Paris Quiz: How Well Do you Know Paris?

How well do you know Paris? Get ready to test your knowledge of all things Parisian with this free Paris-themed quiz that we have prepared for you.

You can do this quiz alone or, even better, host a trivia night at home or in zoom with your Paris-loving friends. Add a glass of French wine and some French music and you are halfway there.


How does this Paris Quiz Work?

This Paris Quiz is totally for free and there’s no need to subscribe anywhere to check the answers.

There are 4 rounds of questions, 10 questions per round with a last round of 12 questions. The first questions are very easy, to warm up. Then the quiz gets harder…

One Player

If you are playing alone, go through the questions trying to answer as many as you can without any time limit. Note the answers on a piece of paper.

Then at the end of each round, click on the link to check the answers. Most of the answers score 1 point whilst the most difficult answers score 2 points.

Take note of your total score at the end of each round. At the end of the quiz add the four scores to get your final score.

How did it go? Tell us your final score in the Facebook group.


Two or More Players

You need somebody who hosts the quiz and reads out the questions and the answers.

Set a timer for each question. You can give your friends 15 seconds per question to keep the quiz moving along.

At the end of each round, the host reads the answers (remember to mention which answers get 2 points) and everybody takes note of his total score. At the end of the quiz, everybody adds the four scores to get his final score. Who knows more about Paris?

With some people and a few wines involved, this will take around an hour to complete.

Are you ready? Bonne chance, happy quizzing!


ROUND 1 (Warming Up)

Eiffel Tower at Sunrise

1 What is the tallest building in Paris? EASY

2 In which French Region is located Paris? EASY 

3 What was the original function of the Louvre, before becoming a National Museum? EASY 

4 If you are in the Quartier Latin, you are in Paris Left Bank or in Paris Right Bank? EASY

5 What is Paris’ motto? HARD

6 Give us the name of 3 palaces in Paris, home of Kings and Queens MEDIUM

7 What is the oldest public park (or garden) in Paris? MEDIUM

8 Where did King Louis XVI die? MEDIUM

9 Who designed the Eiffel Tower? EASY

10 Who is the Saint-Patron of Paris? MEDIUM


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ROUND 2 (Ouff!)

Visit Paris Montmartre

1 What is Montmartre? MEDIUM

2 What is the highest point in Paris? MEDIUM

3 Name 2 typical Parisian desserts (born and perfected in Paris). Hint: we hope you don’t answer macarons!! MEDIUM

4 What is the name of the Phantom of the Opéra? HARD

5 Who wrote Les Misérables, set in Paris? MEDIUM

6 Which Royal Palace is closer to Paris: Château de Fontainebleau, Château de Vincennes, or Château de Versailles? MEDIUM

7 What is the Roman name of Paris? MEDIUM

8 What is the oldest building in Paris? MEDIUM

9 What is the oldest building built in Paris? MEDIUM

10 How many Chinatown(s) can we find in Paris? HARD


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ROUND 3 (Oh, la la!)

Visit Louvre Museum

1 A bit of gossip: what was the main reason for the divorce of Napoleon i and Joséphine? HARD

2 What is the name of the oldest Parisian bridge along the Seine River? MEDIUM

3 What’s the meaning of the word “PANAME”? VERY HARD

4 What is the oldest street in Paris? HARD

5 Where in Paris can we admire Monet’s waterlilies? MEDIUM

6 Where is located Coco Chanel’s historic boutique in Paris? MEDIUM

7 Who said Paris is well worth a Mass? HARD

8 How many airports can we find in Paris? MEDIUM

9 What is a Saint-Honoré? HARD

10 Give us the name of 3 famous Parisian Cabarets MEDIUM


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ROUND 4 (Ça Passe ou ça Casse)

two days in Paris - Pigalle

1 Jacques Chirac was the last French President to die, on 26th September 2019. In what famous Parisian cemetery is he buried? HARD

2 In which famous street the Hemingways rented their first apartment in Paris? MEDIUM

3 Paris is crossed by two rivers: the Seine and a second one. What’s the name of this second river in Paris? VERY HARD

4 In which district can we find the historical aristocratic neighborhood of Faubourg Saint-Germain? HARD

5 What is the meaning of Le Marais?´MEDIUM

6 Paris is only twinned with one single city in the world. Which one? HARD

7 Bois de Boulogne, Forêt de Fontainebleau, Bois de Vincennes . . . in English we translate bois and forêt as « forest » but for us Parisians un bois is quite different from une forêt. What are the main differences, apart from the genre? VERY HARD

8 Where could we find the Knight Templars in the Middle Age in Paris? HARD

9 What is the oldest and busiest train station in Paris? MEDIUM

10 In which metro station can we see some remains of the Bastille? EASY!

11 How many lines the Parisian Metro has? MEDIUM

12 The Parisians were the first to have the idea of underground transportation within the city but in the end it was the city of London that inaugurated the world’s first underground passenger railway in 1863. Why Paris was beaten by London?


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So how well do you know Paris? Tell us your final score in the Facebook group.


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