Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge; Paradis Latin or Moulin Rouge – What is the Best Cabaret in Paris?

Burlesque Paris

Cabarets are one of the most iconic things to do in Paris and one of the most popular entertainments of Paris at night. Because, YES! bars and nightclubs exist everywhere in the world, but where else than in Paris can you find such a choice of quality cabaret shows?

If you are looking for the best cabaret Paris has to offer, our Paris Cabaret Guide will help. Learn about cabaret and burlesque, and compare the best shows in Paris and ticket options so that you can find the best cabaret in Paris for you.

Lido or Crazy Horse? Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge? Moulin Rouge or Paradis Latin? So, what is the best cabaret show in Paris?

Disclaimer: This is Paris Nightlife for adults.

Le Crazy Horse Paris

Compare the Best Cabaret Shows in Paris

This blog covers the best cabarets in Paris: Le Crazy Horse, Paradis Latin, Moulin Rouge, La Nouvelle Eve, Au Lapin Agile, and the former Lido cabaret show (for comparison purposes).

Paris 8
Art du Nude
Paris 18
Burlesque Show
Paris 5
Burlesque Show
Wednesday to Monday
Paris 18
Burlesque Show
Thursday to Tuesday
Paris 18
Traditional Cabaret
Tuesday to Sunday

Best Cabaret in Paris – Quick Answers

Which is the best Cabaret in Paris? There are many excellent and unique cabarets in Paris; we recommend reading this Cabaret Paris Guide and deciding for yourself.

What is the most famous Cabaret in Paris? The Moulin Rouge!

Where to see cancan shows in Paris? The Paris cabaret shows offering cancan shows are Moulin Rouge, Paradis Latin, La Nouvelle Eve, and Folies Bergère. The cancan dance, however, is only a part of the cabaret show (there are many other performances).

What are the most famous cancan girls? The Doriss Girls at the Moulin Rouge

What is the most affordable Paris cabaret show? Au Lapin Agile, in Montmartre

What is the best cabaret dinner in Paris? Head to the Moulin Rouge Paris. Moulin Rouge’s table is one of the referenced places for French Gastronomy in Paris, according to the prestigious Gault & Millau guide

What are the best nude shows in Paris? Crazy Horse Cabaret Show

What are the Moulin Rouge alternatives? The best alternative to Moulin Rouge in Paris (meaning shows like Moulin Rouge in Paris but less pricey) is La Nouvelle Eve (also in Montmartre) or Le Paradis Latin.

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What is a Cabaret? All About Cabarets in Paris

Traditional French Cabaret

Until the 19th century, a cabaret in France was a place to eat and drink, and it was easy to recognize thanks to a sign on the facade with an ivy cork.

During the Belle Époque, cabarets in Paris became “café-concerts,” with cheap prices affordable for all pockets.

At that time, cabarets were places where people could forget about social barriers for a while and have fun. Cabaret shows in Paris entertained all kinds of public, from burgeois to simple workers, with a play or show while eating or drinking. The atmosphere was festive; men could keep their hats on, and they used to drink and smoke all night long.

The best cabarets in Paris during the Belle Epoque were Le Chat Noir (1881-1897) and Les Folies Bergère (since 1869).

Paris Cabaret Shows Today

Parisian Cabaret Vintage

In Paris, burlesque shows, drag shows, nude shows, one-man shows, or solo vocalists with pianist shows are often advertised as “Cabaret Shows.” The truth is that only a few ‘old style’ French cabarets like we described above remain in Paris.

Today, the best shows in Paris correspond to music halls or burlesque shows, offering lavish musical and theatrical productions with elaborate costumes, singing, and dancing. There is a stage for the show, and the audience is sitting at tables (often dining or drinking) and watching the performance, which is introduced by a master of ceremonies. It is an evening of entertainment and fun.

In Paris, cabaret shows are traditionally served with champagne and dinner paired with good French wines into an all-evening extravaganza. You can also go only to the show (usually sold with a glass of champagne).

DID YOU KNOW? A Burlesque Show is humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes extreme exaggeration. Burlesque comes from the Italian word “burla,” which means “joke.”

Parisian cabarets are a great way to enjoy Paris at night in style and a popular option for special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, Paris at Christmas time, or a special New Year’s Eve in Paris.

Without further ado, let’s go through the best cabarets in Paris.

