What to Pack for Paris in October (Paris Packing List October)

What to Bring to Paris in October?

Packing list for Paris in October: learn what to pack for a trip to Paris in October to be stylish and comfortable and blend in with the locals.

A trip to France’s capital is the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to explore the incredible sites and iconic attractions of Paris and immerse yourself in the fashion-conscious culture!

But packing for Paris in October can also be a bit daunting. Of course, you want to be comfortable for sightseeing and long promenades along the avenues and gardens of Paris. However, Parisians are notoriously well-dressed and very put together. So, the last thing you want is to be the tourist that stands out.

The good news is that with our Paris packing list October it’s totally possible to have the best of both worlds – you can be comfortable, look stylish, and be appropriately dressed for the weather. And we’re going to tell you just how to do that in the lines below.

Here’s our guide on what to pack for Paris in October.

Paris Packing List October

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Weather in Paris in October

October in Paris means the start of the fall season. You can expect mild temperatures, shorter days but good hours of sunshine, and a reasonable amount of dry days with the occasional shower.

The average temperature in Paris in October is 17C maximum and 11C minimum, with a 13% probability of rainfall. As the month progresses, the temperatures get cooler, but during the last years, October was a great month for long walks, outdoor activities, and weekend getaways from Paris.

October in Paris Max. Temperature
October in Paris Min. Temperature
Avg. Days of Rain
17 C /62 F
11 C /52 F

UPDATE 2023: temperatures in Paris during the first half of the month are being warmer than usual (I can’t use a light jacket yet!). If this is the case for your days in Paris, check out our Paris packing list September and combine items from both packing lists (September and October).

Packing for Paris in October – Top Tips by Locals

What to bring to Paris in October? The key to your outfits for Paris in October is layers.

In Paris in early October, some people may be comfortable in short sleeves during the day, but later in the evening, you will be happy to have an extra layer or two. Usually, the weather in Paris in early October is still sunny, so be sure to add your sunglasses to your Paris packing list.

October is also the time to rescue your jeans and long trousers. Forget the sandals at home and bring comfortable closed shoes or sneakers with socks, especially if you visit Paris in late October

What to Wear in Paris in October: Style Guide

Paris Fall - Winter Clothes

If you need more ideas for what to wear in Paris in October and how to combine the things you pack to look stylish and blend in with locals, check out our fall style guides for men and women.

TIP: You can also come to Paris with half of the suitcase empty and enjoy a Paris shopping tour with a passionate and creative personal shopper! She will help you to choose the best clothes to wear in Paris for your travel style. This fun shopping experience is suitable for women and men. If you are traveling with teenagers, check out this shopping tour for teens in Paris.

Things to Pack for Paris – Packing List for Paris in October

This list of things to pack for Paris in October comes with some basic tips for your luggage (suitcase and day bag /backpack), travel essentials, and toiletries. Then, there’s a list of clothes to wear in Paris in October for men and women.

1. Paris Packing List: Luggage

Carry-on vs. Checked Suitcase:

Use a suitcase that is sized to the duration of your trip to Paris. Remember that some airlines charge for checked luggage, and there is always the chance that your luggage does not follow you if your flight to Paris has a short layover. I am a big fan of Delsey Paris, as it has elegant designs and comes in a couple of nice colors. Plus, the carry-on isn’t too expensive.

Packing Cubes:

How could we travel before without packing cubes? Packing cubes are the single best packing hack that I can recommend for packing for Paris and anywhere else. Personally, I have three packing cubes (red, green, blue) where I keep different items (e.g., casual clothes, hiking /sports clothes, fancy clothes).

Daypack vs. Day Bag:

The answer will depend on your personal style and what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis during your trip to Paris. If you are concerned about safety in Paris, check out this quick guide to anti-theft backpacks or this guide to anti-theft day bags (but not every person in Paris is trying to rob you, so chill out).

2. Paris Packing List: Clothes and Accessories

If you are still wondering what to pack for a trip to Paris in October, here’s a checklist of accessories and clothes to wear in Paris in October, with links to nice items available on Amazon. A couple of days before leaving for Paris, check out the weather forecast and adjust this Paris packing list:

Short sleeve tops

Casual White Shirt

Stripped top

Little black dress

Slim jeans

Straight Leg Dress Pants

Light blazer

Trench Coat (for the coldest days of October)

Light scarf

Sunglasses (for the sunny days of early October)

Flats and classic sneakers

– Everyday essentials (underwear, socks, pajamas, etc.)

Paris packing list for men:

Classic crew neck T-shirt

Stylish polo

Oxford shirt

Crew neck sweater


Slim Fit Chinos

Travel Blazer

Bomber Jacket (for the coldest days of October)


Pointed Shoes and classic sneakers

– Everyday essentials (underwear, socks, pajamas, etc.)

3. Paris Packing List: Travel Essentials

– Phone charger

Portable Power Bank

Travel adapter

Mini portable hair dryer dual voltage (usually provided in mid-range & luxury hotels)

-Passport + travel documents + visa if relevant

– Prepaid SIM card for France (check here how to get one before landing in Paris)

Travel pillow for the plane

– Travel Insurance (click here for our best tips for a safe trip depending on your country of origin)

-Some cash for small purchases and tips + bank cards (read about tipping in Paris)

-International driving license, if relevant

-Phone/ Camera

Reusable water bottle (it is safe to drink tap water in Paris)

Foldable travel umbrella

Basic first aid kit 

-Medication and prescriptions, if relevant

4. Paris Packing List: Handy Toiletries

You can buy all this in local pharmacy shops or supermarkets, but many people prefer to bring them from home. If packing toiletries for a short trip, you may want to add small bottles of your favorite toiletries to your luggage:

-Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

-Shower gel/soap (usually there’s soap in the hotels in Paris, but perhaps you want to use your favorite one?)

-Shampoo and conditioner



-Comb and brush

-Face and body moisturizers

-Lip balm

-Women’s sanitary supplies

-Perfume/skin scent


-Shaving cream, blades, and accessories

-Hair ties

And there you have it, a comprehensive list of what to pack for Paris in October with our top tips for your Packing list for Paris

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