s a lot more to see inside.

It’s an enormous building complex that contains museums and monuments, all related to the military history of France. Here, you will find, amongst others, the Army Museum (Musée de l’Armée), Saint-Louis des Invalides Cathedral, and the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte below the Dome des Invalides.

Following this warlike tradition, the Hotel des Invalides is one of the designated Paris Olympics 2024 venues and will play host to the Archery competitions and also Athletics and Road Cycling competitions.

Things to See and Do Near Les Invalides:

9. Stade Roland Garros (Paris 16)

If you like tennis, then you probably already know this Stade Roland Garros, which holds some of the top tennis competitions in Paris, including the French Open, one of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

The complex was built in 1928 in anticipation of France’s defense of the Davis Cup.  It’s named after Roland Garros, a French aviator and war hero, and stretches over 20 courts. It also has a restaurant and bar center, training center, and Le Village.

Right now, you can explore the best of the Stade Roland Garros on a guided tour. Here, you will also find the Tenniseum, a multimedia museum that will teach you more about the history of tennis.

Of course, the Stade Roland Garros will be one of the 2024 Olympic venues in Paris to hold the Tennis competitions. The Stade will also play host to Boxing matches. 

Things to See and Do Near Stade Roland Garros:

  • Bois de Boulogne
  • Serres d’Auteuil
  • Petite Ceinture (section in Paris 16)

10. Parc des Princes (Paris 16)

Parc des Princes Stadium

Football is an incredibly popular sport in Europe, and France is no different. Paris is home to the Paris Saint Germain football team, which is based in the Parc des Princes stadium. This iconic stadium seats over 47,900 fans and hosts important football matches whenever the local team is at home.

The stadium also occasionally hosts concerts put on by French and international artists. During the Olympic Games, the Parc des Princes will be one of the Paris 2024 venues, and the top Football teams in the world will compete on its famous grounds. 

Things to See and Do Near Parc des Princes:

  • Bois de Boulogne
  • Serres d’Auteuil
  • Petite Ceinture (section in Paris 16)

Other 2024 Olympic Venues Within Paris

Eiffel Tower Paris

There are lots of world-famous sites in Paris involved in the Olympics. But there are also lesser-known but just as amazing Paris Olympic venues that have been chosen for the Games. Other events will be held at sites like:

  • Iéna Bridge, in Paris 7 (Road Cycling, Athletics)
  • Arena Porte de la Chapelle, in Paris 18 (Badminton, Rhythmic Gymnastics)
  • Arena Bercy, in Paris 12 (Basketball, Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline)
  • Arena Paris Sud 1, in Paris 15 (Volleyball)
  • Arena Paris Sud 4, in Paris 15 (Table Tennis)
  • Arena Paris Sud 6, in Paris 15 (Weight Lifting, Handball)

And there you have it, the list of 2024 Olympic venues in Paris, with some suggestions of things to see and do nearby.

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