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Most Romantic Things to Do in Paris

2021 France Travel Update

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Paris the City of Love

Everybody knows about Paris the City of Love and Romance. From all the world, every couple will make at some point a trip to Paris to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Paris, a special anniversary, an engagement in Paris or just a romantic getaway to Paris.

If you are planning a honeymoon in Paris or a romantic trip to Paris for two and you want to avoid the clichéd tourist traps we can help! In this romantic Paris guide, we bring you the most romantic things to do in Paris to ensure you have the perfect date.

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Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Our proposals are spread around in different districts of Paris so you can find romance everywhere in Paris.


Get Lost in the Gardens of Versailles

Versailles Gardens

The Château de Versailles but especially its picturesque Gardens are the perfect frame for a romantic day.

The extraordinary Gardens date back to the reign of Louis XIV who built them around the Grand Canal for the pleasure of his eyes. The grounds were also the home of Marie Antoinette who famously lived a life of romance and excess, with the incredible gardens of her own separate residence a suitable reflection.

If the weather is good, forget about the Palace and get lost in the Gardens. Explore its beautiful laneways, adorned with fountains, parterres and classic sculptures, and especially the grooves – little parks hidden within the woods – which saw many Court entertainments in the past.

Buy a baguette sandwich, and then row yourself out onto the Grand Canal (13€, minimum half an hour) while admiring the Château and Gardens from another perspective, from the water! Some people will tell you to be one of the most beautiful experiences in their life.

If you are visiting Versailles (click here for the best Versailles Travel Guide) sometime from April 4 to November 1st, 2020 don’t miss the Musical Gardens and Fountains Show, a unique opportunity to stroll around the fountains and groves with their water features spouting to the rhythm of the music.

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Romantic Selfies in Paris

Romantic Selfies in Paris

Paris is one of the most photographed cities, and you’ll find plenty of great photo opportunities just strolling along the streets. If you are looking to capture your holiday with a romantic touch, here are a few of our favorite spots for a selfie or two:

Le Coeur de Paris is a beautiful sculpture by Joana Vasconcelos located at Porte de Clignancourt (Paris 18). This huge turning heart is made of 3.800 shiny, hand-painted azulejos (Portuguese little tiles)  and since its inauguration on Valentine’s Day 2019 is spreading love to this cosmopolitan neighborhood.

Le Bouquet à Fleurs this huge artwork by Jeff Koons was offered by the artist after the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and 2016 to symbolize the Franco – American friendship. According to the author, it is a symbol of souvenir, optimism, and recovery to overcome the terrible terrorist attacks of Paris. The sculpture is located just behind the Petit Palais, in Paris 8, and does not see many visitors so it is perfect for a casual romantic photo session.

The Eiffel Tower is probably the most photographed sight in Paris and also the most romantic: it is the second spot in Paris (and France) to propose!

There are so many viewpoints to see Eiffel Tower but one of the best places to take cool Eiffel Tower pictures is, from Trocadero (Paris 16) which is right across the river from the beautiful Eiffel Tower.

Paris Photography - Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

Photo by Angel Ho ©

Head to this article for more romantic photo shots in Paris for couples. If you are in Paris for a special occasion, consider hiring a professional photographer to make this trip memorable.

Rowboat Ride to the Temple of Love

Temple of Love - Bois de Vincennes

If you are looking for a whole day of romantic fun far from the city’s hustle and bustle then head to the beautiful Bois de Vincennes in Paris 12. Part of Baron Haussmann’s new designs of Paris made in the mid-1800s, this is the east counterpart of the Bois de Boulogne.

You could start out by touring what’s left of the medieval Château de Vincennes -one of the most interesting castles near Paris – followed by a romantic boat ride around Lac Daumesnil to gaze up (or walking up to) the Temple of Love on Ile de Reuilly.

Not far from the temple, also on the same island, there is the oh-so-romantic Châlet des Iles Daumesnil for a pleasant and delicious meal by the water.


Lunch at the Most Romantic Classic Restaurant

Le Train Bleu - Paris

There are many beautiful historic brasseries in Paris but the most beautiful one by far can be found on the first floor of Gare de Lyon.

Le Train Bleu is more than a stopover for travelers: the vast Belle Époque brasserie takes its guests back to the grand era of train travel, the kind of place where you don’t mind if your train is late or even canceled!

Built for the 1900 World’s Fair Le Train Bleu’s decoration is stunning, made of frescoed walls and huge mirrors. The two main rooms, with paintings that represent the landscapes passed by the trains of the PLM network, are classed as historical monuments and there are other smaller, cozy rooms with a more private atmosphere.

Among their loyal customers were Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Cocteau, and Jean Gabin. Luc Besson also made Le Train Bleu famous with his film Nikita.

Despite its age, the iconic Train Bleu is still as popular as ever, with 500 dinners every day under the baton of the Maison Rostang.


Refined Shopping at Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne Paris

If you are looking for romantic places in Paris you cannot miss the breathtaking Galerie Vivienne. Not only is this one of the oldest (1823) and most beautiful covered passages in Paris, it also is incredibly magical.