Crazy Horse Paris L’Art du Nude

12 Avenue George V, Paris 8; Metro Station Alma-Marceau, Line 9

Le Crazy Horse Paris
photo courtesy: Le Crazy Horse Paris ©

Le Crazy Horse cabaret is the sexiest cabaret in Paris. Their burlesque show Totally Crazy is an ode to feminine beauty, combining eroticism and sophistication.

Indeed, the Crazy Horse Paris review is the only one where you can see naked female dancers who are only dressed in lights (and strategic strips of black tape). The Crazy Horse girls have perfect, lookalike bodies (when standing, the girls’ nipples and hips are all the same height) and perform innovative and delicate choreographies.

Crazy Horse Cabaret Show “Totally Crazy What to Expect

Le Crazy Horse Paris
photo courtesy: Le Crazy Horse Paris ©

Totally Crazy is a sexy and classy cabaret show where the Crazy Horse dancers execute superb choreographies, and there is a fantastic use of song, dance, and special effects. What is clear is that you don’t come to the Crazy Horse Paris to see spectacular costumes and leathers!

This is one of Paris’s best shows in its genre, so it usually sells out very soon. To ensure you don’t miss this cabaret show while in Paris, we recommend booking your tickets well in advance.

Crazy Horse vs Moulin Rouge Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge? They are two of the most famous cabarets in Paris, but we prefer the Moulin Rouge for a total experience cabaret show + dinner. Also, the cancan dance is a must of a cabaret in Paris (and our favorite part!), and the Crazy Horse doesn’t have it.

Crazy Horse vs Lido – Lido or Crazy Horse? The former Lido show was a classic of Paris, while the Crazy Horse show is super innovative. However, the Lido Paris, as we knew it, closed its doors in 2022, so our vote goes to Le Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse Paris Dress Code: The Crazy Horse dress code could be defined as “elegant-casual wear.” For men, a tie and jacket are not necessary, but shorts and short pants, sports shoes, and sportswear are not allowed

Moulin Rouge Paris The Most Famous

82, Boulevard de Clichy, Paris 18; Metro Station Blanche, Line 2

Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge Paris is the most famous cabaret show in Paris, known worldwide. Its funky red building dominating Boulevard de Clichy, in the Pigalle neighborhood, is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris.

Active since 1889, this Pigalle institution has developed a cabaret show impossible to replicate outside its doors. There is only one Moulin Rouge Cabaret, and it’s in Paris.

Moulin Rouge Show, Féerie, is an amazing show where the talented Doriss Dancers perform crazy choreographies with incredible synchronization. Costumes are flamboyant (some great designers took part in their creation) with many feathers and bling-bling. As part of the show, you will see the iconic cancan girls.

DID YOU KNOW? 250 meters of tissue are necessary to produce the ‘frou-frou’ skirt. We find the noun ‘frou-frou’ since the late 19th century: from French, imitative of the sound of a woman walking in a dress.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show “Féerie” – What to Expect

Moulin Rouge Cabaret
photo courtesy: Moulin Rouge Paris ©

Moulin Rouge’s Féerie is a magical and unforgettable burlesque show in Paris with a great atmosphere. There are amazing international performances, cancan girls, and lots of bubbles.

In the past, the place was considered a little bit cramped. After the 2019 lockdown, they have reduced the number of spectators, so this should not be an issue anymore. Book your tickets well in advance!

Moulin Rouge vs Crazy Horse – Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse? These are two of the best cabaret shows in Paris, but they are totally different, so expect two different experiences. In Moulin Rouge, naked artists are just a few, while the Crazy Horse show is based on the art of the nude. Depending on what you want to see (a nude show in Paris? Cancan girls?), you will choose Crazy Horse or Moulin Rouge. For a unique Parisian experience at night, we vote for Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge vs Paradis Latin Moulin Rouge or Paradis Latin? In our opinion, the main difference is the price; the Paradis Latin is much cheaper. Also, Paradis Latin is more appreciated by locals, with 71% of French guests (2011 data). Perhaps you can choose based on the area you are staying in or the neighborhood you want to explore (Montmartre vs Latin Quarter) before the show.

Moulin Rouge vs Lido – Lido or Moulin Rouge? Lido vs Moulin Rouge were similar experiences, so people usually chose based on the price (the Lido being slightly cheaper) or the area (Champs Elysées vs Montmartre). If price matters, check out one of our suggested Moulin Rouge alternatives above.

