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Packing for Paris: What to Wear in Paris Summer & Spring 2019


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Planning a trip to Paris in the spring or in summer? You know already where to stay in Paris and you have a Paris Bucket List, but you have no idea about what to pack for Paris. How is Parisian clothing and fashion in Paris? What are the best outfits to wear in Paris? What shoes to wear in Paris? How to dress like a Parisian? Look no further, we tell you everything you need to know about packing for Paris, along with some suggestions and ideas of clothes to wear in Paris for 2019.

Spring and summer in Paris mean longer days and better temperatures. Paris outfits and travel essentials are definitely more colorful than in on our Paris Packing List fall-winter, without forgetting the “no more than 3 colors” rule.

Paris is the city of fashion and chic and Paris women’s clothing tends to be more dressy than in other European cities. As a visitor who doesn’t want to look out of place in the streets of Paris, forget your gym wear and beachwear for exploring Paris, both synonym of a tourist. Instead, aim for a comfortable but feminine look with an edge.

TIP: Need some help to find your style? Book a private 3-hour shopping tour in Paris with an expert stylist


Dress Like a Parisian: Paris Chic Inspiration on Amazon



Parisian style is simple, chic and beautiful. Parisian women’s motto is “Less is More”, with a minimum of items which are versatile and easy to combine. The perfect travel packing list for Paris in the spring or summer should include:

» A few basic items, easy to combine to create different outfits

» Light, breathable fabrics, preferably easy to dry

» One color story, with a preference for neutral colors and black (Parisians cannot do without black)

» Sunglasses are a must, without forgetting those 2-3 great accessories that complete any outfit and give a touch of color

» Comfortable walking shoes for Paris are perfect to walk the city’s cobbled streets

» An outfit and a pair of shoes that can be worn for a nice dinner or to enjoy the nightlife in Paris. A little black dress (LBD) is always a good idea in Paris.

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The history of the Little Black Dress

Why the little black dress is a classic of the Parisian wardrobe?

The little black dress, also known as LBD, is an evening dress usually simple and cut short. Fashion historians attribute the “invention of the little black dress to Coco Chanel in the 1920s. After the Great Depression, Chanel wanted to propose simple and affordable clothing for all women. The black color was perfect in a period when textiles and fabrics were rationed as women could be elegant without spending that much.

In 1926 Vogue published a drawing of a simple black dress in crêpe de Chine by Coco Chanel with a string of pearls as the only accessory. The publication referred to this little black dress as “Chanel’s Ford” meaning that it was simple and accessible to all women. Years later, celebrities like Audrey Hepburn’s, dressed in a simple but elegant little black dress by Givenchy in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, contributed to the popularity of this simple dress.

Today, the little black dress is considered essential to complete a French woman’s wardrobe. As a “rule of fashion”, it is believed that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down, alone or with other accessories depending on the occasion.

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What to wear in Paris in Spring? Paris in the Spring means unpredictable weather with warm and sunny days but also rainy and chilly days. If you visit Paris during the Spring you need to be prepared for anything! When thinking about clothes to wear in Paris in Spring, layering is essential and your list of spring clothes will definitely include a jacket or a trench coat for rainy days. Items like a foldable umbrella and a light scarf will be your best allies so don’t forget to include them in your Paris packing list. Before leaving home to Paris, check the weather forecast and pack consequently.

OUR TIP: remember that churches in Paris request visitors to cover their shoulders inside the church. If you are wearing a sleeveless top or dress, think about packing a light scarf or jacket to cover your shoulders during this kind of visits.

Paris Wear Spring 2019

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What to wear in Paris in Summer? Paris in the Summer comes with some hot days! You can definitely leave your jeans at home and look for more fresh fabrics. Paris Summer fashion consists of items like nice blouses or t-shirts and skirts or a couple of dresses to wear in Paris. Shorts are uncommon in Paris, they are mostly seen at the beach. Basically, shorts are the first major sign that you are a tourist!

Accessories like stylish sunglasses or a nice bag are a must, and you definitely want to complement your French outfit with a nice hat to protect you from the sun.

Despite the warmer /hotter temperatures in Paris, it is advisable to add a light cardigan or sweater in your day bag. This is perfect to wear if it gets colder at night.

Great for your Paris Outfits Summer

Dresses to wear in Paris (Summer dresses for Paris)



What shoes to wear in Paris? You definitely want stylish walking shoes for Paris. Other comfortable shoes for Paris are sneakers or flats, especially if you are going to follow one of our Paris itineraries. Heels are not good for Paris sightseeing but maybe you are too addicted to leave them at home? Bring your heels only if you plan activities where you need to dress up, like a nice dinner in a chic Parisian restaurant, or a night at the Opéra Garnier.

Shoes to wear in Paris in Summer: when the weather is too hot you can also replace your flats or sneakers for a pair of comfortable nice sandals (no plastic flip-flops please), but only if you have a good pedicure.

Best Shoes for Paris in Spring – Summer

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So how to pack for Paris? Here’s our suggestion on what to wear in Paris summer – spring to blend in with the local crowd. This Paris Packing List of clothes in Paris works well for exploring, sightseeing, dining or going out.

THE BRANDS: the proposed Paris outfits and Paris travel essentials come from top quality brands that we like and use. Probably, some of the items we propose below are in our wardrobe already. We looked for brands that are available on Amazon in Europe and the US.

NB: links and product availability are checked regularly. Don’t take it out on us if a product is sold out. Most probably, it was a victim of its own success!

Paris packing list Spring - Summer


What to take to Paris Summer – Spring 2019

Accessories: 1. Classic Fedora Hat | 2. Wrap Scarf | 3. Lancome Vibrant Lipshine | 4. Givenchy Round Sunglasses | 20. Envelope Clutch |

Tops: 5. Striped Tee | 6. Short-Sleeve T-Shirt | 7. Cami Top | 8. V-Neck Blouse | 19. Light Blazer |

Pants & Dresses: 9. Skater Skirt | 11. Slim Jeans | 12. Floral Print Pants | 13. White Cropped Chinos | 17. Maxi Dress | 18. Little Black Dress |

Bags: 21. Front Cross Body Bag | 22. Tote Bag | 23. Shopper Bag | 24. Bucket Bag |

Footwear: 10. Sneakers | 14. Pumps | 15. Sandals | 16. Flats |


Perfect bags for exploring Paris

TIP: these anti-theft bags and anti-theft backpacks are stylish and perfect for safe travels exploring the world


After all these recommendations, we are sure that Parisian clothing has no secrets for you! What to pack for Paris in 2019?


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