What to Pack for Paris in August

Packing for Paris in August

Packing list for Paris in August: learn what to pack for a trip to Paris in August to be stylish and comfortable and get the dress code right.

Going on holiday is all about exploring new places and having a great time. And if your next destination is the French capital, you’re sure to enjoy every second.

But, before you travel to Paris, you need to do a little bit of prep, and that includes packing your suitcase and doing it right. That includes some outfits, travel essentials, and accessories that’ll make you feel good and comfortable during your wanderings in Paris.

Parisians are known for their elegant sense of style, and you want to fit right in while still being comfortable enough to spend long days out and about. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between practicality and comfort.

So, how to pack for Paris in August? What to wear in Paris in August to be comfortable and feel good?

Packing for Paris

Luckily for you, we are locals in Paris and also expert travelers, so we’ve got all the tips you’ll need for packing for Paris in August properly. Go on reading to learn what clothes to wear in Paris in August, which comes with a practical list of things to pack for Paris in August (a Paris packing list) at the end of this post.

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Weather in Paris in August

In August, Paris is hot and sunny. The average temperatures in Paris are 25C maximum and 16C minimum, with an 11% probability of rainfall.

The good news is that (unlike in July), it is rare to experience a heatwave (we call it “canicule”) in Paris in August. Still, when it is too hot, it is good to avoid physical activities, protect your head and eyes from the sun, and adapt your outfits to the high temperatures. Last but not least, drink water continuously.

It does not matter if you visit Paris in early August or during the last days of the month; your Paris packing list August should be the same.

August in Paris Max. Temperature
August in Paris Min. Temperature
Avg. Days of Rain
25 C /77 F
16 C /60 F

Things to Pack for Paris in August – Top Tips by Locals

Paris Packing List Men

What to pack for Paris in August? The month of August calls for summer clothing!

The best clothes to wear in Paris in summer are light, breathable clothes made of natural fibers that do not trap the heat on your body and help you to stay as fresh as possible.

Pack summer dresses, short sleeve tops, and sandals or breathable shoes. Also, it is important to protect your head and eyes from the sun.

If you are traveling to Paris in August, we suggest adding a light jacket or shawl to your Paris packing list for when you want to visit a church, as shorts and tank tops are not allowed.

Check out our style guide to get the Parisian style right.

What to Wear in Paris in August: Style Guide

What to wear in Paris in Summer and Spring

Paris is the city of fashion and chic, and people’s clothing here tends to be more dressy than in other European cities, even in the summertime.

The Paris summer style for women consists of items like casual T-shirts, nice blouses, short skirts, and a couple of dresses.

While shorts for women are almost a must in Southern France, they are uncommon in Paris, even during the hottest days. Basically, shorts are the first major sign that you are a tourist!

Accessories like stylish sunglasses or a nice bag are a must for your Paris outfits in summer, and you definitely want to add a beautiful hat to protect you from the sun.

Men traveling to Paris in August can leave the jeans at home and replace them with slim-fit chinos. Compared to jeans, chinos are lightweight and easy to pack, plus they can be dressed up with a button-down and a pair of loafers or dressed down with a t-shirt or polo and stylish sneakers.

If you still need some help on how to combine the things to pack for Paris to create great outfits, we have dedicated articles for Paris in the summer, men & women.

TIP: You can also come to Paris with half of the suitcase empty and enjoy a Paris shopping tour with a passionate and creative personal shopper! She will help you to choose the best clothes to wear in Paris for your travel style. This fun shopping experience is suitable for women and men. If you are traveling with teenagers, check out this shopping tour for teens in Paris.

Paris Packing List for Paris in August

This packing list for Paris in August comes with some basic tips for your luggage, travel essentials, and toiletries. Then, there’s a list of suggested things to pack for Paris in August for men and women.

1. Paris Packing List: Luggage

Carry-on vs. Checked Suitcase:

Use a suitcase that is sized to the duration of your trip to Paris. Remember that some airlines charge for checked luggage, and there is always the chance that your luggage does not follow you if your flight to Paris has a short layover. I am a big fan of Delsey Paris, as it has elegant designs and comes in a couple of nice colors. Plus, the carry-on isn’t too expensive.

Packing Cubes:

How could we travel before without packing cubes? Packing cubes are the single best packing hack that I can recommend for packing for Paris and anywhere else. Personally, I have three packing cubes (red, green, blue) where I keep different items (e.g., casual clothes, hiking /sports clothes, fancy clothes).

Daypack vs. Day Bag:

The answer will depend on your personal style and what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis during your trip to Paris. If you are concerned about safety in Paris, check out this quick guide to anti-theft backpacks or this guide to anti-theft day bags (but not every person in Paris is trying to rob you, so chill out).

2. Paris Packing List: Clothes and Accessories

Here’s a checklist of accessories and clothes to wear in Paris during this month, with links to nice items available on Amazon:

Sleeveless tops

Short sleeve tops

V-neck blouse

Skater skirt

Chino pants

Little black dress

Floral print pants

Maxi dress


Sun hat

Flats, classic sneakers, and sandals

– Everyday essentials (underwear, socks, pajamas, etc)

Paris packing list for men:

Classic Crew Neck T-shirt

Stylish polo

Slim-fit chinos

Stylish shorts


Loafers, comfortable espadrilles, and classic sneakers

– Everyday essentials (underwear, socks, pajamas, etc)

3. Paris Packing List: Travel Essentials

– Sunscreen

– Phone charger

Portable Power Bank

Travel adapter

Mini portable hair dryer dual voltage (usually provided in 4-star & luxury hotels)

-Passport + travel documents + visa if relevant

– Prepaid SIM card for France (check here how to get one before landing in Paris)

Travel pillow for the plane

– Travel Insurance (click here for our best tips for a safe trip depending on your country of origin)

-Some cash for small purchases and tips + bank cards (read about tipping in Paris)

-International driving license, if relevant

-Phone/ Camera

-Swimwear and wet bags for hot days on the beach if planning on a day trip (or you booked a hotel with a swimming pool) 

Reusable water bottle (it is safe to drink tap water in Paris)

Basic first aid kit 

-Medication and prescriptions, if relevant

4. Paris Packing List: Handy Toiletries

You can buy all this in local pharmacy shops or supermarkets, but many people prefer to bring them from home. If packing toiletries for a short trip, you may want to add small bottles of your favorite toiletries to your luggage:

-Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

-Shower gel/soap (usually there’s soap in the hotels in Paris, but perhaps you want to use your favorite one?)

-Shampoo and conditioner



-Comb and brush

-Face and body moisturizers

-Lip balm

-Women’s sanitary supplies

-Perfume/skin scent


-Shaving cream, blades, and accessories

-Hair ties

And there you have it, what to pack for Paris in August with our top tips to get the Parisian style right.

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