Moulin Rouge Paris Dress Code: The Moulin Rouge dress code could be defined as “elegant-casual wear.” For men, a tie and jacket are not necessary, but shorts and short pants, sports shoes, and sportswear are not allowed

Moulin Rouge Show Options

It is possible to book the show only, but in our opinion, the dinner at the Moulin Rouge is part of a fantastic night in Paris. There are different menu options, as well as a vegan menu. Other ticket options include the show + champagne glass or the possibility of a hotel pickup.


Paradis Latin Paris Locals’ Favorite

28 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, Paris 5; Metro Station: Cardinal Lemoine, Line 10

Le Paradis Latin Paris
photo courtesy: Le Paradis Latin ©

The Paradis Latin is the oldest cabaret in Paris, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802! Located in the Latin Quarter, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, it was a trendy meeting place with clients like Dumas or Balzac, to name a few.

During the Franco-Prussian War, a big fire destroyed the Paradis Latin, and Gustave Eiffel later rebuilt it for the Universal Exhibition of Paris. Indeed, just like the Eiffel Tower, the new Paradis Latin turned 130 years old in 2019!

Le Paradis Latin is the locals’ favorite cabaret, probably because of its high-quality cabaret dinner and affordable prices compared to other cabarets. If you want to enjoy Paris like a local, Paradis Latin is the best burlesque show Paris offers.

Paradis Latin’s new owners have given the historic cabaret an instant makeover with the new show, L’Oiseau Paradis (Paradise Bird), created by Kamel Ouali, a famous choreographer, dancer, director, and once-in-a-lifetime talent.

Paradis Latin Cabaret Show “L’Oiseau Paradis” – What to Expect

Le Paradis Latin Cabaret Show
photo courtesy: Le Paradis Latin ©

Kamel’s troupe of dancers reviews the classical cabaret and its famous French cancan with “L’Oiseau Paradis,” a fantastic show that combines to perfection sound, music, light, and dreamy costumes.

As spectators arrive through the famous Paradis Latin front doors, the show is everywhere, with wild animals and unique live entertainment during the dinner.

Once the bellies are happy, the cabaret show begins, with creative scenes such as the aquarium and the duo dancing on a bath (our two favorites!), the Pegasus horse flying from the sky, or the Grande Finale.

Expect an audacious, joyful, and creative cabaret show, which is being talked about as the best burlesque Paris show!

Paradis Latin vs Moulin Rouge – Paradis Latin or Moulin Rouge? Both shows are very similar, but prices at Paradis Latin are cheaper. We also prefer the Latin Quarter vs Montmartre for a night out of Paris before or after the show.

Paradis Latin Dress Code: The Paradis Latin dress code could be defined as “elegant-casual wear.” For men, a tie and jacket are not necessary, but shorts and short pants, sports shoes, and sportswear are not allowed

La Nouvelle Eve Paris The New (Not so New) Cabaret in Paris

25 Rue Pierre Fontaine, Paris 9; Metro Station: Pigalle, lines 2 and 12

photo courtesy: La Nouvelle Eve ©

La Nouvelle Eve is not a new cabaret in Paris. Actually, it is one of the oldest cabarets in the city! We call it “new” because it started to pop up as one of the best alternatives to Moulin Rouge Paris on websites like Viator or GetYourGuide when we all learned about the closure of the Lido.

Open since 1898 on Rue Pierre Fontaine in Montmartre, a few steps from the Moulin Rouge, the cabaret La Nouvelle Eve is a smaller and more intimate cabaret offering its guests a show in the purest Parisian tradition, with French cancan dancers and dinner with wine and champagne.

La Nouvelle Eve Paris also boasts one of the most beautiful halls in Paris! Arranged in a Belle Epoque style, you’ll love the starry ceiling and its softened and intimate atmosphere.

La Nouvelle Eve Paris Cabaret Show “Paris, Je T’Aime” – What to Expect

photo courtesy: La Nouvelle Eve ©

La Nouvelle Eve’s cabaret show – Paris Je T’Aime – celebrates the Parisian spirit. The underlying theme is a tribute to Paris, the Capital of Love, and the iconic Edith Piaf, a key figure of Montmartre. Expect a traditional cabaret show with fun acrobatics and choreographies, singing, French cancan, glitter, feathers, and lots of bubbles.

You eat before attending the show in the decor of this beautiful, intimate hall for 300 people. There’s a single menu (entrée – main – dessert, with vegetarian choices), which comes with a decent bottle of red wine and white wine per couple and a glass of champagne during the show. All the dishes are prepared on-site from fresh produce.

