Tips for Using the Metro of Paris in the Summer

I decided to write this post during the heatwave in Paris. My metro ride from work to home usually takes 40 minutes. This afternoon it took me the double.

It is summer in Paris. The city is crowded with tourists (high season in Paris). There are endless works in the Metro of Paris. There is a heatwave in Paris and in half of Europe, with temperatures higher than 35C. And with the heat come the mechanical, electronic and informatics problems which block full metro lines or extend our metro rides. Today I have seen hell in the Metro of Paris and I want you to avoid this.

Do you want to know how to survive the metro of Paris in the summer? Here are my top tips


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Paris Airport to City by Public Transportation: You Don’t Need This

After a long flight and a crazy ride on a crowded train without air conditioning, you reach finally your hotel in Paris. You are loaded with luggage, sweating like a chicken, and totally exhausted.

NO, you don’t want this to be your first experience in Paris. Really. Private transportation from Paris Airports to the city is not much more expensive than Airport tickets – Metro Paris ticket + RER train ticket (10.30€), especially if you are traveling with your partner, family or with a group of friends. In addition, private transportation avoids the hassle of carrying your luggage through all of Paris.

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Dress with Light and Comfortable Fabrics

Paris packing list Spring - Summer

You don’t want to sweat like a chicken 10 minutes after leaving your hotel. Avoid synthetic fabrics and tight outfits and favor fabrics like cotton, or linen. Keep your jacket or cardigan in your backpack, you are not going to need them in the Parisian Metro.

TIP: dress like a Parisian, check our Paris Packing List for this summer

Drink Lots of Water

Good hydration is crucial for surviving the metro of Paris in the summer. When it is hot in Paris I usually empty my 75cl water only during the metro ride. Before leaving the hotel, fill your travel bottle, and refill it as much as you need it. Here’s the map of all the public fountains in Paris where you can refill your water bottle, we even have sparkling water for free!

TIP: let’s take care of our environment. Refuse single-use plastic bottles and travel with your insulated water bottle

Keep Your Skin Fresh

canicule paris

Fan, fogger, refreshing wipes, or even a newspaper, all tools are good for getting some fresh air during your metro ride. Choose your favorite one and when traveling in Paris in the summer keep it always close in your bag.


Let’s be civilized, please. The deodorant is a must of the Parisian metro. So be cool, use your favorite deodorant, and don’t torture the rest of the passengers.

Favor deodorants without aluminum salts or even bio deodorants: your skin will appreciate it!

Keep it Cool with your Makeup and Perfume during Summer in Paris

Bad news: the perfume does not mask the bad smell or avoids you to fell the others’ smells. It is true that Paris is the city of perfumes but please, make us a favor and wait until you are back home to test your newest perfume acquisition in Paris.

You don’t want to feel your make up flowing down your cheeks at 8 am. Remember: less is more so favor light makeup and quality products specially designed to resist hot temperatures.

Avoid Metro Disturbances

Currently, there are many metro stations closed for works mainly to adapt the centenary Parisian metro for disable people. Also, with the heat come all the mechanical, electric, and informatics problems which block full lines or make metro rides even longer.

Before leaving the hotel, we recommend having a quick look at the RATP site. On it, you will find live information such as disturbances, close metro stations, and more. You can also click on the icons of a specific metro or RER line to have more details of this line.

RATP Website

Pickpockets are not on Holidays in Paris in the Summer

The Parisian Metro is hot and crowded in the summer but Summer in Paris is also the best season for pickpockets. So watch out our belongings inside the trains, in the corridors, and on the mechanical stairs.

TIP: we recommend using an anti-theft backpack or an anti-theft travel bag for your explorations in Paris

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Let it Go . . .

Paris public transportation

Hub metro stations are also the most crowded. On some metro stations like République, Chatelet, Saint Michel, or Montparnasse, it is as if all the city wanted to enter on the trains. During the rush hour, there is a metro every 2 minutes so if you are not in a rush and the train is too crowded, just let it go and wait for the next one . . .

I hope this article will help you with the Metro of Paris in the Summer. Good luck!

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