What to Wear in Paris – Fall & Winter 2023-2024

Paris Style Guide – Fall & Winter

Are you planning a trip to Paris in the fall or winter? You already know where to stay in Paris and what to visit in the city, but you have no idea what to pack. What to wear in Paris in the fall? How to dress in Paris in winter?

Look no further; this quick Paris style guide for women covers the basics of Paris fall fashion 2023 and Paris winter fashion 2023-2024, with some Paris outfit ideas to feel comfortable and look stylish. After reading this fashion guide Paris, you will see that making your Paris packing list is easy!

In this Paris style guide, you will learn:

  • What to wear in Paris in September 2023
  • What to wear in Paris in October 2023
  • What to wear in Paris in November 2023
  • What to wear in Paris in December 2023
  • What to wear in Paris in January 2024
  • What to wear in Paris in February 2024
Paris Fall - Winter Clothes

The Parisian Style – Paris Fall Fashion 2023 & Paris Winter Fashion 2023-2024

Shopping in Paris

The Parisian style is simple, chic, and beautiful. Parisian women’s motto is “Less is More,” with a minimum of items that are versatile and easy to combine.

What is the secret of the Parisian style? Parisian women’s wardrobe has affordable basics mixed with great accessories. Most Parisian women wear classic outfits you probably have already in your closet.

Colors are neutral, combining 2-3 colors (maximum!) on the same outfit. Finally, Parisian women choose quality pieces that will last many years.

What are the essentials to get the Parisian style this fall and winter?

  1. striped tee
  2. white shirt
  3. the perfect pair of jeans
  4. black blazer
  5. trench coat
  6. little black dress
  7. the perfect bag
  8. a good and warm coat for the coldest days

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TIP: You can also come to Paris with half of the suitcase empty and enjoy a Paris shopping tour with a passionate and creative personal shopper! She will help you to choose the best clothes to wear in Paris for your travel style. This fun shopping experience is suitable for women and men. If you are traveling with teenagers, check out this shopping tour for teens in Paris.

The Little Black Dress: So Parisian, so Chic!

Why the little black dress is a classic of the Parisian wardrobe?

The little black dress, also known as LBD, is an evening dress for women, usually simple and cut short.

Fashion historians attribute the invention of the little black dress to Coco Chanel in the 1920s. After the Great Depression, Chanel wanted to propose a simple and affordable dress for all women to be elegant without spending much. The black color was perfect in a period when textiles, fabrics, and colors were rationed.

In 1926, Vogue published the drawing of a simple black dress in crêpe de Chine by Coco Chanel. Vogue named this design “Chanel’s Ford” because (like Ford’s cars) it was a dress accessible to all women.

Over the years, celebrities dressed in simple but elegant little black dresses (see Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s!) contributed to the popularity of the little black dress.

Today, the little black dress is one of the essentials for every Parisian woman. The little black dress can be dressed up or down, alone or with other accessories, depending on the occasion.

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What to Wear in Paris in the Fall (Paris Fall Outfits)

Paris in the fall still has pleasant temperatures (maximums of 11 C° to 21 C°), and there are still some sunny days with blue skies.

What to wear in Paris in the fall? If you visit Paris during the fall, you must be prepared for anything! Layering is essential, and your Paris fall outfits will include a jacket or a trench coat for rainy days.

Items like a foldable umbrella and a light scarf will be your best allies, so don’t forget to include them in your Paris packing list fall. Before leaving home for Paris, check the weather forecast and review your Paris packing list if necessary.

What to Wear in Paris, Fall Fashion 2023

What to Wear in Paris in Winter (Paris Winter Outfits)

Winter in Paris is the less convenient season in terms of weather (minimums of 2 C° to 7° C and only 4 to 5 hours of light). January and February are the coldest months in Paris, but it is never as cold as in Northern Europe. Snow in Paris is rare; maybe it can snow for a few days in February.

What to wear in Paris in the winter? Your outfits for Paris in winter will have a warm coat. Nice Paris outfits winter include turtlenecks, wool ponchos, or oversized cardigans as the second layer. You can complete your outfits in Paris with a warm scarf and a wool hat.

What to Wear in Paris, Winter Fashion 2023-2024

Add some Merino wool and thermal underwear to your Paris packing list winter

What Shoes to Wear in Paris Winter – Fall

What shoes to wear in Paris in the fall or winter? Paris is a very walkable city, so you definitely want stylish walking shoes for Paris. Sneakers and flats are other comfortable walking shoes for your Paris packing list.

Heels are not good shoes to wear in Paris if your Paris Checklist includes mainly sightseeing and long walks. But maybe you are too addicted to your heels to leave them at home? Bring your heels only if you plan activities where you must dress up, like a dinner in an upscale Parisian restaurant.

In our Paris packing list winter, we don’t propose boots. Boots are stylish and look very well in Paris, plus they are warm! However, we considered that they take too much space in the suitcase to bring them for a few days in Paris.

Stylish Walking Shoes for Paris Winter – Fall

Paris Packing List Winter Fall

Are you wondering how to dress in Paris in the fall or during the coldest months of the year? Here’s our suggestion for ways to blend in with the local crowd in Paris in the fall and winter. These Paris travel essentials work well for exploring, sightseeing, dining, or going out.

Paris Packing List Winter - Fall
Paris Packing List Winter – Fall

NB: Links and product availability are checked regularly. Don’t take it out on us if a product is sold out. Most probably, it was a victim of its own success!

How to Dress in Paris When It Rains

Paris in the Rain

When it is gray and rainy in Paris, it’s nice to have a touch of color in your outfit. The travel rain jacket and umbrella below are perfect for a rainy day in Paris: they are light, easy to fold, and fit everywhere in your suitcase. We assume that the rainy boots are more difficult to include in your Paris packing list, but we could not help adding them here to complete the look 😉


Best Tips for Your Paris Outfits Winter & Fall

» Invest in the perfect jeans, a trench (or jacket), and a bag.

» Pack clothes in simple color palettes.

» Packing Cubes are perfect for packing for Paris. Check this best packing cubes review

» Wear comfortable walking shoes for Paris; you will walk a lot!

» Don’t accessorize too much.

» Scarfs and some hats are effortlessly Parisian and protect from the cold temperatures.

» Because the proposed packing list is full of neutral colors (black, white, grey . .), we recommend a touch of “rouge” to compensate. This can be on your lips or a red scarf if you don’t like makeup.

» Don’t try to be perfect, especially with your hair! 😉

» Click here to know what to pack in your travel day bag for exploring Paris

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And there you have it, our Paris Style Guide Fall & Winter for women with some ideas of outfits to wear in Paris in winter and fall.

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