La Nouvelle Eve’s cabaret show is only available for six months, from April to October. During the other half of the year, La Nouvelle Eve shares its stage with various artists, singers, musicians, comedians,… an eclectic program with something for everybody, perfect for the winter nights of Paris.

La Nouvelle Eve vs Moulin Rouge – La Nouvelle Eve or Moulin Rouge? They are both Parisian institutions offering the best burlesque in Paris. La Nouvelle Eve Paris is much smaller and intimate (300 seats vs 1000 seats), and the audience is, in general, younger. The price of its cabaret show is much cheaper than the Moulin Rouge show, and the reviews are equally good.

La Nouvelle Eve Cabaret dress code: La Nouvelle Eve dress code could be defined as “elegant-casual wear.” For men, a tie and jacket are not necessary, but shorts and short pants, sports shoes, and sportswear are not allowed.

Le Lapin Agile Paris The Traditional Cabaret

22 Rue des Saules, Paris 18. Metro Station: Lamarck-Caulaincourt, Line 12

Le Lapin Agile Paris

Located in the quintessential neighborhood of Montmartre, Le Lapin Agile is one of the few traditional cabarets in Paris still working in the city. This French cabaret consists of a village house, easily recognizable from its sign (a rabbit jumping out of a saucepan).

Le Lapin Agile is famous for being the center of the bohemian Montmartre at the beginning of the 19th century, with guests like Max Jacob, Pablo Picasso, and Modigliani. This Parisian establishment continues to display new talents and is a place where you can have a good time.

Le Lapin Agile is a popular option for those looking for an authentic cabaret experience, and new artists are happy to go to Le Lapin Agile to present their shows. That said, the show is only in French, and there is no translation or explanation for non-French speakers; just follow the music!

Le Lapin Agile Cabaret Show What to Expect

French songs, famous songs about Paris, music in general, and poetry. There is no micro, no lasers, or feathers… It’s a traditional cabaret in a small space where the public is invited to sing along.

Lapin Agile Dress Code: The dress code at Le Lapin Agile Cabaret is casual.

Le Lapin Agile Show Options

The drink and cabaret show cost 35€. There is no dinner option inside, but there are plenty of good restaurants in Montmartre, not far from the cabaret. Space is limited inside the cabaret, so bookings are essential. Send your booking request with names and dates to

Lido Paris Always in Our Memories

116 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris 8; Metro Station: Georges V, Line 1

Le Lido Cabaret Paris
photo courtesy: Le Lido Paris ©

Usually open every day of the year, Le Lido Paris was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept its mostly foreign clientele away. Sadly, after running for 76 years, the Lido Paris as we knew it closed its doors in the summer of 2022. In December 2022, the Lido reopened as an international music theater under the name Lido 2 Paris.

We decided to keep our Lido show review as an homage to one of the most fabulous cabarets in the history of Paris. If you have visited the Lido in the past, comparing the Lido to other cabarets may help you decide what Paris burlesque show you want to see during your next trip to Paris.

The Lido Paris was the world’s most famous nightclub and one of the most mythical establishments of the Champs Elysées.

Founded in 1946, Le Lido de Paris offered a traditional burlesque show of beautiful dancers dressed in fantastic costumes. On stage, the legendary Bluebell Girls and the Lido Boys entertained guests with their songs, choreographies, and acrobatics. Le Lido Show, Paris Merveilles, was a fantastic tribute to Paris, the City of Light.

Lido Cabaret Show’ Paris Merveilles’ What to Expect

The Lido cabaret show was usually watched over dinner with friends or your partner and a glass of champagne.

The Lido show’ Paris Merveilles‘ was about dancing, singing, cancan girls, colorful costumes, and feathers. It was a joyful show full of glamour and bubbles, lots of bubbles.

Lido Club Paris
photo courtesy: Le Lido Paris ©

Best Cabaret & Burlesque Show Paris F.A.Q.

Is Moulin Rouge a Nude Cabaret Show?

Some ladies are naked (topless) in the Moulin Rouge show, but it’s tastefully done. However, we don’t consider Moulin Rouge a nude show in Paris; honestly, there are other addresses for those who really want to see Paris nude shows.

Beware that you will also find nudity in the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, and other museums in Paris, even male frontal! Aaah, these cheeky Parisians.

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