Located in Paris 2, not far from Palais Royal, Galerie Vivienne has a range of refined shops, one of the city’s most stylish historic restaurants, the Bistrot Vivienne, and one of the oldest and most prestigious wine shops in Paris, Legrand Filles et Fils.

So you can first stroll in awe through this Parisian arcade and then continue with dinner at the Bistrot Vivienne, perhaps with a stop at Legrand’s wine bar to taste one of the wines of their precious collections.


Tango by the Seine River

tango by the Seine River

One of the top romantic places of the 5th Arrondissement is the stretch along the Seine’s bank, mainly thanks to the gorgeous views of the south side of Ile Saint Louis and Notre Dame.

Drift a little further east along the river and you will come to an improvised dance floor with the rhythms of Argentinean tangos. Spend an enjoyable evening dancing (or just watching) some passionate tangos by the Seine before a romantic meal somewhere in the Latin Quarter of Paris. One really romantic restaurant in the area is the Coupe Chou.


An Afternoon at the Berges

Berges de la Seine - Paris

With 2.3-kilometers of car-free walkways right along the Seine, from the Musée d’Orsay to the Pont de l’Alma, Les Berges de la Seine is one of the favorite evening locales, offering some of the best views of Paris.

The section close to the magnificent Pont Alexandre III, in particular, is bustling with outdoor terraces and barge bars perfect for an after-work apéro with friends or a romantic date.
Alternatively, you can always bring your own bouteille de vin or champagne and some snacks for a casual picnic on the Seine’s bank dangling your feet over the water and next to possibly one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, especially when it is lit at night.


A Romantic Louvre Night Tour

Best Louvre Artwork

Visiting the Louvre can be one of the most romantic things to do in Paris, especially at night when the Louvre Palace and the pyramids are beautifully illuminated.

Enter the Louvre when the sun goes down and contemplate its masterpieces without the crowds. If you want to make your visit even more romantic, check Louvre’s themed trail  “Ideal Beauty, The Human Body in Greek Sculpture” (2 hours duration), admiring the best of the museum’s Etruscan, Greek, and Roman collection. Or you can opt for a more personalized trail where “love” is the main subject, with artworks like La Baigneuse (Joseph Charles Marin), L’Amour (Antoine Chaudet), Zéphir et Psyché (Henri-Joseph Rutxhiel) or the famous Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss (Antonio Canova).

The Louvre proposes night visits on Wednesday and Friday, until 9.45 pm. Book in advance to get skip-the-line tickets and don’t waste time standing in line (definitely not romantic).


Night at the Opera

Opera Garnier in Paris

Few places can match the magic of the Opera Garnier in Paris. Designed to be the center of the “new” Paris of the mid-19th century Second Empire, the glamorous building marvels from inside and out.

Attending a performance – with the right music program – is a great way to start a romantic evening, watching the show under the amazing ceiling painted by Chagall (book your tickets well in advance).

However, you can also visit the interior on self-guided visits or with a tour with expert guides. If you choose the second, make sure to book the Mysteries of the Opera Garnier After Hours Tour so you can also visit the stall #5, permanently reserved to the Phantom of the Opera.

TIP: dress chic for opera performances! If you don’t know what to wear, the quintessential little black dress always saved many ladies’ lives (thanks, Coco Chanel!). Check out this  Parisian Chic guide for more fashion inspiration and lots of tips.

Cocktails with a View

Rooftop bars of Paris

photo courtesy: Terrass Hotel Paris ©

When the weather in Paris is nice and the sun starts to set down, there are few better ways to start a romantic weekend in Paris than from above, cocktail in hand, gazing across the lights and landmarks that define the city.

One of the absolutely best views of Paris is from the rooftop bar of Galeries Lafayette in the 9th, where you can linger over a glass of champagne while admiring top sights like the Opera Garnier, or the Eiffel Tower.

Another of our favorite rooftop bars in Paris is part of the Restaurant – Bar of Terrass Hotel on the edge of Montmartre. Open also to non-guests,  this Art Déco era hotel has a soaring view over the city all the way from the east end to western La Défense with, of course, the Eiffel Tower.


BONUS: Book a Hotel Room with Eiffel Tower View for a Memorable Stay in Paris

Shangri-La Paris Terrace

photo courtesy: Hotel Shangri-La Paris ©

Is there anything in Paris more unique about Paris than the Eiffel Tower?

Thanks to its monumental size, the Eiffel Tower can be seen from almost every corner of the city, usually outstanding amongst the quintessential rooftops of Paris. The good news is that some of Paris’ top luxury hotels, well known for its great facilities and amazing interiors, come also with the best views of Eiffel Tower, especially beautiful during its night show.

So if you are planning a romantic weekend in Paris and you can afford it, why not treating yourself with the pleasure of waking up with an amazing Eiffel Tower balcony view? Head here for the best hotels in Paris with Eiffel Tower views.


Happy romancing in Paris! You can also join our private Facebook Group and ask Paris’ frequent travelers to share their favorite romantic spots, as well as some good dining addresses for a date in Paris.

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